Go Simple And Sleek With These 9 Scandinavian Kitchen Designs!

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 6, 2024 | 8 mins read

9 Scandinavian kitchen designs for your home kitchen

Transform your cooking space into a cosy, Nordic haven with our Scandinavian kitchen designs!

Muted colours, sleek furniture, minimalistic designs are the principal elements of Scandinavian style of interior design.

Scandinavian design originates from the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. This style of interior design is characterised by minimalist aesthetic. understated design that follows function, light, neutral colours complemented with muted, dark hues that remind of Nordic landscapes, wooden furniture and wood accents. They are also popular for multifunctional and flexible designs

Thus, Scandinavian interiors are one of the most loved home interior design styles for modern homeowners today.  

Here in this blog, we have handpicked popular Scandinavian kitchen designs to transform your cooking haven into a cosy space. From simple white Scandinavian kitchen designs to modern Scandinavian style open kitchens we have curated a list with incredible nordic design ideas for timeless appeal.

And when browsing through these kitchens, watch out for our lavish Scandinavian kitchen. It is ideal for people who are looking for a dash of luxury in nordic interiors. 

So let’s explore our list of Scandinavian kitchens, hand-picked just for you!

An All White Scandinavian Kitchen With Light Wooden Accents

Scandinavian kitchen design requires a neutral colour scheme. Hence, white becomes the most popular colour palette for Scandinavian style of interior design. And this kitchen use white generously to create a pristine Scandinavian theme. 

In this kitchen we see the lower and upper storage cabinets are in all white wood finish They blend in with the rest of the interiors of this kitchen which is characterised with straight, clean lines that create a clutter-free cooking experience.

The major highlight of this kitchen are the light wood accents on the countertop and the breakfast counter chairs. They add a layer of natural appeal to the space. The kitchen also has a backsplash with white subway tiles and the patterned flooring brings in character to the space. The kitchen’s indoor plants highlight the Scandinavian-style of natural decoration.  

All-white Scandinavian kitchen with a light wood accent on the countertop and chairs adds natural appeal
An all-white Scandinavian kitchen with light wood accents and interesting textures
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An Urban Scandinavian Kitchen With An Island

This is a chic, minimalistic Scandinavian kitchen design ideal for urban Indian urban apartments. The kitchen has been designed with a bright white colour scheme and wooden storage cabinets. Its tall upper cabinets add a sleek appeal that maintains a clutter-free look. The kitchen has a large glass window that brings in lush green view of the outdoors for a rejuvenating cooking experience. 

A kitchen island in the centre doubles up as extra countertop space and a breakfast table. Wooden dining chairs with the island add warmth to an otherwise all-white kitchen. Above the kitchen island, three glass pendant lights add a modern twist to this Scandinavian styled space.

Urban Scandinavian kitchen with an island and wooden storage cabinets adds a sleek appeal
A chic Scandinavian design kitchen with a kitchen island

A Straight Scandinavian Design Kitchen For Small Homes

This is a simple, Scandinavian design kitchen perfect for small homes. It is a one-walled kitchen design with ample storage for a clutter free cooking experience. The upper cabinets have multiple open shelves to store your cutlery, spice bottles, recipe books, plant pots,  and other frequently used items.

This kitchen design also has an open wine rack section on top that has been included to save counter space. Lower cabinets have a handleless design for a minimalistic look. They accentuate the Scandinavian interior design theme. This type of kitchen is ideal for single people in small homes who want a modular kitchen design with nordic sensibilities. It has an off-white colour scheme that makes the space look cosy and homely.

Straight Scandinavian kitchen style with multiple open shelves and handleless cabinet design is perfect for tiny homes
An off-white cosy, straight kitchen with Scandinavian design

An L-shaped Modern Cum Scandinavian Design Kitchen

If you love the simplicity of Scandinavian interiors but want to tweak the style with some modern additions then this one’s for you! This kitchen design follows the clutter-free principle of Scandinavian design. It has an white colour scheme with the twist of black wooden finished cabinets.

A tiled backsplash adds dimension to the white kitchen section. This kitchen design also incorporates Scandinavian elements of nature with a turf accent wall. The L-shaped layout of the kitchen makes it ergonomic and efficient, especially for small houses.

L-shaped modern cum Scandinavian kitchen with white colour scheme with the twist of black wooden finished cabinets
An L-shaped Scandinavian design kitchen with a twist of black

A Small Rustic Scandinavian Design Kitchen Cum Dining Space

This Scandinavian kitchen design has hints of rustic elements that give it a trendy appeal. The kitchen has a white colour theme with white wooden storage cabinets and a light wooden countertop.

