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Don’t Cook Up A Mess! Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid In Your Kitchen

Don’t Cook Up A Mess! Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid In Your Kitchen

Let us ask you this? Have you ever come across news articles about fashion faux pas by famous celebrities? Famous A-listers on the celebrity chart with access to high-end designer or attires still end up tripping and slipping on the runway.

The German icon Karl Lagerfeld once said, “Luxury bags make your life more pleasant, make your dream, give you confidence, and show your neighbours you are doing well.”

This quote can be applied to your kitchen as well. A well-designed kitchen oozes confidence and inspires you to cook, have a good time with friends and family, and make your neighbours jealous. But bad kitchen design can do just the opposite. Modular kitchens add a touch of luxury and increase buyer appeal too! Who wouldn’t like a kitchen as delicious as the food it dishes out?

From early morning breakfast with the family to a scrumptious dinner your kitchen bears it all. Kitchens should be functional and balanced and well designed so planning and execution need detail and time. 
When designing a kitchen, the adrenaline just kicks in as there are too many things to be done in a short time. Choosing cabinets, colours, and other design aesthetics but it’s of high importance not to put the final finishes before a function.  Don’t let your kitchen be the talk of the neighbourhood. Avoid these kitchen renovation mistakes while remodelling your kitchen. 

Apply These Kitchen Renovation Tips in Equal Measure

What makes your kitchen work triangle are your stove, sink, and the refrigerator aka the Golden Triangle and make sure you have ample space between each element (4 – 9 feet). This is mandatory as their clutter won’t accumulate and it will minimise superfluous movement. Do not place any utensils or appliances, cabinets or trash cans within the path of the golden triangle. If the three elements are too close to each other, then people will start tripping, too far and preparing food will be a mammoth task. 

Do Not Place Any Utensils Or Appliances, Cabinets Or Trash Cans Within The Path Of The Golden Triangle

Too Much Storage? Now That’s A Kitchen Layout Mistake

Storage is important in your kitchen and that is the single biggest mistake people tend to make when designing or remodelling a new kitchen, i.e lack of storage. The kitchens deal to host a lot of stuff from food packaging and containers, appliances, cleaning liquids. Design your cabinets with drawers and shelves, with special racks dedicated to some items. If your kitchen is small, maximise space by installing cabinets. Create special cabinets to mask unsightly wires and appliances to keep your counters clean and clutter-free.