Elevate Your Cooking Space With These Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles

by Pooja Dara | February 11, 2024 | 7 mins read

Modern Kitchen cabinet handle ideas to elevate your cooking space

The modern kitchen cabinet handle design can either make or break the look of your kitchen. Learn everything about them to make an informed purchase. Click here.

Modern kitchen cabinet hardware is an important element when renovating or designing a home. Modular kitchen cabinet handles/pulls offer the homeowner a multitude of benefits which make them a popular choice among interior designers in recent times:

  • They are versatile and can be easily customised(design/size/finish/colour).  
  • They require less maintenance since the handles reduce the need for frequent cleaning of the cabinet surfaces.
  • They improve the performance, functionality and durability of the cabinet hardware. 
  • Depending on the material, they help reduce the wear and tear of the cabinet hardware.
  • They add aesthetic value to the kitchen.

There are also special considerations for choosing the modern cabinet handle design for a specific kitchen style that will probably remove the guesswork for you:

  • What kitchen design are you going for – modern or traditional? For a traditional look, choose wooden-textured kitchen cabinet pull handles or cup handles. Choose steel/aluminium or ring finger pull cabinet handles for a modern look.   
  • What type of kitchen cabinet handle to choose from – knobs or pulls? Modern knobs for kitchen cabinets don’t have any turning mechanism, and you need to pull them, while kitchen cabinet pulls are fixed at both ends. 
  • Focus on matching your needs/your family’s needs and ensure the delivery of ultimate value and experience when choosing the modern kitchen cabinet handles and pulls.
  • Select the suitable materials and colours- wooden handles, ceramic handles, metallic handles and aluminium handles. Ensure that the handle colour blends well with the existing kitchen elements.
  • The light fixtures in the kitchen and the finish also impact the look of the cabinet handles. The most popular finish is oil-rubbed bronze, but they can also vary based on the manufacturer. 
  • The kitchen cabinet handle size and strength are equally important, as a small handle can be a misfit for a big cabinet. For a contemporary look, you will need long pulls; for a classic look, you will need mid-length pulls.
  • Order a range of kitchen cabinet pulls as ‘samples’ first, experiment with them in your kitchen and then make the final purchase. This step will give you an insight into the cabinet handles’ overall sizing and let you know what works and what doesn’t. 
  • You need to consider whether you want to install kitchen handles on all your cabinetry or only a certain portion. You can have upper cabinetry without any handles and only a push mechanism and install handles on the base cabinets for easy handling. 
  • The kitchen environment (~placement of zones) impacts the type of handle you actually need for your kitchen cabinets. Some finishes are more prone to corrosion than others in certain conditions, like the aluminium kitchen cabinet handles. 
  • The handles should ideally be placed at the centre of the kitchen drawer as it is necessary to ensure equal weight distribution on both ends.
Kitchen cabinet design to glam up your interiors

There Are Different Categories of Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handle Designs You Can Choose From:

  • Based On Installation Method – Concealed Installation | Surface Installation 
  • Based On Style – Retro | Bohemian | Minimalist | European 
  • Based On Material – Glass | Metal | Stainless Steel | Ceramics | Aluminium | Wooden | Brass
  • Based On Shape – Square | Tubular | T-Bar | D-Pull Bar | Round Knob | Cup | Straight Bar | Bow

Let’s explore the current trends in the kitchen cabinet handles market. 

Elongated D-Shaped Modern Kitchen Cabinet Pulls

These steel elongated D-shaped kitchen cabinet handles/pulls make pulling the kitchen cabinet out smoother and easier because there is an equal weight distribution on both ends of the handle. Its sleek design is suitable for large cabinets and gives it a modern and elegant look. These kitchen cabinet handles stand out against brighter colours perfectly. 