There is a white tiled backsplash design with floating open shelves that help keep the space clutter-free. The wrought iron shelf is included to display indoor plants, recipe books and brings in rustic appeal. The kitchen also has a wooden dining table with wrought iron chairs. These elements incorporate a trendy cafe-like appeal. Wooden flooring brings in warmth to the space. This type of kitchen design is ideal for studio apartments with open layouts.

Rustic Scandinavian style kitchen cum dining space with floating open shelves is ideal for studio apartments
A peppy Scandinavian kitchen design with rustic elements

A Bright Scandinavian Kitchen Design With A Gorgeous Table Setup

This Scandinavian kitchen design is bright, beautiful and refreshing. The kitchen has a clean design theme with a white, off-white and grey colour scheme. The kitchen’s grey countertop and textured backsplash design brings some dimension to the space. Its handleless laminate finished cabinets add a seamless look to this space.

The kitchen remains fresh and well-lit, like any Scandinavian space, with its plant decor and large window. There is also a Scandinavian-style wooden top dining table that is characteristic of Nordic style of interiors.

Scandinavian kitchen design with a wooden top dining table is characteristic of the Nordic style of interiors
A Scandinavian design open kitchen with a classy dining table setup
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An Uber Cool Scandinavian Design Modular Kitchen With A Folding Table

Scandinavian design is all about clutter-free, clean and functional design. This is such a clean and functional Scandinavian kitchen with a touch of modernity. The white colour Nordic scheme has a twist of grey in the lower cabinets and tall storage units. And since white and grey are both neutral colour tones it makes this space soothing and pleasing to the eye.

The kitchen’s handleless cabinets and modular storage make the space fuss-free and organised. But the real showstopper of this kitchen is foldable table cum crockery unit. It makes a functional breakfast corner.

The kitchen’s easy-to-manage Scandinavian cum modular design is ideal for couples living in small apartments. The mosaic-tiled backsplash gives it an artistic touch.

A Scandinavian style kitchen with a wall-mounted folding table is a clean and functional Scandinavian kitchen
A modern Scandinavian design kitchen with a space-saving breakfast table cum crockery unit
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A Posh Scandinavian Design Kitchen For The Ones Who Want Luxury

This spacious Scandinavian kitchen design exhibits a lavish setup with nordic elements. The kitchen has an elegant black and white design with a white colour scheme and a pop of black colour. It has an L-shaped countertop design with a mix of lower cabinets and tall, open overhead cabinets. There is a patterned backsplash that breaks the monotony of solid colours. The kitchen also has a wide kitchen island that serves as the dining space in the house. The cooking place gets its Scandinavian cosiness from its dark wooden flooring. The modular tall storage units keep the kitchen clutter-free.

Posh Scandinavian kitchen ideas with an l-shaped countertop design and tall storage units keep the kitchen clutter-free
A modern Scandinavian design kitchen with a black and white theme

A Parallel Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design For Indian Apartments

If you have more than one cook at home then what you need is a parallel shaped kitchen layout. This makes your cooking space well-equipped and efficient. In this image we see a parallel-shaped kitchen with a white colour scheme. The handleless cabinets in white and light grey make it look extremely sophisticated. The kitchen displays a variety of upper cabinets to provide maximum, clutter-free storage. It maintains a Scandinavian style interior with its green indoor plant decorations and well-lit corners.

Modern Scandinavian kitchen in parallel shape with cabinets in white and light grey make it look highly sophisticated
A parallel modern modular kitchen with a Scandinavian theme

Some FAQs about Scandinavian Kitchen Design

1. What is a Scandinavian kitchen?

A Scandinavian design kitchen is a simple and minimalistic cooking space. This kitchen design exhibits functional and modular furnishings that allow easy and efficient cooking. Mainly in white, Scandinavian kitchens usually have muted colour themes with a lot of natural design elements. These kitchens have subtle interiors with a cosy appeal.

2. How do you make a Scandi kitchen?

A Scandi kitchen can be designed with the following elements:

1. A muted colour theme, preferably white

2. Wooden elements to add warmth and a homely vibe

3. Modular storage for a clutter-free design

4. Sleek and simple ceiling lighting 

5. Biophilic design elements to keep the space natural

3. What defines Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian design has the following principles: clean lines, clutter-free organisation, muted colours, functional furnishings and a minimalistic design theme. 

4. What does Scandinavian decor look like?

Scandinavian decor displays subtle, minimalistic and functional decorations. It is a style that roots for purposeful furnishings with clutter-free designs. It is a modern design theme that uses light and practical decorations.

Scandinavian kitchen design is a great way to create a simple and clutter-free cooking space and has become one of the most loved design styles in modern Indian homes.

So go get your own Scandinavian style kitchen. And if you want some expert advice and design consultation, reach out to us!

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