Close To Nature: A Premium Organic Kitchen Design

by Shreya Bilagi | January 18, 2024 | 4 mins read

Those of you who want to bring nature indoors and into your kitchen, you must read our blog on premium organic kitchens. Read more now. 

Hey there if you are a nature lover, you are sure to fall in love with this organic kitchen that has been designed with a premium touch. This organic kitchen design is displayed in our Mumbai experience centre. If you are a person who adores raw and natural aesthetics in your home, this is sure to be your safe haven. This modular kitchen design brings together elements of nature giving you a real outdoor yet indoor feel. Time to get cooking!

Back To The Outback – With This Organic Kitchen

Imagine a kitchen that gives you an outback back feel! Cooking amongst stones and wooden planks does this kitchen design remind you of something? It sure takes us back to the days when we went camping! Organic kitchens are all about getting the look of nature. This organic kitchen uses wood and stone finish laminates to give a natural look and feel to both interiors and exteriors. Check out another organic kitchen that we have designed.

This organic kitchen uses wood and stone finish laminates to give a natural look and feel to both interiors and exteriors.
This organic kitchen combines stone and wood to bring out an earthy touch with a hypnotising black and white backsplash

A Winged Door Garage Appliance

This organic kitchen has a really cool appliance garage with a winged door. You can now store your precious jars, glassware and crockery away from accidents hidden from a world of kids. A premium touch is added to this appliance garage with the use of tinted glass that merges perfectly into the aesthetics.

The Pros Of Going Tall And Not Small

A tall unit is something every kitchen more or less has in today’s generation. In this organic kitchen this tall unit is unique as it has an inbuilt microwave and oven. So bakers get ready to whisk up some yummy brownie batter to bake! Also, there is space for an additional tray in between so you can store mittens and baking tools away at easy access. This tall unit will take you back to the olden days with its stone finished texture. Oooh, classy yeah?

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Decorate The Dado Way

You now make sure you bring more of nature into this organic kitchen by placing miniature indoor plants and artefacts relating to nature on the dado wall provided. This dado wall with open shelf storage can be used to add some decor to your kitchen as well as act as a storage space. It’s an excellent feature for your kitchen as it acts as a wall mounted open storage for chutneys to pickles and homemade jams. Your condiments will feel at home when neatly placed on this stunning wood and stone dado shelf.

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Have A Big Breakfast At A Small Sized Counter

You wouldn’t miss out on this special feature that this organic kitchen design has to offer. This organic kitchen design has a foldable breakfast counter. Yes you heard that right! You can now have breakfast in your kitchen and once you’re done fold up the counter and be on your way out. Also if you could use it as an extra storage space or an extended counter to chop up some vegetables or prepare your dinner! Here is another premium organic kitchen designed by us, take a look!

This organic kitchen design has a foldable breakfast counter, and you could use it as an extra storage space.
This premium organic kitchen has a fresh splash of blue with timber to give an organic touch

Not every person has the same taste in kitchen styles but if you have a heart of elements that are out in nature then you definitely want to try an organic kitchen.

Did you enjoy Designs Cafe’s video on premium organic kitchens? Let us know! Leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

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Shreya Bilagi

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