Bedroom With Study Room: 11 Ideas For Work-From-Home Parents

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 1, 2024 | 9 mins read

Study table design for bedroom

Our design ideas for a bedroom with a study room to make the life of work-from-home parents a little easy.

Smart modular furniture is gaining popularity in recent times because of our demanding urban lifestyle and crazy work schedules. A bedroom with a study room is the most in-demand. Though we are slowly shifting from full-time working from home to a hybrid model, we spend a maximum chunk of time juggling between household chores and office commitments. And the most crucial thing that helps in maintaining productivity and a healthy lifestyle is modular home interiors. A personalised home interior not only adds to the home’s aesthetic beauty but also makes your life hassle-free. It reduces the cleaning time and effort needed to keep your home neat while keeping up with your office stress. 

Moreover, with apartments getting cramped over time, having a multifunctional home with smart modular furniture is a must. So, for all the working-from-home parents with kids who are juggling between household chores, office meetings and kids’ homework, we have got you some smart and extremely functional bedrooms with study designs where you can get your office work done even while keeping an eye on your munchkin. These are extremely functional, compact and fit in your modern bedroom interiors, regardless of size. Let’s explore some unique bedroom cum study room designs for working-from-home couples.

Bedroom With A Library, Window Bay Seater And A Study Unit

This bedroom in Subramaniam Gold Oak has everything you need for you and your kids. The study unit has a tabletop, keyboard pull-out, drawers, an open box shelf unit and overhead cabinets to house all your books and stationeries. The corner of the room has a library section with multiple storage options so your kids can enjoy reading books or carry on with their homework while you are busy with your office meetings. We have also added a window bay seater where you can enjoy your tea breaks or play with your kids in between work.

Bedroom study table with attached bookshelf
An all-in-one bedroom designed by our experts

A Comfortable Work Space In The Bedroom

This bedroom in Bren Imperia, Bengaluru, is designed with a blue and white theme for a joyous vibe. The study table with a box shelf on top and an ergonomic chair help you work comfortably for long hours, while the wall shelf with multiple compartments helps exhibit your kid’s toys so you can keep them engaged while you work on the desk.

A bedroom with study table idea in blue and white theme attached to box shelf
A bedroom delivered by the DesignCafe team
Looking to upgrade your bedrooms interiors

Headboard With Hidden Storage To Store Your Kids’ Toys

This bedroom in Subramanium Gold Oak is designed with a small study table and a comfortable bed for your kids to enjoy a fun time while you get going with your office work. The extended headboard with vibrant cushions comes with hidden storage compartments to house your kid’s toys and other essentials. This is a great way to hide away the clutter, making your space look neat with minimum effort. When you’re a working mom who juggles household and office work, having ample storage solutions comes in handy and makes your cleaning process effortless.

Corner study table design for bedroom with hidden storage
A room by DesignCafe with smart storage solutions

A Bedroom With A Puja Unit And Study Nook 

Indian homes are incomplete without a pooja room, and it is nice to make our kids aware of our traditions and culture from a tender age. So, we have designed this bedroom in Orchid Whitefield, Bengaluru, with nuances of both modern and traditional interiors. While the study setup attached to the wardrobe gives you a nice nook for a peaceful working environment, the modern puja room on the other side elevates the spiritual vibe of the place and helps in inculcating traditional values in your kid’s mind.

A bedroom wardrobe with a study table and puja unit attached gives a lovely nook
A multifunctional room by DesignCafe in Bengaluru

Bedroom With Wardrobe And A Study Pull-out

This pastel-coloured bedroom has a wardrobe with a study pull-out and a comfortable bed with an extended headboard. The cushioned headboard and smooth edges make it safe for your kids to play around while you are busy attending the work calls. This bedroom wardrobe with study table design provides an ergonomic working area without taking up any extra space. You can just pull the table out while working and push it back after your working hours. The vibrant colour tone adds liveliness and lends a fun and vibrant vibe to your space, making it your kid’s favourite space as well.

