Incredibly Stylish Kitchen Cabinet Decor Ideas For Your Home

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 18, 2024 | 5 mins read

Decorating ideas for space above kitchen cabinets

Why can’t kitchen cabinets look great? They absolutely can! Read on to know more

Kitchen cabinets are often looked at as simple storage units that keep your kitchen clutter-free. Often, the space between them and the ceiling appears like it’s getting wasted. Many homeowners feel the same way and they do helplessly hate the left-over cabinet space that their architects failed to take notice of! However, with a few smart kitchen cabinet decor ideas, you can make the most of that extra space. The best thing about these decor ideas is that they do not need any extra space. Rather, they let you create a perfectly functional and fabulous kitchen that you will not mind spending some extra time in!

Take a look at all our decor recommendations to effortlessly transform the extra kitchen cabinet space. Also, if you are looking for the top of kitchen cabinet decor, these ideas on decorating ideas for space above kitchen cabinets will come handy! Read on.

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Let The Textures Of Kitchen Cabinet Decor Talk

Often, it is best to allow some negative space around your kitchen cabinets. If you have got a nicely textured, brick or a stunning wallpaper, well, then let it do all the talking.

Top of kitchen cabinet decorated with a brick wall in the l-shaped modern kitchen.
Got a textured wall around your kitchen cabinets? That’s a tasteful decor idea already!

Arrange Gorgeous Greens Of Kitchen Cabinet Decor

Make the most of your green thumb and diehard love for the greens. Arrange cutesy and quirky planters over your kitchen cabinets and let them pep up your cooking space. You can select planters and mini-greens as per the overall theme of your kitchen or even go a little offbeat to create a pacifying contrast with them.

Above cabinet arranged mini indoor plants in the l-shaped white kitchen is how to decorate above kitchen cabinets.
Planters and mini-greens can enhance the vibe of your kitchen in no time. Place them over the extra cabinet space

Set Up A Secret Stylish Showcase

Don’t let the extra space top of kitchen cabinet decor bog you down. Instead, turn the tables on it by integrating sleek glass showcases there. You can easily place all your extra dinnerware or china there. Also, the space on top of kitchen cabinet decor is a great place to showcase vintage brass collectables or knickknacks that you so love!

Above kitchen cabinet glass showcase integrated and dinnerware placed inside it as a showpiece is kitchen cabinet decor.
Integrate an extra glass deck on top of the kitchen cabinets to showcase your vintage dinnerware and more

Make Kitchen Cabinet Decor Chic With Cove Lights

Do not feel like shaking your kitchen up too much? Well, go ahead and strategically place false ceiling light panels over your kitchen cabinets then! You can go with muted cove lights to neatly highlight your kitchen by using such lights. Overall, this decor idea will let you create a minimal yet elegant kitchen.

Cove lights integrated on top of kitchen cabinet decor minimal yet elegant in the l-shaped kitchen.
Use the extra space on top of kitchen cabinet decor to integrate cove lights and create a warm vibe in your kitchen
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Layer It Up For An Edge

Do you feel like keeping your kitchen minimalistic? This kitchen cabinet decor idea is just right for you, then! Make use of pastel panels and grant a European touch to your space in no time. You can choose an all-encompassing, layered panel that extends itself right to the ceiling or leaves very little room. This will give a dynamic feel to your space overall, and not to mention how Instagram-worthy it will make your kitchen look!

Above kitchen cabinet decorated with a layered panel enhances the look of the kitchen.
Use ply or wooden panels to subtly enhance the look of your kitchen while making the most of the extra cabinet space

Paint Kitchen Cabinet Decor All Through

If you have already set the overall kitchen decor and wish to keep the extra cabinet space easy on the eyes, then go ahead with just the paint. With a muted palette of whites, pastels or even a bold shade, painting the cabinet space makes sense even from a maintenance point of view. Moreover, it gives a consistent look and theme to your kitchen. So, go the old school way for kitchen cabinet decor and you will love it, we bet.

Top of kitchen cabinet decorated with white paint in the open kitchen is the minimalist decor.
Make your kitchen more seamless by painting the extra cabinet space with a consistent shade

Subtly Show Off Your Collection

When you have got great sensibilities, it is alright to show it off, correct?
Get sleek glass showcases designed atop your regular kitchen cabinets. You will have extra storage space for sure but at the same time, you can flaunt your prized collections of crockery, vintage utensils, books and even art pieces by strategically placing them there.

Top kitchen glass showcase cabinet placed collections of crockery inside it as showpiece is kitchen cabinet decor.
Place your limited edition crockery, books or even paintings atop the kitchen cabinets
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Knickknack Up Your Kitchen Cabinet Decor

Got a truckload of vintage collectables, empty but beautiful tin boxes, vases, planters and more? Don’t throw them away! Clean and paint them up a bit if you want and place them atop your kitchen cabinets. They will shine and pep up your dull space in an instant, take our word.

Above cabinet arranged vintage collectables and vases in the island kitchen is how to decorate above kitchen cabinets.
Arrange your vases and exotic china, pottery collection or grandma’s vintage boxes to make the cabinet space gorgeous

With so many kitchen cabinet decor ideas presented for your quick reference, we are sure you have got the much-needed inspiration to restyle and make the most of your extra kitchen cabinet space. Do explore them and let us know which one worked well for your kitchen! 

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