What Colors Match With Brown For Your Home? Here’s A List!

by Devna Tiwari | February 28, 2024 | 4 mins read


Here’s a lowdown on some of our favourite brown colour combinations to help you understand what colours match with brown in your home!

The colour brown gets a bad rep for being uninspiring and as the colour people remember in government buildings and schools. But this is far from the truth there are many fun and exciting ways of using brown to give your home a sophisticated look. Brown is a neutral colour which means it can be paired with both warm or cool colours. 

Let’s explore a few brown colour combinations that will work wonders as a part of your home interiors!

Brown And Blue

A brown wall with textured paint is a great statement; pair this with blue sofas or blue armchairs and you have yourself a winner. This pairing of a cool colour like blue with a neutral colour like coffee brown is an ideal choice for a living room. You can also deck the place out with bluestone vases and other decors in this colour scheme to give an otherwise dull look a pop of vibrance.

Brown and blue brown colour combination with textured paint and blue sofas

Brown And Olive Green

Staying with the cool colours olive green is a natural pairing for the colour brown. Having your home painted or decorated in these colours will give it a cool earthy look as brown and olive green closely resemble the colours found in nature. Using these colours, you can opt for a traditional rustic look or stay classic or vintage look as well. 

Brown olive green and brown color shades which closely resemble the colours found in nature

Brown And Grey

Both brown and grey are neutral colours and they do pair well together. But it is advisable to use one in a darker shade and the other in a lighter shade. An example will be a dark fabric sofa against a light brown wall. This creates a contrast between the two colours without drowning out the other colour. You can also have white walls and bring in the shade brown through a wooden floor.

Brown grey brown color combination which do pair well together

Brown And Copper

Now here is something that’s completely different using copper accents or  decor to pair with the colour brown. Copper or similar metals like gold or or polished bronze works well with brown to give your home interiors a modern and upscale look. You can use them in the form of bronze tinted mirrors, copper pendant lights, gold accents on furniture like sofas, side-tables, chest of drawers, wardrobes and beds.

What colors match with brown with copper to o give your home interiors a modern and upscale look
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Brown And Orange

As in the case of cool colours brown also pairs well with warm colours like orange. Brown and orange are a natural pair as they are on the same side of the paint spectrum. Orange fabrics on sofas, pillow covers or curtains will give a good pop of colour to a brown wall or floor. 

brown contrast color with orange which are a natural pair with sofas and pillow covers

Brown And White

The colour brown on the wall has the power to anchor your interiors, hence, it’s important to tone down this strong shade a little. What better colour to perform this task than white? Here, in this living room setting the white sofa brings out the best of the overall brown colour scheme by complementing a muted brown wall, brown hardwood flooring and the brown coffee table.

Shades of brown paint and white with brown hardwood flooring and the brown coffee table

Shades Of Brown

If you are a fan of the colour brown like us and want to lend your home an earthy vibe you can incorporate different shades of brown from light beige to walnut brown. A colour scheme consisting of different shades of brown will work just right for areas like living rooms, dining areas and bedrooms. You can paint the walls in beige and add pieces of furniture in the darker brown shade or vice versa.

Colors that go with brown for areas like living rooms, dining areas

Brown Brick Wall For An Industrial Look

Brick walls are solid and sturdy in character. Both rough and painted brick walls lend a stunning industrial look to any space as shown in this image. The brown colour of the brick, metal pendant lights makes this room look warm with an edgy vibe. If you like the idea of having an industrial style of home interiors, brown is the colour to go for! Especially if you wish to add an open brick wall in any of your rooms!

Brown combination colour with Industrial look with metal pendant lights makes this room look warm

And there you have it! Some beautiful colours that blend perfectly with the earthiest colour out there – brown!

If you want to highlight this warm colour even more we recommend you add lots of gold-toned lights in your room. A modern chandelier, pendant lights, focus lights, wall mounted lamps and cove lights work wonderfully well! You can also add brighter decor pieces like white frames, indoor plants, fur rugs, and throw pillows to complete the look!

We hope these suggestions help you create the warmest place using the colour brown.

Happy Decorating!

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Devna Tiwari

Devna Tiwari is a content writer at DesignCafe and comes with four years of experience. She walks undeterred, heads up against all odds and sits down to write about them. When she is not out there capturing every moment to permanence or trying out new restaurants, she is busy planning her next voyage. She is also the author of the book The Surrogate Girlfriend.

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