How To Incorporate Smart Technology Into A Modular Kitchen Design

by Sneha Virmani | January 5, 2024 | 4 mins read

Incorporate technology into your smart kitchen design to make your life easier

Is your smart kitchen as smart as you think? Check out these next-gen technologies to make life easier.

Modular kitchens are reigning the market and how. A trend that is here to stay, a modular cum smart kitchen is the need of the hour because of its unmatched efficiency and durability. A blend of functional and safe cooking features, a modular kitchen is designed to make life easier, especially in Indian houses where food is often homecooked. What if you were to find a way to make your ever-so-efficient kitchen a smart one? In a market driven by technological revolutions, you can upgrade your kitchen into a future-ready, smart one! 

Here are some amazing ways to incorporate smart kitchen technology into your modular kitchen: 

Simple Smart Kitchen Cupboards 

Handleless drawers and cupboards are a no-brainer when incorporating smart elements into your modular kitchen. Stemming from the creative minds of professionals who like to keep the design minimal and functional, a handleless kitchen looks cleaner and smoothed out. Instead of bulky and hard-to-clean handles, your smart kitchen will have cupboards and drawers with grooves or push-to-open features. It is a trendy concept for modular kitchen designs in Bangalore.

 Smart kitchen with handleless cupboards and drawers looks cleaner and more streamlined
This design is safer for homes with children.

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Green Kitchen Technology 

How wonderful would it be to eat freshly plucked greens from your kitchen garden? But if your home lacks the space for a full-fledged garden area, you can convert a corner of your kitchen into a green indoor garden. Smart garden planter boxes ensure your herbs are auto-watered and stimulated with LED lights that switch on post-sunset so that you can add fresh zest to your delicious food.

Smart kitchen design with a corner indoor garden promotes eco-friendliness
Switch to a healthier lifestyle, and grow your greens.
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Ambient Shelf Lights: New Technology In Kitchen 

Today smart kitchen technology extends beyond appliances and leans into aesthetics. An elegant way to amp up the style quotient of your modular kitchen is to install dim LED light strips under the cabinets. The warm yellow glow will bring a luxe feel to the kitchen, making nighttime snack sneakings easier. Plus, since these strip lights stick under the cabinets, there is one less hassle of messy wires sticking out!

Smart kitchen appliances with dim LED light strips create a stylish look
Use lights inside cabinets to display crockery.

Smart Kitchen Fridge: New Technology in Kitchen Appliances

One of the most essential appliances in a kitchen is the refrigerator; today, they do more than just preserve food. New technology in kitchen appliances is flooding the market, and they are designed to optimize your needs efficiently. A smart touch panel-enabled refrigerator will read you recipes from YouTube, play music and set the groove while you cook, and give you an inventory of the food inside! If you’re wondering what more your smart fridge can do, it can turn into a freezer and vice versa based on your needs.

New technology in kitchen appliances with multi-functional capabilities of smart refrigerators
Smart fridges are indeed the need of the hour.

Tablet Cooktops: Latest Kitchen Technology 

Though this kitchen technology is still gaining traction in the Indian market, tablet cooktops are seriously cool. True to its name, the cooktop design is a sleek interactive tablet-style surface that serves the dual purpose of a table and stove. When a pot is placed on the cooktop’s surface, a heat ring is created and cools off when the cooking is complete! Move over traditional stovetops because this next-gen innovation is here to stay.

Smart tech kitchen features a tablet-style cooktop that uses heat ring technology to make cooking and dining more efficient
Beat old methods with the all-in-one cooktop.
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FAQs On Smart Kitchen Design

1. What are some of the technologies we use in the kitchen?

There are quite a few technologies used in the kitchen today. Some of the popular ones are digital timers for cooking, tablet cooktops, smart refrigerators, gadget garages, and more. 

2. What is the future of technology in kitchens?

The evolution of new technology in kitchens projects an upward growth that is designed to reduce food waste, make cooking more intuitive and easy, and use less electricity. 

3. What do smart kitchen appliances do?

Smart kitchen appliances do more than make the process of cooking easy. With automated features, smart devices fit your schedule and maximize energy use to save money, time, and the environment.

If you are still working around a traditional kitchen, this is your cue to make the smart shift. But a more intelligent thing to do is first install a modular kitchen and then install smart kitchen technology that will equip you with the power of innovation. Get the best modular kitchen designs at DesignCafe that match your quality and budget preferences.

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