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by Pooja Dara | February 27, 2024 | 8 mins read

Different types of kitchen shutters for your home

Kitchen shutters can make your modular kitchen look aesthetically beautiful and optimally organized. If that’s what you crave for, check out our handpicked collection of stunning kitchen shutter designs. 

The true essence of a modular kitchen lies in its shutter kitchen cabinets that are factory-manufactured individually and put together on-site. Each kitchen cabinet has a central structure enclosing an inner box and a shutter on the outside. Hence, kitchen shutters form an essential part of kitchen decor as they define the external look of your shelves and drawers.  

There are tons of kitchen shutters available in the market today depending upon the colour, material, finish, mechanism and style. You’ll definitely be spoilt for choice!

Best materials for kitchen shutters

Different Types Of Kitchen Shutters

Based On Material

Natural Wooden Shutters

If you’re looking to give your kitchen cabinets a unique and rustic charm, go in for natural wooden shutters. They’re available in oak, walnut and teak finishes, and are waterproofed with polish for protection. These shutters are pretty expensive so make sure you keep a fixed budget aside. They’re super versatile as they can be carved and designed in several ways.   

White kitchen shutter design in natural wood brings a unique and rustic charm to the area.
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Acrylic Shutters

Want to give your kitchen a high shine and aesthetic appeal? Opt for these acrylic shutters for your kitchen. These have a mirror-like reflective quality that can make your cooking space look bigger. Pasted on waterproof HDF/Plywood boards as 1 mm thick sheets, they give you a finish that’s highly scratch resistant and can last for at least six years. There are only limited colours available in this material and can be slightly heavy on your pocket too.

Acrylic shutters for kitchen in yellow and brown have a mirror-like reflective quality and finish that’s scratch-resistant

Aluminium Profile Shutters

Aluminium profile shutters for the kitchen are finding ways into people’s homes owing to the variety of colours it’s available in. They’re extremely sturdy if fitted with sliding or lift-up hinges. They also lend a light appearance to your kitchen interiors and hence, soothing to the eye too. Great, isn’t it? 

Kitchen has an aluminium profile shutter which is durable and elegant, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

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Glass Or Painted Glass Shutters

Glass or painted glass shutters give a striking contrast when paired with other kitchen materials like laminate or wood. They accentuate the elegance and style of your modular kitchen. Available in frosted and transparent finishes, they’re reflective and increase visibility inside the cabinets. Glass cabinet shutters are comparatively more expensive than other materials. 

Transparent glass shutter kitchen accentuates the elegance and style of the white modular kitchen.

Veneer Shutters

Veneer shutters are an ideal choice for those who don’t want to spend much but replicate the look of natural/solid wood. They give a classic and royal vibe to your kitchen, thanks to the natural grains of wood. They’re durable and long-lasting if cleaned and polished from time to time. You can choose from a variety of different colours if you want. 

Veneer kitchen shutters give a classic and royal vibe to the kitchen and durable.
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Metal Shutters

Metal shutters are a popular choice for people who want to make their kitchen look airy and more spacious. They’re very reflective but can be easily dented too if not taken care of properly. Check on them once in a while!

Metal kitchen profile shutter in this island white kitchen looks airy and more spacious.

Based On Finishes

Best finishes for kitchen shutters

Laminate Shutters

Laminate kitchen shutters are pretty popular and easy to use as they can be pressed over materials other than smooth plywood/MDF/HDF surfaces. They’re abundant in terms of finishes, patterns and colours like gloss, matt, suede, emboss, etc. You can count on them as they’re durable, smooth and moisture/scratch-resistant. However, be a little careful when it’s near sources of extreme heat as it may chip. You can also opt for flexible decorative laminated shutters if you wish.

Kitchen cabinets have a red and grey laminate shutter finish that is durable and smooth.

UV Shutters

UV-finish shutters have a nice shine quality and blend well with matt-finished kitchen elements. As the name suggests, this finish is created by painting the boards and then coating the surfaces with UV protection. However, they’re not that durable as compared to laminate and also available in limited variety. 

This modular kitchen shutter in UV-finish has a superior shine quality and blend well with matt-finished kitchen elements.
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PU-coated Shutters

PU-coated shutters give a seamless and sleek look to your kitchen space. They’re available in vibrant colours, are glossy smooth and highly durable. They’re comparatively less scratch-resistant as compared to acrylic shutters. 

PU coated kitchen shutters in the brown finish gives a seamless and sleek look to the kitchen space.