Wardrobe design for bedroom with pull-out study table attached provides an ergonomic working area
Simply pull out the study table from the wardrobe

Bedroom With Entertainment Cum Study Unit

Is your bedroom too small for a separate workstation, yet you want to avoid working from your bed? Well, you can use the extended floating shelf in your entertainment area as your workspace, like the one shown in this image. Just add a bucket chair, and you are all set to complete your assignments while your kids are occupied watching their favourite shows. You can use the cabinet beneath to arrange your books and files in a clutter-free manner. We have also added a box shelf above the wall-mounted TV for some additional storage options. You can arrange all your artefacts and decor elements to elevate the aesthetics of your room while keeping them away from the reach of your kids.

Bedroom tv unit with study table and cabinet beneath lends clutter-free look
A multifunctional entertainment unit for the bedroom
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Bedroom With Window Bay Seater And A Study Corner

A window bay seater is excellent for enjoying the outside view and utilising your window area for some additional seating options. If your kids are a little grown-up, you can utilise the window bay seater to make this space their cosy gaming corner. They can play with their toys or enjoy some DIY activities while you carry on with your office work. A window bay seater is also a great place to enjoy a refreshing tea break or quick meals with your kids in between your work calls.

Bedroom with a study unit design with window bay seater lets you enjoy the outside view
A work corner with a window bay seater

Bedroom With A Single Study Corner By The Window

This master bedroom with a study area is all you need for a productive work-from-home experience. The ergonomic study nook with overhead cabinets, open shelves and a small study table with a keyboard pull-out makes this space extremely functional and compact. The window lets in a lot of fresh air and ample natural light for a positive and relaxing work experience. The low-lying bed beside the study nook is specially designed so you can keep an eye on your kids even while you are busy working. Take care of small details like the height of your bed, a cushioned headboard and handleless drawers to make your room safe for your kids. We have also added a floating shelf above the bed, so your artefacts are out of the reach of your kids.

Small study table for bedroom by the window
A single study corner beside the bed

A Murphy Bed To Clear Out Floor Space For Your Kids

If you have a toddler at home, you would definitely understand the value of empty floor space. But your bed is the most important piece of furniture that takes away the maximum floor space of your room, leaving very little empty space for them to play around. Moreover, leaving them unattended on the bed can be dangerous too. A murphy bed is the answer to all your problems. Now you can just push it back on the wall during the daytime and free up the entire floor space for your kids to play around while you complete your office commitments at peace. Murphy beds add to the functionality of your room and make your office area look spacious too. We have added a wall-to-wall cabinet with box shelves, closed cabinets, drawers and a study table with a cushioned chair for a functional home office setup.

A bedroom design with a study table and murphy bed
Master bedroom with a study unit and murphy bed
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A Book Cabinet With A Pull-Out Study For You And Your Kids

If you have a young adult or a teenager at home, this bedroom design is perfect for you. The book cabinet design is smart and chic, just the way your youngsters would love. It comes with a concealed storage unit and open shelves. This will help you store all your books and artefacts in one place. But the main attraction is the study pull-out unit that turns this bookshelf into an ergonomic study nook for you or your teenage kid. You can sit with your kid and work on your office project while they work on their college assignments or relax on the bed with a book from the library. This way, you will create a healthy bond with your kid and enjoy a fulfilling family time even while working.

A bedroom bookshelf with a pull-out study table is ideal for young adults or teenagers at home
Make your teenager fall in love with your bedroom

Work from Your Kids’ Room For A Change

Working at home can become mundane at times. So, to break the monotony, change your workstation and work from your kid’s room instead! This kid’s room is designed in a vibrant, very peri colour palette to liven up the space. We have added a bunker bed on one side to free up the room for a comfortable study section. A long study desk with two chairs makes this space perfect for working parents with kids. Now you can make work and study time fun and keep up the family vibe.

Kids' bedroom with study table with two chairs makes space perfect for working parents with kids
A kid’s room with a comfortable study corner

Love these bedroom with study room design ideas and want to incorporate them in your home? We are here to help you out! Book a free consultation with our design experts today, and they will help you with personalised designs that save up to 20% of space in your home. You can also visit our experience centres nearby to check out our latest design concepts and talk directly to our designers.

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