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Tips and Tricks: How to Decorate a Bathroom

how to decorate a bathroom for your home

Who wants to wake up to a boring bathroom? Think your bathroom is ready for a makeover? To freshen up in style, use these bathroom decor ideas

A bathroom is functionally all about freshening up every morning and getting ready. More often then not, after back-breaking days at work or school, it also transforms into your personal shell for indulgence, rejuvenation and respite. Who doesn’t love those long, carefree baths? We all deserve that ‘me’ time spent in a plush bathroom, don’t we? Make it worth it by decorating your bathroom like there’s no tomorrow. A luxurious, meticulously decorated bathroom not only relaxes you but leaves an impression on your guests as well.

Are you worried about splurging too much on your bathroom’s overhaul? We have some good news for you. We have picked the choicest of bathroom decor ideas for you. They will not burn a hole in your pocket. Additionally, they are really easy to pull off. You could use various recycled knick-knacks and DIY tools to enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom. Looking for some much-needed inspiration to redesign your bathroom? Go through our curated ideas on how to decorate a bathroom and get started.

Add A Pop Of Nature

Nothing comes close to setting up a small, low-maintenance indoor garden in your bathroom. It lets you experience the quintessential green therapy while you have that royal bath and instantly lifts you up. Select air-purifying planters to make your bathroom more refreshing!

How to decorate a bathroom with air-purifying indoor planters to bring a fresh vibe
Line up air freshening indoor planters and make your bathroom bohemian

Place Intricate Mats

Soft to touch and lovely to place under your feet every time you visit your bathroom, rugs and mats are great to just look and stare at and are must-haves for a modern bathroom. Select regal rugs or Jaipuri mats to add your personal touch to the bathroom setting and get ready for the crazy compliments from guests.

How to decorate a bathroom idea with intricate mats
Generously place rich mats and rugs to add more shades to your bathroom

Give It Texture

Sophistication is simplicity personified. Don’t you feel the same? Then go for this minimal bathroom decor idea. Instead of painting a bathroom wall, go for tiles and textures that add more character to your wall. Alternatively, you could also place statement lamps or mirrors to make a wall more iconic in your bathroom.

How to decorate a bathroom, go for tiles and place statement mirrors to make a wall more iconic
Dedicate a wall that is layered with tiles or stones to create some contrast

Select Statement Flooring

To improve the aesthetics and functionality of your bathroom, flooring is vital. Select plush flooring for your bathroom and see how it perks you up! You could choose marble, granite or to give it an indie feel, go for Kota stone and mosaic tiles.

How to decorate a white bathroom flooring with mosaic tiles to improve the aesthetic of the space
Mosaic tiles or indie flooring makes your bathroom more iconic

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Follow A Theme

Pastel, tropical, indie and minimalistic — there are umpteen themes that you can choose for your bathroom decor. Keep it rather holistic by following the theme for every accessory and knick-knack that you pick for your bathroom. By doing so, you will have an enchanting bathroom interior to visit and relax.

How to decorate a large bathroom with best theme
Give your bathroom a ‘personality’ by choosing a theme that appeals to you

Install Vintage Hardware

Get rich, engraved or custom-made vintage hardware installed in your bathroom and see how it becomes a veritable paradise for you to spend your time in. Choose the right ones for your bathroom, and it will enhance the welcoming vibe manifold.

How to decorate a tiny bathroom with a custom-made vintage hardware
Vintage knick-knacks and hardware add more character to your bathroom

Hang A Stately Mirror

A rather ornate mirror not only adds more glamour to your bathroom but from the point of practicality, it also makes it look more spacious. Also, a large mirror reflects more light and increases the brightness in your bathroom. So, mull over and place an ornate mirror in your bathroom already!

How to decorate a bathroom with a mirror
Mirrors can functionally make your bathroom more spacious and royal

Convinced about creating a luxe bathroom for some self-indulgence after checking out these ideas? Who’s stopping you! Plan out your perfect bathroom decor right away and if you need any help, feel free to reach out to us for an expert consultation.

We would also love to hear how you plan to transform your bathroom into a personal sanctuary where you can go for respite and relaxation. Are you taking one of our ideas or choosing something else that you have come up with? Tell us all about it in the comments below. 

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