Brand Collaboration | Joining Hands To Curate A Home: A Journey With The Yellow Dwelling

by Shubhankar Adhikari | February 1, 2024 | 4 mins read

Design cafe collaboration with yellow dwelling

Here is how two like-minded companies came together for a scintillating collaboration at Design Cafe’s experience centre in HSR Layout, Bengaluru

According to the Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa, “Individually, we are one drop; together, we are an ocean.” To celebrate this spirit of collaboration, Design Cafe and home furnishings company The Yellow Dwelling joined hands recently to transform parts of the former’s new experience centre at HSR Layout in Bengaluru, into spaces that are both comfortable and cosy. The collaboration saw the wide use of stylish and affordable The Yellow Dwelling furnishings. 

Living In A Monochrome World As Envisioned By The Yellow Dwelling

Let’s start by talking about living room furnishings. The highlight of the decor was a traditional high arm two-seater sofa in grey and a sleek but sturdy metallic coffee table with a wooden top and a side table. The aesthetics of this space were amped up with decor items from The Yellow Dwelling. They included  a book stack, a plant/vase, a candle and a lamp. The colour palette comprised of greys and black – a classic combination that can never go out of style.

Design cafe collaboration with yellow dwelling
This minimalistic monochrome living room decor is perfect for modern homes

Let’s Talk About Convertible Spaces — Bed-Cum-Sofa

The vertical bed in this space crafted by Design Cafe can be folded into the wall and made into a sofa when not required. This multifunctional piece of furniture turns into a comfortable bed when you need it. Turn your bedroom into a hobby room or a space to hang out where you can spend time with your family and friends all day long. The space can be used as a workstation when needed too. With The Yellow Dwelling, we styled the space with just the right amount of decor and accessories. The decor items showcased in the space included a book stack, a plant/vase, a candle, a laptop and a notebook. The colour palette had mauve, sand and grey that blend together seamlessly lending a soothing vibe to this space. 

Design cafe collaboration with yellow dwelling
This space allows you to catch up with friends and family and is designed with stunning pendant lights to make a lavish statement
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A Brilliant Convertible Space — The Bedding

Now, let’s talk about this convertible space designed by Design Cafe at our newly launched experience centre. A Murphy bed works beautifully for small homes as it can be pushed back into the wall when not in use. The design is sleek, compact and helps save valuable floor space. The decor items that The Yellow Dwelling used to style this space included a book stack, a plant/vase, a candle, a laptop and a notebook. The colour palette comprised mauve, sand and grey. This room is perfect for small homes or those living on their own too. If you have an occasional guest visiting this makes for the ideal guest room as well.

Design cafe collaboration with yellow dwelling
The Murphy bed is sleek enough to be useful in compact homes and saves floor space

The Yellow Dwelling Brings Back Old European Charm In The Dining Space

This dining space curated by Design Cafe is in European classical style of interior design. The classical wall trims and floral accent wallpaper bring back old European charm. Sleek and minimal lighting complements the classical European theme. A solid-wood, smooth-finish dining set brings timeless elegance to the space. With The Yellow Dwelling we brought in the right elements to complement the setting in this space. The dining decor included white plates, a plant/vase, a candle, glasses, silverware and a white kettle. The colour palette included teal and sand. 

Design cafe collaboration with yellow dwelling

Efforts by The Yellow Dwelling’s designers were successful in adding the critical elements of positivity and charm to Design Cafe’s experience centre. Don’t miss this opportunity to add their craftsmanship to your home. 

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Shubhankar Adhikari

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