8 Gorgeous Study Room Design For Your Little Princess

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 21, 2024 | 7 mins read

Stunning girls study room design ideas for your home

Give your daughter her own space to be creative, and she will fly high

The pandemic has changed how we live, work and play. Work from home has become the new normal. Although it took us a while to cope with this norm it proved to be the most difficult for kids and teenagers. This age group in particular missed their daily social interactions at school, college, with friends, group study sessions and sleepovers.

And to make the lockdown life more fun we have for you (and your children) girls study room designs to make their time at home more enjoyable. These designs are functional, versatile, trendy and space-saving.

Our expert designers have curated this list keeping in mind the varying tastes of young, growing girls. These designs use the available space beautifully without compromising on the little details needed to ensure your daughter finishes her projects and assignments on time.

Here is where you can help her nurture her skills and make those aspirations come true!

Come let us take a look at these girls’ room study design ideas in some detail, shall we?

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A Simple And Clutter-free Study Room With Floral Patterned Wallpaper And Ample Storage

A floral patterned wallpaper brings in a touch of femininity to this workstation. The L-shaped desk in green has multiple drawers to store study material and essential documents while a white wooden bookshelf with open shelves and drawers provides ample display space. A pink pinboard above the table has been included to help your daughter maintain her timetable, pin-up picture postcards and add to the beauty of this space. The armless chair blends with the simplistic design and adds to the comfort. This is a perfect study room for girls who love to study with panache.

Study room design for girl, Room designed in floral patterned wallpaper and green L-shaped desk is clutter-free study nook.
A clutter-free study nook with floral patterned wallpaper and multiple storage spaces

A Chic Study Room With A Low Lying Seating Area Beside The Window

Give your girl those precious little breaks in between her study time. It’s definitely going to help her concentrate and improve productivity. This study room design comes with bay window seating where your daughter can sit and enjoy the view of nature, read her favourite books or have a quick chat with her friends. Handleless drawers beneath and open shelves on either side provide ample space to stack away books and school supplies neatly. The wall shelves can be used to display knick-knacks or other cute decorative items your girl may collect. The spacious study table, a comfortable chair and a chest of drawers make this a perfect room to study and enjoy little relaxation in between. Isn’t it ideal for your growing daughter?

Study room design with bay window seating helps concentrate and improves productivity is the study room idea for girls.
A perfect room design for your little girl to study and refresh her mind

A Beautiful Study Room With Leaf-patterned Wallpaper To Bring In A Natural Vibe

This young lady’s study room brings in a piece of nature with its leaf-patterned wallpaper and green accents. The mix of pattern and texture brings a modern vibe to space. On one side we see a quirkily designed free-standing bookshelf that makes a stunning style statement to space. A large window by the side brings in much needed natural light to this study room. The open shelves on the other side lend ample space for your girl to display beautiful decor – something most girls like in their room.

The girls' study room has an open bookshelf design, and leaf-patterned wallpaper brings a natural vibe.
A leaf-themed study room design for girls who love nature

A Comfortable Study Room Beside With A Wooden Study Desk And Pink Accents

Here’s a lovely little study nook in a mix of pink and white. A gorgeous pastel colour scheme makes this space look spacious and feel soothing. A window beside the desk allows natural light to brighten up the area as your girl completes her assignments  on the wooden study ledge. Floating shelves, handleless base cabinets and a rack provide ample storage space while the wooden flooring ties the look together. This study room has a classy, feminine touch and can definitely be any girl’s favourite nook in the entire home.

Study room for teenage girls designed in pink accent and l-shaped desk lends a gorgeous look.
A tranquil study room with pastel colours and wooden flooring
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An Industrial Style Study Room With Simple And Minimalistic Elements

Industrial style of interior design has become a rage with millennials, especially teenagers thanks to its edgy vibe. This design is minimalistic yet makes a bold statement in this study area. The white brick cladding accent wall brings put the edginess of this style while the yellow wall mounted open shelf breaks the monotony of white beautifully and adds extra space. A Scandinavian style study table and iron chair complement the minimalistic look beautifully. The intricate design of the partition adds a funky and feminine vibe to this study nook. This is an ideal study room design for girls living in small apartments.

Girls study room idea with Scandinavian style study table and white brick cladding accent wall together look funky.
A cosy and voguish study room design for girls living in a tiny apartments

A Boho Style Study Room For Teenage Girls

Bohemian style of interiors always goes down extremely well with women. A study room designed on these sensibilities is visually striking and perfectly insta-grammable if you want to flaunt your boot on social media. Bring in some indoor plants for a fresh summery vibe. This adorable, feminine study room design uses sustainable and eco-friendly decor elements in plenty to jazz it up.  A jute rug, hammock and hanging planters bring out the Boho vibes in this room. The Scandinavian style study table and armless chair stitches the look together. DIY shelves are an intelligent way of increasing the storage solutions in your study room.

Teenage girl study room designed with DIY shelves, hammock and hanging planters bring out the Boho vibes.
Embrace a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle with this boho style study room

A Teenage Girl’s Study Room Design With A Spacious Desk And Ample Storage

A large workstation and ample storage space play a vital role in designing a study room for girls. This study room design comes with a huge desk space that is perfect for turning this area into a study-cum-hobby room. If your daughter has an inclination to all things creative then this one’s for her. A bookshelf, pinboard and wall-mounted shelves add ample storage and display space for books, stationary and accessories. A comfortable seating arrangement beside the window is a cosy nook to unwind in between those crucial projects. A bucket chair has been included to make sitting through endless zoom meetings a more comfortable affair. The area below the bay seating is designed with a combination of open shelves and closed drawers to improve the functionality of this room. Ideal if your girl has a lot of documents, art supplies or other gadgets as part of her study/ work routine. And the cherry on the cake? Blush pink walls that redefine the grandeur of this study room’s interior design.

The girls' study room has a bookshelf, wall-mounted shelves, and seating beside the window is a perfect cosy study nook.
A perfect teenage girl study room with a spacious desk and ample storage

A Gingerbread Themed Study Nook For Your Little Girl

To match your little girl’s creative vibe you should gift her a gingerbread themed study room like this one right here. This one will take her back to fairy tales she reads at bedtime. The design of this study room is thoughtfully created so you can convince your little one to spend hours here by herself. Fun decor elements give it a festive vibe through the year. Shelves and a handleless chest of drawers help keep the space clean and clutter-free. So if you find it tough convincing your daughter to study, try this cute study room design and it will become their favourite corner in the entire house in no time!

Gingerbread themed girl study room design in the bedroom with glass partition is the cutest study nook.
A cute gingerbread themed study nook for your little daughter

If you have a small kid or a teenage girl at home or are a young working woman yourself, these designs will melt your heart. We hope you enjoy these study room design ideas as much as we enjoyed curating them for you. If you want to design a study room similar to the ones mentioned above or have a particular design in mind feel free to consult our team of expert designers. Design Cafe’s team will help so do book a consultation today. For more ideas do visit our blog and guide section.

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