PVC Membrane Shutters

PVC membrane shutters have a super smooth finish and enjoy high water resistance. They’re more expensive than laminate but lend a contemporary look to the kitchen landscape. They’re also flexible so you can bend them from the corner or edges as well. Pretty interesting, eh! However, they’re not heat-resistant and are available in limited varieties too.

In yellow and white PVC member finish shutter in this modular kitchen is a super smooth finish and high water resistance.

Lacquered Shutters

Lacquered kitchen cabinet shutters have a look that’s similar to acrylic shutters and are moisture dust resistant. As the name indicates, these shutters are simply made by painting the wooden or metal surfaces with liquid lacquer. When it dries, it forms a shiny and hard surface.  

Lacquered sleek kitchen shutters in a cream colour finish are moisture dust resistant.

Based On Mechanism

Top three mechanisms for kitchen shutters

Rolling Shutters

Rolling shutters reward your kitchen with the luxury of space and have greater ROI. They’re easy to work with and provide unobstructed access to all your kitchen essentials in the cabinet. Rolling shutters are also available in aluminium, PVC, acrylic and tempered glass material. So, take your pick! 

White kitchen rolling shutter rewards the kitchen with the luxury of space and looks aesthetic.
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Hatch Or Swing Shutters

Want to go traditional or the old-school way? Hatch or swing cabinet shutters will be the perfect choice for you. They’re very convenient to use if you fit your cabinets with high-quality and durable material/hinges. Choose between frosted glass or solid wood material to add some definition to your kitchen, it’s your choice!

Grey coloured cabinets in this kitchen profile shutter design in swing very convenient to use and durable.

Lift-Up Shutters

If your kitchen doesn’t have enough space for a swing shutter, then lift-up cabinet shutters are the way to go. They come in single flap and double flap options, but it’ll all depend upon the height of your overhead cabinet! Go in for a frosted glass material to tie the whole look together. Cleaning it is easy-peasy.  

This parallel white kitchen has a lift-up kitchen shutter door for space-saving and cleaning it is easy-peasy.

Based On The Location It’s Being Used For

  1. Kitchen cabinets shutters (explained above)
  2. Kitchen windows – Plantation Shutters | Rolling Window Shutters

2A.  Plantation Shutters

Opt for plantation shutters for your kitchen windows if you want to experience expansive views and the morning light in your kitchen every day. As compared to traditional shutters, they have wider louvres (1 7/8 to 5 ½ inches) that can be easily placed on larger windows. 

They increase the value of your home by being extremely versatile and less expensive than draperies. Plantation shutters come in different louvre sizes and styles of which elliptical and flat type is the most popular. You can also choose between a bi-fold to one side or bi-fold from the centre.

This kitchen has plantation shutters and the kitchen window is extraordinarily versatile and less expensive.
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2B.  Rolling Window Shutters

If you yearn for some privacy and protection from extreme weather conditions (in summers and winters), go for kitchen rolling shutters for windows. They can be easily installed with a horizontal or vertical mechanism, so you can roll them up, down or sideways. We’re sure you don’t want to hear outside noises while cooking up meals for your family! Rolling window shutters serve the purpose by cutting out the sound. They instantly spruce up your home and look visually pleasing. 

You can further customise rolling window shutters by going for either full-height or cafe-style half shutters for your kitchen windows. As a downside, window rolling shutters require special deep cleaning for each of its slats which is very time-consuming. You can also face operative issues depending upon whether you’ve chosen the automatic or the manual mechanism. 

Sharing some bonus tips on buying kitchen cabinets as well. Enjoy! 

  1. We all want to avoid making mistakes, especially expensive ones. So, be careful when you choose the material, finish and colour for your cabinet shutters. A wrongly chosen material will make your shutters chip easily and ruin your kitchen’s overall look. Choose a durable and weather-resistant finish. Also make sure the colour matches your kitchen’s design aesthetics and your personality. 
  2. Always use toughened glass, in case you do, on lower kitchen cabinets. They can comparatively withstand movements much better than normal glass cabinets and don’t shatter easily. 
  3. When you’re shopping for kitchen window shutters, ask your vendor questions about mortise hinges, rabbeted edges, side rails, construction material and tension adjustment screws. Trust us, you’ll thank us later!  
  4. Make sure that the kitchen shutters you choose are non-toxic and environment-friendly.
  5. In the case of kitchen window roller shutters, think twice about the appropriate location and the panel style before you take your final pick. You know you can’t afford to go wrong here!

Phew, we guess that’s all folks! Hope this blog will come in handy when you’re selecting the perfect modular kitchen shutters for your cooking space. So, buckle up and make an informed choice.

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