Smart Ways To Use TV Units For The Space Under The Staircase

by Pallabi Bose | February 1, 2024 | 4 mins read

TV unit design under staircase for your home

Gorgeous TV units under staircase designs for your living room. Read on!

For duplex homes, the staircase is an important element. While traditionally, the space under the stairs is used to store miscellaneous household items that need to be hidden away, the times are changing. 

Homeowners are now looking for ways to make this awkward space functional and look aesthetically pleasing. One of the options is placing your TV unit under the staircase and turning this space into an integral part of the living room. This idea is gaining major traction among homeowners and interior designers. This, in turn, calls for a strategically-built staircase. Here are some ways you can place a TV unit under the staircase and make your home look fabulous.

Multipurpose TV Unit Under Staircase Design For A Family Room

Plan this space as your family room instead of an area only to watch TV. Showcase your collectables and impressive book collections on the bookshelf. With additional seating and a movable TV, you can rest assured that your family and guests will be adequately entertained from every angle.

Multipurpose TV unit design under staircase with bookshelf
Staircase area converted into a charming family room
Make a statement with these modular tv unit for your homes interiors

TV Unit Design Under The Staircase In A Stunning Industrial-Style Living Space

Sometimes you do not need artwork on the wall to make a room look stunning. All you need is a statement staircase. As shown in the picture below, the highlight of this industrial-style living room is the L-shaped staircase. The entire ambience of this space has a sense of elegance and luxury. You can plan your living room similarly with a wooden TV unit, mismatched modular furniture and furnishings made of organic elements to give your area a raw feel.

TV unit under staircase design in industrial-style living space
A modern home with a minimalist statement

TV Wall Unit Under The Staircase In A Mid-Century Modern Living Room

You can follow a minimalist lifestyle without compromising on style. Take the living room in the image below, for instance. The space has been carefully planned around the staircase, which effortlessly elevates the beauty of this home. The mid-century modern furniture is perfect for those who prefer simplicity. The TV unit under the staircase is the ideal blend of covered and open space. You can stow away your stuff that you do not want to be out in the open and showcase items on the open shelves that you might have collected from your vacations.

TV wall unit under staircase in living room
Avoid too much furniture as the star is the staircase
Modern living room with tv unit storage for a clutter-free look

Minimalist Entertainment Room TV Unit Design Under A Suspended Staircase 

A floating staircase design works best if you have a narrow area. It looks extremely cool and modern. Many interior designers are adopting this style. The major advantage is planning your living space right under the floating staircase. The room in the image below is the perfect example of how you can tastefully design a cosy, minimalist living-cum-entertainment room around a TV unit under the staircase despite having limited space.

Minimalist TV unit under staircase in the living room looks elegant
An elegant living room under a suspended staircase

An Interior Masterpiece Made Of A Modern TV Unit And A Designer Staircase 

Colour blocking + contemporary TV unit + designer staircase = Interior Masterpiece! We created the eclectic living room in the image below by keeping this formula in mind. It does wonders to a home indeed. Have you tried colour blocking in home interiors before? Textured paint or wallpaper can create a gallery wall without using any picture frames and decor pieces. Also, remember, if your staircase takes up a lot of space in your home, create an illusion of a bigger room by opting for floating furniture. For instance, the TV unit. It’s modern, stylish and gives a sense of ‘openness’.

Modern TV unit design under staircase in the eclectic living room

How did you like these innovative TV unit designs under staircases? Are you ready to revamp a humble dwelling into a magazine-worthy home? Get in touch with our designers today! To find more inspiration for your home renovation, read our other blogs.

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