15 Modular Kitchen Solutions For Short People

by Sreya Dasgupta | February 20, 2024 | 9 mins read

Kitchen design for short people

Our top expert-approved kitchen interior ideas to keep all your kitchen essentials within comfortable reach at all times.

Are you a short person tired of asking your partner to help you get your pantry essentials from your overhead cabinets? We understand your difficulties. After all, there is nothing more irritating than having a kitchen design that doesn’t give you the liberty to enjoy a hassle-free cooking experience. Here come the benefits of a modular kitchen; these can be personalised as per your requirements, taste and lifestyle. So, here we have got you a personalised list of modular kitchen designs, especially for short people, so you can keep all your kitchen essentials at a comfortable reach and make your culinary experience a delightful one. Here are a few modular kitchen design ideas keeping in mind the average height of most Indian home dwellers. 

Mid-Tall Unit As Shown In The Kitchen At Apsara Serene, Hyderabad

If you have a tall unit in your kitchen, accessing the top shelves can be difficult for short people. You can keep ladders to reach the top shelves, but it will end up taking extra space, and there is always a risk of unwanted accidents. To avoid this, you can opt for a mid-tall unit with internal shelving like the one we installed in this kitchen in Apsara Serene, Hyderabad. This will help keep all your pantry essentials within comfortable reach. We have used the top area to create some loft units where you can store all the non-essentials that you don’t need regularly. This will help save a lot of counter space and allow you to use your base cabinets for daily necessities.

Kitchen design for short person with mid-tall unit comes with internal shelving
A modular kitchen by DesignCafe for short people

A Microwave Unit At Vamsi Residency, Hyderabad

A microwave unit helps to save a lot of your precious counter space and allows you to enjoy a free flow movement in the kitchen. Place the microwave unit at your convenient height as our team did in this kitchen at Vamsi Residency, Hyderabad, so you can have a seamless culinary experience. We used a combination of white and stone finish laminate for this kitchen to create a striking contrast.

Kitchen design for short person with microwave unit helps to save a lot of counter space
DesignCafe’s plan saves space with a microwave unit
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Kitchen With Multiple Pull-Out Units At Prestige Falcon City, Bengaluru

If you are a short person, utilise the base cabinets to create ample storage space for your kitchen. In this kitchen at Prestige Falcon City, Bengaluru, the DesignCafe team added modular mechanisms like oil pull-outs, multiple drawers and dustbin pull-outs to keep all the utensils and pantry essentials in a clutter-free manner. The overhead cabinets are placed at a comfortable height and we used frosted glass fronts so all the spice bottles and jars can be easily seen.

Kitchen cabinet for short person with multiple pull-out units
A kitchen by DesignCafe with pull-out units

Kitchen At Ele Vana, Bengaluru With A Comfortable Counter Height

The kitchen counter height for short people should ideally be 3 feet. A very tall kitchen counter will make your kitchen experience uncomfortable, while a counter that is too low will lead to unnecessary back or neck aches and reduce the storage space of your base cabinets too. So, if you are a standard short Indian individual, a counter height of 3 feet is perfect for you. This kitchen in Ele Vana, Bengaluru, designed by our team in white laminates, has multiple storage units in the base area like tandem drawers, oil pull-out units and wicker basket units so you can have all your essentials within comfortable reach.

Kitchen counter height for short person should ideally be 3 feet
A DesignCafe kitchen with a comfortable counter height

Bi-Fold Lift-Up Shutter For Easy Access

When thinking of kitchen cabinet height for short people, homeowners tend to focus on the cabinet’s height and forget about the shutter design. While a vertical lift-up shutter is quite difficult to close for short people, a regular shutter can look a little out of fashion. Here, a bi-fold shutter comes as a rescue. They look sleek and are easy to access, even for people of short height. This kitchen is designed in yellow and green laminates for a young and vibrant look. The marble countertop adds a luxe feel to the kitchen and adds to the beauty of the space.

Small kitchen design for short person with bi-fold lif-up shutter lets you access it easily
A small kitchen with a bi-fold lift-up shutter unit

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Diagonal Lift-Up Shutter For Free-Flow Movement

Diagonal lift-up shutters are also a very good option for overhead cabinets if you are a short person. These shutters open diagonally and thus can be opened and closed easily. You can use these cabinets to arrange all your spice bottles needed for everyday meal preparations. We have also added some open box wall units on the dado and the appliance garage for some additional storage space.

Kitchen design for short person with diagonal lift-up shutter thus can be opened and closed quickly
A diagonal lift-up shutter for easy cooking

Pull Down The Crockery To Reach You With A Pegasus Unit

A pegasus unit comes with an in-built tray that can be pulled down to your height for easy reach. This is a revolutionary idea if you’re looking for smart kitchen cabinets for short people. The tray is equipped to keep both large plates and small crockeries. This also helps to keep all your expensive crockeries safe and frees up your base unit space too.