D shaped modern kitchen cabinet pull design allows smoother pull-out
Ensure cabinet pulls complement the kitchen

Double T-Bar Modern Cabinet Handles

These double T-bar contemporary kitchen cabinet door handles are a creative combination of functionality and style. They can fit into any existing kitchen style like a missing puzzle piece. These sturdy cabinet pulls have an easy grip and are the perfect choice for classic black and white-themed kitchens.  

Double T-bar modern cabinet handles in a classic black and white-themed kitchen
The green countertop accentuates the beauty of the cabinetry

Profile Aluminium Hardware Pulls For Kitchen Cabinets

Profile aluminium kitchen cabinet hardware pulls are hollow bars mounted on the edge of the drawers and cabinetry and do not require any holes to be drilled. This handleless version of kitchen cabinets gives the whole kitchen a streamlined, fluid and uncluttered appearance and occupies a lesser surface area, too.   

Profile aluminium handles for modern kitchen cabinets mounted on the edge of the drawers
Aluminium kitchen handles have inherent insular efficiency

Ceramic Kitchen Cabinet Handles For A Traditional Look

These brass and ceramic kitchen cabinet door handles are smooth and comfortable to hold and give a soft, traditional vibe to the kitchen area. They have a unique design and do not rust easily. Try to match ceramic handles with the colour of the wall cabinets to bring a sense of cohesiveness. 

Brass and ceramic modern kitchen cabinet handles in plain pattern
Ceramic modern kitchen handles can be plain or with abstract and floral patterns
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Inset Steel Handles for Kitchen Cabinets Lend Boldness

These steel inset kitchen handles, also known as recessed kitchen handles, are embedded into your cabinet drawers and doors and offer a minimalist and distinctive accent to your kitchen design. They are different from other kitchen handles as they are concealed within the cabinet frame and are almost invisible to the naked eye. 

Inset steel handles for modern kitchen cabinets offer a minimalistic accent
Inset modern kitchen handles are space savers and incredibly safe

That’s all there is! Finding the best modern kitchen cabinet handles is a must if you want a cohesive and well-designed kitchen. Choosing the right handles and knobs is essential while designing your dream kitchen. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have any more ideas to contribute and book a virtual consultation session with the DesignCafe team for further enquiries. Happy cooking! 

FAQS on Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles Designs

1. How do I determine the correct placement for the kitchen cabinet handles?

Kitchen cabinets provide ample storage space for pots, plates, cups, pans and cutlery. It becomes easier to access and handle them if the right kitchen cabinet handles and drawer pulls are bought and installed on the cabinet doors. The correct placement of kitchen cabinet knobs/handles is important for optimum functionality. Here are a few things to keep in mind to achieve the above-said goal:

  • Knob handles are a more common option for kitchen drawers, and pull handles are a more common option for kitchen cabinet doors. 
  • Do not position the handle too far into the centre of the cabinet (especially if the cabinet is wide) else it limits your leverage and increases the risk of the handle coming off. 
  • Do not position the cabinet pull too high on the wall cabinet door; otherwise, you won’t be able to reach it without using a stepladder. 
  • Do not position the kitchen cabinet handle too low to the ground on the base cabinet door else it makes opening the door a bit awkward and inconvenient. 

2. What are the two types of surface treatments available for modern metal kitchen cabinet handles? 

Electroplated Finish – Passing an electric current through an electrolyte solution and then dipping the metal cabinet handle into it | Scratch-Resistant | Strong and Durable | High Quality | Cannot Be Removed Unlike Paint. 

Micronised Finish – A specialised process which includes several different stages using finer grit grades | Corrosion-Resistant | Smoother Finish | Very High Durability

3. Are there any specific safety considerations while choosing kitchen cabinet handles and pulls? 

Although kitchen cabinet handles are a functional necessity in the kitchen, you also need to ensure that they are safe for use by others. Install kitchen cabinet door locks to protect your small children or pets from accessing them and accidentally hurting themselves. You can use double-door cabinet locks, latches or sliding cabinet door locks.

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