How To Decorate A Bathroom: Tips For Luxe Bathrooms On A Budget

by Pulkit Singh | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

How to decorate a bathroom in your home

Check out our list of ideas for how to decorate your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Wait! Hold on to the sledgehammer before you embark on bathroom renovations. Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the hardest to decorate and the most expensive to renovate. If you are bored with your current bathroom or want to add some pizzazz to the space, you can opt for pocket-friendly alternatives. That claw-foot bathtub, a new vanity, and a matte-finish showerhead may look cool, but they will burn a hole through your pocket. 

So, how to decorate a bathroom without all that investment? We have got you covered. Our stylists have curated bathroom decoration tips and tricks that will give a significant and much-needed, might we add, a facelift to your bathroom. Read on to know what our expert suggestions are. 

March In The Mirrors To Decorate The Bathroom

Do not settle for boring, contractor-grade mirrors. We cannot stress enough the flair a bespoke mirror brings to decorate a bathroom. Mirrors don’t have to be medicine-cabinet basic kinds. You could opt for ornamental mirrors, experiment with frame materials and colours or different shapes and sizes. A large mirror will light up the bathroom and one with vintage detailing will add an antique element. Hanging a quirky mirror will bring some personality to your space and elevate the bathroom. Do check out flea markets for economical options and unique finds.

Decorate a bathroom mirror with a frame that adds personality to your space
Amp up the style quotient with a designer mirror

Place Plants To Decorate The Bathroom

How to decorate the bathroom with plants? By choosing humidity-friendly species. Ferns, pothos and fiddle-fig are perfect for adding some green to your bathroom. Succulents adorning window sills are a thing of beauty. Or place a bunch of flowers next to the sink to bring some grace to the bathroom.

Plants reduce stress and clear up the air around them. They are cost-effective, easy to maintain and replace, and can be moved around to change the look and feel of the place. What’s there not to like about all this? Think living plants are too much to handle? Never mind. You can go for artificial plants that are even easier to maintain. There are many options available, with the plants looking as natural as live ones.

Decorate the bathroom with plants to cheer up the space
Plants can cheer up any space, even a bathroom

Glamorous Lights Are The Easiest Way To Decorate A Bathroom

It is such a shame that overhead bathroom lighting, nay bathroom wall lights in general, is often ignored. Update your bathroom fixtures with pretty-looking chandeliers or sleek sconces to bring a luxe vibe to the area. Not just the lighting fixtures; you could try out new placement for them. Vanity bulbs can be swapped with t-lights while crystal drop chandeliers bring a softness to the space. For those long soaks in the tub, dim lighting would be perfect to set the mood. Achieve that simply by using can lighting in the ceiling that can be dimmed at will and with the push of a button.

How to decorate a bathroom with lights
The lights elevate this bathroom from blah to wow
Design your bathroom with our end to end home interior solutions

Wall Play To Decorate The Bathroom

Minimalism may be the talk of the town, but one place where you can go all out is the bathroom walls. Whether you prefer waterproof wallpaper or quirky tiles, the world is your oyster if you’re wondering how to decorate bathroom walls. Ombre fish scale tiles, floral vintage wallpaper or even exciting artwork can go a long way to keep you entertained and your walls happy. The power of transformation is exponential if you dress up the walls. With a bit of elbow grease, your bathroom will feel like new. Yes, it is slightly more expensive than propping a plant in a corner, but the payoff is worth it.

Decorate bathroom walls with floral vintage wallpaper to transform the dull walls
Who said you couldn’t wallpaper your bathroom walls?

How To Decorate Bathroom Shelves

Bathroom shelves are a world unto their own. Floating, closed, small, large, wooden, metal, and many other kinds have flooded the market. Honestly, they are easy to install and upscale the bathroom in a pinch. Instead of using them just to stack your towels and toiletries, don the thinking hat and get creative. Place beautiful containers with cotton wool, ear swabs and tiny soaps interspersed with small plants in attractive planters, a little clock or even word art.

How to decorate bathroom shelves
Place beautiful containers on bathroom shelves

As we said, we’ll provide you with creative ideas to decorate the bathroom, and we have. Refreshing your bathroom doesn’t need you to fork out tons of money. These wallet-friendly tricks will breathe fresh air into your bathroom and make it look fab. The ideas for how to decorate a bathroom are endless — spray paint those old bathroom fixtures, hang some art, sneak in a plant or two and roll out a new bathroom rug. Voila! Your bathroom is as good as new. 
Our experts will be happy to help you refresh your bathroom with more ideas and tips. Reach out to us, and let’s create your dream bathroom.

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