Kitchen design for short person with pegasus unit can pull down to your height for easy reach
A pegasus unit brings down your crockery to you

Dado Shelves To Keep All Your Jars And Bottles

Dado shelves lend a clean look and utilise your dado beautifully. These shelves are within your comfortable reach and perfect for placing your spice bottles, jars, mugs and other daily essentials. But make sure to add a heavy-duty chimney and clean the bottles regularly to avoid ugly oil stains or dust. We have used light pastel laminates and ample lights to make this kitchen look well illuminated and bright, making your cooking experience a delightful one.

Kitchen design for short person with dado shelves comfortable to reach
Floating shelves utilise your kitchen space optimally
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Backsplash With Hooks To Hang Pans, Ladles and Spoons 

Arranging your spoons and ladles in an organised manner plays an important role in making your kitchen experience a hassle-free one. Especially if you are a short person, the base unit becomes the most important storage space in your kitchen. So, to save up some space in your base unit for heavy utensils, you can add some hooks on the backsplash to hang all your ladles, pans and spoons. This will keep all your essentials within reach while saving up your precious base cabinet space.

Kitchen design for short person, add some hooks on the backsplash to hang all your ladles, pans and spoons
Use hooks to hang spoons, ladles and pans

Spice Cabinet With Sliding Shutter On The Dado

If you don’t like placing your spice bottles on the overhead cabinets, add a separate spice cabinet with a sliding shutter beneath the overhead cabinet. The shutter protects all your spice bottles from oil and dust while keeping all these bottles within your reach. This white laminated cabinet lends contrast to the wood-like laminates of the overhead cabinets and is an excellent addition to the kitchen of short home cooks.

Spice kitchen cabinets for short people with sliding shutters beneath the overhead cabinet
A G-shaped kitchen with a spice cabinet

Magic Corners To Utilise The Dead Spaces In Your Kitchen

As discussed earlier, if you are a short person, using base cabinet spaces becomes very crucial for clutter-free kitchen organisation. Magic corners are excellent for utilising dead space that is otherwise difficult to access. You can remove the trays in front for cleaning and clip them back right. The back shelves can be pulled out individually for easy loading and unloading. Magic pull-outs are a great option for storing tableware, pots and pans, making your kitchen free of unnecessary clutter.

Kitchen design for short person with magic corner unit helps access difficult areas
Access difficult areas with magic corner units

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Smart Storage Like Carousel Units And Skirting Drawers

Other base storage solutions like D-carousel, S-carousels, and skirting units can be added to the base cabinets to access the corner spaces and dead space to keep all your kitchen essentials and make your kitchen look clutter-free and organised. While the S-carousel and D-carousels are mostly used to keep crockery and cookware, the skirting drawers are built as the last drawer of the sequence, utilising unused space beneath. These are apt for storing napkins, kitchen towels, table mats or tools.

Kitchen cabinets for short people with S-carousel unit access corner spaces
Kitchen cabinets for short people with d-carousel unit utilise corners for space-saving storage
Kitchen design for short person with skirting drawers utilises unused spaces beneath drawers
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Kitchen Island With Hidden Storage

You can use your kitchen island as a bar counter or a breakfast counter as per your requirement. Another way to optimise your kitchen space is to add drawers and cabinets on the base of your kitchen island. This space is comfortable to reach, even for short people. Now you can keep all your cookware within your reach without worrying about unnecessary breakage.

Island kitchen design for short person with hidden storage
Utilise the base of your kitchen island for storage

Tandem Drawers For Your Large Utensils

Tandem drawers are excellent for keeping large pots and pans. They are heavy-duty drawers that can easily manage the heavy weight of your crockery and keep huge-sized pots and pans in an organised manner. Now you don’t have to climb to the loft area to keep these heavy utensils. The tandem drawers on the base cabinet are here to solve all your height-related problems.

Kitchen design for short person with tandem drawers houses large utensils
Tandem drawers house heavy pots and pans
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A Showcase On Your Dado Area

You can add a full-fledged showcase with glass shutters on the dado to store or display all your expensive crockery, spice bottles and other essentials at your eye level. So, you won’t have to reach out to the overhead cabinets for every little thing. These work excellently well if you have a U-shaped, L-shaped or parallel kitchen with enough space to play around. Even the overhead cabinets and the box cabinet with glass fronts are kept at a low height to make the cooking experience for short people a delightful one. The contrasting colour of laminate makes the kitchen look vibrant, making the kitchen look aesthetically pleasing and functional too.

Showcase kitchen design for a short person in the dado area for utensils
A showcase in the dado area for utensils

Hope your search for kitchen designs for short people ends here. If you want a modular kitchen design like these in your home, book a free consultation with us today, and our expert designers will help you with personalised kitchen designs that suit your specific requirements and budget too. You can also visit our Experience Centre in your city to check out space-saving modular interior design concepts and talk to our designers right away.

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