Clever Kitchen Rack Design Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

by Noopur Lidbide | January 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

kitchen rack design ideas for your home

Style your kitchen rack with our smart layout ideas

That one place in the house where everyday meals are prepared as a part of a well-oiled, routine machinery needs to be effortlessly functional, without contributing to the chaos. We have curated a list of styles that will help elevate the look and optimise the utility of your kitchen storage racks.

Open Kitchen Rack

Go rustic with this style of organising all your everyday essentials out in the open. This way, things of frequent utility in the kitchen become easily accessible and the assorted style of arrangement adds to the visual appeal.

Open kitchen storage racks, White kitchen with storage racks designed and looks rustic.
Pick this kitchen rack design to keep all essentials out in the open
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Bottle Rack

Items of luxury deserve a dedicated space of their own. The use of a dedicated kitchen rack for your fine wine and exquisite liquor bottles serves as the perfect organiser while adding to the oomph factor of your cooking space.

Wine bottle kitchen rack, wine rack serves as the perfect organiser and easy reach.
Use a bottle rack to organise your liquor and wine bottles for easy reach on special occasions

Jar Rack

Kitchen organiser racks for jars allow you to have a devoted space for your jars, whether within a pull-out type of rack or a wall-mounted one. They usually are designed in a manner that allows them to accommodate a good amount of jars for storage.

Kitchen rack idea, Wall-mounted jar rack with push to open door is easy to reach and plenty of storage.
Take advantage of jar racks to store all the goodies you need from time to time

Crockery Rack

Exactly as the name suggests, crockery racks are sturdy kitchen cupboard racks designed to hold the bulk and weight of your crockery. You can organise your crockery in cabinets to keep it safe and stylish.

Clutter-free kitchen cabinet rack designed to hold crockery items with glass door look minimalistic.
A crockery rack is a useful addition to any cooking space

Utensils Rack

Those heavy pots and pans need a place to be kept. Kitchen organiser racks for utensils are a lifesaver as they not only allow you to store, but also are designed in a manner that segregates different categories of utensils, allowing organised and hassle-free storage.

Kitchen cupboard rack, kitchen designed with s utensils rack for organising and hassle-free storage.
Pick a utensil rack that matches your style and create a great ambience in your kitchen
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Pull-Out Rack

Pull-out racks can be used to store almost any kitchen equipment and can also be incorporated in all the side spaces with extra storage potential. The sizes of these kitchen storage racks can vary as per your need.

Kitchen drawer rack, Modular kitchen with pull-out drawer in a white laminate finish easy to access and store.
Make a pull-out rack your own by picking the right size for it

Drying Rack

A drying rack is a must-have kitchen rack design that allows you to swiftly organise washed and frequently used utensils and cutlery in the kitchen. You may opt for a stand-alone drying rack or a wall-mounted one, or both as per your requirement.

Small kitchen rack, kitchen with movable dish drying rack to keep frequently used utensils after they washed.
A drying rack is essential for any kitchen as it is where you keep utensils and cutlery after they’re washed

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Rack

This type of kitchen rack is popular and found in homes throughout the country. Wall-mounted kitchen rack designs are your best bet to keep kitchen essentials at an arm’s reach. Wall-mounted kitchen racks, like shelf racks for example, are multipurpose and can be used to store plates and jars, as well as to hang cups, ladles and pots.

Multipurpose wall-mounted kitchen shelf rack used to store plates and jars and easy to access.
There are multiple uses of wall-mounted kitchen racks in Indian homes

Modular Rack

Modular kitchen rack designs are indispensable in any modern-day kitchen. They come in the form of kitchen cabinet racks, kitchen drawer racks or kitchen cupboard racks, as per space availability and storage requirement. Flexible in terms of use, modular kitchen racks keep the kitchen space clean and extremely organised.

Modular kitchen with lift-up kitchen rack in the white laminate finish with plenty of storage.
Modular racks are exceptionally handy as they can accommodate your storage requirements

Hanging Rack

Whether it’s a space crunch or simply an attempt to make the kitchen look more spacious, hanging kitchen racks are a cool option that make your space look ultra cool without compromising on the utility factor. You can use these as an open storage space for pots, pans, ladles, etc.

Hanging kitchen shelf rack designed with open storage space for pots and pans and look stylish.
There are many uses of a hanging rack. Go for this design to score high on style
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The number of ways in which different kitchen rack design ideas can save the day are many. What is your pick when it comes to keeping your kitchen organised to a T?

Tell us about your favourite kitchen rack design in the comments section below. Want a hand in designing your dream kitchen? Get in touch with our experts and they will guide you on your agenda. Give us a call today!

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