7 Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Designs to Display Your Fine China

by Pallabi Bose | February 5, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wall-mounted crockery unit designs for your culinary space

Maximise space and add extra storage with wall-mounted crockery cabinet designs

If you have a stunning collection of fine china, it deserves to be displayed in a setting as gorgeous as the pieces. However, finding the right balance between showcasing your crockery and maintaining a clutter-free environment can be challenging in homes where space is precious. Homeowners are increasingly turning to innovative storage solutions. Wall-mounted crockery units are one of them. They serve as functional storage for your exquisite crockery and elevate your home’s aesthetics. By utilising the vertical space of the wall, these space-saving designs not only free up valuable floor area but also add a unique and sophisticated touch to your interiors. 

Check out our trending 7 uniquely designed wall-mounted crockery units to meet your needs and style mantra.

Modular Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design for Kitchen

Not every homeowner has an additional budget to invest in a separate crockery unit. A good way to add this is if it is part of the modular kitchen cabinet. Take inspiration from the image below. These wall-mounted double crockery units redefine sophistication. They can be closed with a tempered glass shutter to avoid your fine china from oil spillage. Not only do they protect your crockery, but they also showcase it in an organised and visually pleasing manner.

Modular wall-mounted crockery unit with glass shutter prevents oil spillage on fine china.
Flaunt your crockery collection

Simple Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design for Compact Apartments

In compact apartments, a wall-mounted floating crockery unit doubles as a storage cabinet. Built with solid sliding doors, the lime yellow unit adds a pop of colour while efficiently utilising limited space. This design is a perfect blend of style and functionality.

Simple wall-mounted crockery unit design doubles as a storage cabinet.
Compact solutions for small spaces
Do you want a drool worthy crockery unit at home

Modern Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design with a Bar

Elevate your dining experience with a dark wood floating crockery unit with an attached wine/bar cabinet. It has ample clear glass-covered shelf space for showcasing your stunning crockery collection, open shelves for displaying knick-knacks and drinks collection, and solid closed cabinets to store junk out of sight. This triple-purpose design is a game-changer for those who love to entertain.

Modern wall-mounted crockery unit features an attached wine/bar cabinet.
Crockery unit for the dining room

Pastel Magic: Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit in the Butler’s Pantry

Your butler’s pantry serves as a staging area for meals outside the kitchen, especially when guests come over. So, it deserves to be sophisticated in design. Take a cue from the image below. We have opted for a pastel wall-mounted crockery unit with a combination of glass and wooden shutters. This design provides additional storage and adds a touch of elegance to the dining space.

Pastel wall-mounted crockery unit that features a combination of glass and wooden shutters.
Attractive butler’s pantry adds charm to this space

Compact Brilliance: Glass Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design

No matter how small your apartment is, it can be designed elegantly using the right furniture. Take this compact dining cum living room, for instance. Although it has limited floor space, we managed to add a glass crockery unit by mounting it on the wall. We created an illusion of openness and depth by replacing solid shutters with glass doors and adding hidden recessed lights. A stunning visual impact is a bonus. Take your cue and showcase your crockery collection without compromising on space or style.

Glass wall-mounted crockery unit design in dining cum living room.
Pinterest-worthy living room

Luxurious Dining: L-Shaped Wall-Mounted Crockery Cabinet Designs

Turn up the glam quotient of your luxurious dining room a notch with an L-shaped dark hardwood crockery unit. It features a perfect combination of white shutters and open shelves. This design adds a touch of opulence while maximising storage efficiency. The accent wall is the cherry on the cake. 

L-shaped wall-mounted crockery unit with white shutters and open shelves maximising storage efficiency.
Optimise corners with L-shaped solutions

Simply Marvellous! Wall-Mounted Crockery Unit Design

Sometimes, a simple design can beautify a space like no other. Take a look at this modular dining room with a modern aesthetic. A rectangular wall-mounted crockery unit becomes a focal point. With clean lines and contemporary designs, this style effortlessly combines form and function.

Dark wood wall hanging crockery unit in rectangular shape.
Create contrast with dark wood

In conclusion, investing in space-saving wall-mounted crockery units is a decision that combines practicality with aesthetic appeal. It’s time to redefine how you display and cherish your fine china. Consider booking a consultation with our expert designers to explore personalised solutions that suit your home. For more crockery design inspiration and tips, check out our blog section.

FAQs on Wall-Mounted Crockery Units

1. Are there specific materials commonly used in the construction of wall-mounted crockery units?

Wall-mounted crockery units can be made with different kinds of materials, such as plywood, metal, fibreglass, and even plastic.

2. How do I determine the appropriate height for installing a wall-mounted crockery unit?

30 inches from the ceiling is ideal ​​. It will give you three shelves 9 inches apart and plenty of space for dishes and glassware. If you are installing a butler’s pantry, ensure the floating unit is at least 18″ apart from the bottom cabinet.

3. Are there customisable options for the layout and configuration of a wall-mounted crockery unit?

Absolutely! Wall-mounted crockery units can be customised with modular designs, adjustable shelves, a mix of open and closed storage, various door styles, integrated lighting, personalised finishes, adjustable hooks, convertible features, and customised dimensions.

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