Don’t Cook Up A Mess! Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid In Your Kitchen

by Ashish Rai | February 22, 2024 | 8 mins read

Kitchen design mistakes to avoid

Let us ask you this? Have you ever come across news articles about fashion faux pas by famous celebrities? Famous A-listers on the celebrity chart with access to high-end designer or attires still end up tripping and slipping on the runway.

The German icon Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make your dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you are doing well.”

This quote can be applied to your kitchen as well. A well-designed kitchen oozes confidence and inspires you to cook, have a good time with friends and family, and make your neighbours jealous. But bad kitchen design can do just the opposite. Modular kitchens add a touch of luxury and increase buyer appeal too! Who wouldn’t like a kitchen as delicious as the food it dishes out?

From early morning breakfast with the family to a scrumptious dinner your kitchen bears it all. Kitchens should be functional and balanced and well designed so planning and execution need detail and time. 
When designing a kitchen, the adrenaline just kicks in as there are too many things to be done in a short time. Choosing cabinets, colours, and other design aesthetics but it’s of high importance not to put the final finishes before a function.  Don’t let your kitchen be the talk of the neighbourhood. Avoid these kitchen renovation mistakes while remodelling your kitchen.

Optimizing Your Kitchen Work Triangle

What makes your kitchen work triangle are your stove, sink, and the refrigerator aka the Golden Triangle and make sure you have ample space between each element (4 – 9 feet). This is mandatory as their clutter won’t accumulate and it will minimise superfluous movement. Do not place any utensils or appliances, cabinets or trash cans within the path of the golden triangle. If the three elements are too close to each other, then people will start tripping, too far and preparing food will be a mammoth task. 

Do not place any utensils or appliances, cabinets or trash cans within the path of the golden triangle
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Too Much Storage? Now That’s A Kitchen Layout Mistake

Storage is important in your kitchen and that is the single biggest mistake people tend to make when designing or remodelling a new kitchen, i.e lack of storage. The kitchens deal to host a lot of stuff from food packaging and containers, appliances, cleaning liquids. Design your cabinets with drawers and shelves, with special racks dedicated to some items. If your kitchen is small, maximise space by installing cabinets. Create special cabinets to mask unsightly wires and appliances to keep your counters clean and clutter-free. 

Too much storage is biggest kitchen mistake people tend to make when designing or remodeling kitchen

If You Have No Space For Appliances Then That’s A Kitchen Remodeling Mistake

Oh! You stored your utensils and pots in the cabinet, wonderful, and what about your appliances like mixers, toasters? Whether you are changing the layout of the kitchen or altering cabinets, you need to make sure that your appliances have enough space on the countertop and work around it. Make your workspace free so cooking will be easier. Well-planned counters can be gold in your cooking area, offering you plenty of space to store appliances, sort ingredients and whip up meals. If you haven’t already, get to planning your counter space to create multiple cooking workstations.

No space for appliances then that's kitchen remodeling mistake

Lack Of Light Is A Kitchen Design Mistake You Must Avoid

Light is important in order to work smoothly in the kitchen. The holy grail for an awesome lighting is made up of three primary lighting types: Ambient, Accent, and Task. One without the other will cast a disaster for an area offering dim, low light that can’t be saved even by the heartiest meal. Ambient lighting will improve the overall illumination, task lighting will highlight the preparation zone, and the lights fitted under the cabinets will provide accents.

Kitchen design mistake is lack of lights

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Modular kitchen designs for a comfortable cooking experience!

Inhale Good Air, Ventilate The Bad In Your Kitchen Layout

A good kitchen requires good ventilation. Kitchen get warm and steamy when cooking and when cooking for a large number, it can feel like an oven. Without proper ventilation, stale food will smell, dirt and airborne dust will just circulate and spoil your kitchen. The windows in the kitchen are your pride, encourage natural airflow and provide an escape path for fumes, smoke and odour. Select the right size hood with enough clearance around cabinets and working areas. A good ventilation system will fully remove the dirty air keeping your kitchen air quality cleaner. Having a sufficient ventilation system is needed for a healthy and safety system and promotes a secure kitchen environment.

Without proper ventilation, stale food will smell, dirt and airborne dust will just circulate and spoil your kitchen

Dustbins Out In The Open? Avoid This Smelly Kitchen Design Mistake

Yes, we are talking about dustbins. Nobody likes to look at an ugly, smelly dustbin when they walk into the kitchen because a hideous dustbin can make the most flawless kitchen look dismembered. Create a concealed cabinet to stow your bin and keep your kitchen looking immaculate. Say, you don’t have extra space for a trashcan, how about some DIY? Take your existing bin and give it a makeover with some paint and stencils and make it a work of art.

Bad Kitchen Design Layout Is All About The Position

You open a drawer and your leg hits the countertop, did it ever happen to you? If yes, then that is because of bad positioning. Make sure you have adequate space to stand in front of the appliances like the fridge or a drawer and open it without bumping into another cabinet or the wall. You don’t want a kitchen which doesn’t allow you to move freely. Talk to your designer and share ideas on how you can maximize space and help you do your cooking without interruption.

Compromising On Quality? Beware Of This As A Kitchen Design Mistake

You may be tempted to cut corners and costs by going for cut-price cabinets. But remember, a low cost is often reflective of low quality, and spending little now may shortchange you in the long run. Cabinets are likely the priciest feature of your kitchen, and rightly so. These trusty storage devices will experience plenty of wear and tear and a cheap material will affect their look and performance over the years.

Seek Sound Professional Help For Kitchen Renovation Tips

Trying to fit a kitchen all by yourself just to save a few pennies will end up costing you more. There are hidden challenges for each and every kitchen whether it’s flooring, lighting, ventilation, plumbing and to make the kitchen fully functional it needs guidance and the help of a professional. An inadequate experience will undoubtedly make mistakes when designing and fitting a kitchen that a professional will have seen it and solved it a thousand times before. Hiring a professional might cost you a bit more, but there won’t be any glitches or mismanagement of the design. A professional knows what he is doing and will eliminate problems with ease. 

Seek sound professional help out from kitchen mistakes

Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or remodelling an existing one, avoiding these kitchen slip-ups can have you serving up great meals, moments and memories for years to come. Go on and use this trusty guide to turn your kitchen into the heart of your home.

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FAQs On Kitchen Design Mistakes

1. What are the consequences of neglecting ventilation considerations in kitchen design?
Neglecting ventilation in kitchen design can lead to stale odours and airborne dust. Proper ventilation, including windows and a well-sized hood, ensures a cleaner and healthier kitchen air quality.

2. Are there mistakes to avoid when choosing the color scheme for a kitchen?
Choosing the wrong colour scheme can impact the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Avoid overly bold or mismatched colours and opt for a cohesive palette that complements the space.

3. How can I prevent the error of insufficient counter space in my kitchen design?
Inadequate counter space can affect your cooking efficiency. Plan your kitchen layout to ensure sufficient workspace for food preparation, appliance placement, and flexibility in your cooking area.

4. Are there specific design mistakes to avoid when selecting kitchen flooring?
Selecting inappropriate flooring material can lead to maintenance issues. Avoid materials prone to damage in a kitchen environment, opting for durable and easy-to-clean options for a functional and stylish kitchen floor.

5. How can I avoid design mistakes that result in a lack of flexibility in the kitchen space?
Designing a kitchen without considering flexibility may limit its functionality. Ensure your kitchen layout allows for easy movement and accessibility, avoiding cramped spaces and obstacles that may disrupt your cooking flow.

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