Trend Talk: A Guide To Buying Kitchen Cabinet Handles And Knobs

by Mohita Adhvaryu | February 28, 2024 | 4 mins read


When we plan an overhaul of our kitchen or even while we are getting it made from scratch, we tend to think about the broader details like the windows, countertops, cabinets and so on. While eyeing all those macro functionalities of a kitchen, we end up paying less or no heed to kitchen cabinet handles. Though they seem trivial, once you start using your cooking space, you realise that kitchen cabinet handles are crucial both from the point of view of function as well as aesthetics. It is, therefore, vitally important to choose kitchen cabinet handles that suit your style of cooking and your sense of perfection, as they will be one of the first things your guests and family members will notice if they ever happen to step into the kitchen. 

To make your decision simpler, here’s presenting our quick tips for choosing kitchen cabinet handles. You could get them custom-made as per your preference or also choose from a myriad of options available for kitchen cabinet handles in most of the decor shops. On that note, take a look at these simple guidelines to select the best modular kitchen cabinet handles.

Keep Your Kitchen Cabinet Handles Minimal

Although details are everything, often they can take over the functionality of your kitchen. Hence, we suggest choosing a rather simple and neat design for kitchen cabinet handles.  You would like this kitchen cabinet handle design for its ease of use, practicality and zero-maintenance form.

Kitchen cabinet handles for your home designed for ease of use
Chic and neat, handles streamline your kitchen’s look and feel

Pick Modern Designs For The Kitchen Cabinet Handles You Choose

Whether you have a modular kitchen or an indie one, select kitchen cabinet handles that pair well with the overall look of your cooking space. Currently, sleek steel handles are in fashion for their smooth texture and seamless functionality. Consider them to give your kitchen a rich and lavish look.

Kitchen cabinet handle design that pair well with the overall look of your cooking space
Pick sleek, contemporary kitchen handles that last long

Prefer Function Over Form

You might want your kitchen cabinet design to be exquisite. But choosing this at the cost of ease of use would be futile and frustrating. Prioritise texture, material and durability when you are choosing kitchen cabinet handles. This rather simple yet cohesive kitchen cabinet handle design also fits well with any modular kitchen plan.

Kitchen cabinet handles india which fits well with any modular kitchen plan
Make sure to pick the kitchen cabinet handle designs that make your work easy while cooking

Select Vintage Designs

If you are a true art buff and an old schooler at heart, you might just want to add a vintage touch to your kitchen. Select engraved handles and knobs for your kitchen to create an atmosphere of yesteryears right in your home. It might require some extra cleaning and care but it would be worth the look and effort. You could get the handles and knobs made using brass, steel or various other metals that suit your plan.

Vintage modular kitchen cabinet handles which require some extra cleaning and care
Vintage cabinet handle and knob designs are simply timeless

Get Custom Designs

Don’t we all love some personalisation in the kitchen? Keeping this intention in mind, you could choose kitchen cabinet handles that create a certain mood and vibe in your kitchen. For instance, if you have planned an ornate, rustic kitchen, then pick detailed and intricate designs for your kitchen handles. By doing so, you will have more control over their functionality as well.

Ceramic kitchen cabinet handles that create a certain mood and vibe
These days, you could get theme-based kitchen cabinet handle designs made as well

Go For Iconic Textures

You would undeniably keep opening and closing drawers and cabinets while you cook. That’s why their texture and the material from which they are made are important. Because you don’t want those glossy or fragile ones that keep you on your toes trying to be careful while using them, right? Hence, select bar-shaped handles and knobs that have a smooth finish yet a robust grip to serve the purpose.

Kitchen cabinet handles that have a smooth finish
Prefer etched and chic kitchen cabinet handles for smoother execution while cooking

Keep these easy-to-follow tips in mind to select on-point kitchen cabinet handles for your space. To get the best of both the worlds, meticulously select kitchen cabinet handles that are more functional. The aesthetics are definitely important but do not prioritise it over the functionality. If you need some assistance in selecting the perfect handles and knobs, then do feel free to book a consultation with us.

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