Purple Two Colour Combination For Bedroom Walls

by Natasha Unger | February 1, 2024 | 6 mins read

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls

If you are sceptical about experimenting with the colour purple for walls in the bedroom, worry no more. Here are a few ideas to make life easy

Having the colour purple on your bedroom walls is an idea synonymous with royalty due to the richness it exudes. Some consider it feminine and others find it to be overwhelming and dim. You cannot judge it unless you opt for it.

Purple is a very sophisticated hue for the walls of a bedroom when used in the right proportion and contrast. When you paint your bedroom walls purple, consider using a contrasting colour either for the walls, the ceiling or the floor. This gives a vibrant kick to the room and makes you feel good about being in there.

When you opt for a purple two colour combination for bedroom walls, here are a few ideas that can take you through.

A Purple Wallpaper To Create A Contrast In The Bedroom

Purple coloured walls for a bedroom can get a bit grim but sometimes when you have a contrasting wall, it stands out. If your bedroom has large windows, there is an added advantage where the room looks bright and attractive. The colour white goes perfectly well with purple. You can consider painting one wall white and use purple digital wallpaper on the other. It could be an object or abstract art which will make you as well as those coming over feel good. The advantage of putting up wallpaper is that you can change it whenever you like, especially when there is a new design in trend.

Purple two colour combination wallpaper for bedroom wall which stands out
The combination of white and purple can brighten your bedroom especially when there is a lot of natural light

Why Not Use White Mouldings To Create A Contrast In The Bedroom

Now again, the question arises of not letting the walls be just purple. The room tends to lose that spark.. You can add appropriate mouldings of a different colour on the wall for a two-colour combination for bedroom walls in purple. The area near the headboard too can be of the same colour as that of the mouldings. Depending on your preference, intricate designs or simple mouldings can be installed. Contrasting colours can brighten up the set-up. This can be done on two opposite walls and letting the other two be in the colour that matches the mouldings. You can add in a purple rug or curtains that lend a sophisticated look.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom wall with white moulding on it
When you have mouldings on purple walls, avoid clutter with minimal furniture and more floor space
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Contrasting Upholstery Creates The Right Mood When Used With Purple Walls

Purple walls are synonymous with luxury and when you have contrasting upholstery in the form of curtains, rugs or bed linen, it is a perfect combination. It need not be the heavy upholstery made of velvet. You can pick lightweight ones and watch them create magic. Complementing the colour purple for bedroom walls with such accessories as a pink-purple two-colour combination for bedroom walls can be a perfect deal to crack.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom wall with contrasting upholstery
The colour pink often finds its way with purple. When you use it for your bedroom, it lights up better

Wooden Furniture To Create That Subtle Contrast In The Bedroom

When thinking of purple for your room, you may want to associate it with velvet or something royal. Well, have you ever imagined how it would look when paired up with wooden furniture? This is something that will help out with a pretty contrast yet give a royal feel to your room. Wooden furniture like the bed, couch, cupboards, etc. when having the same colour tone can match with the purple master bedroom two-colour combination for bedroom walls perfectly. You can give a golden lustre to the set-up and things can work like magic. The combination of purple and gold has always been synonymous with luxury and royalty.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom wall with wooden furniture
Golden-lustred wooden furniture and purple walls can be the best combination when you are looking out for luxury for your bedroom

Shine The Spotlight On Your Purple Walls With Various Elements

Rich purple may not entice everyone and so you can always play around with the varied shades of the colour. Painting and highlighting the headboard wall can always make your room look alluring. You can put up paintings, use lights to brighten up the wall and even make use of patterns using other contrasting colours. Wall lights, mirrors, etc. can add a reflective element to the room while making it bright during the night and natural light from the windows can help out during the day. For a better look, you may use light purple-coloured upholstery like a rug or curtains that match the wall colour perfectly.

Shine the spotlight with purple two colour combination for bedroom walls
Using other shades of purple for your bedroom can lend a lighter and brighter look and feel

Purple Walls With Patterns That Last Long

There was a time when to get a patterned wall, you needed to put up wallpaper that didn’t last for long. In the current times, the patterns can be achieved with paint. With modern techniques, you can opt for patterned purple walls. With multiple colours contrasting with purple, your room can start looking wonderful without much of an effort. Using the colour white for the ceilings as well as the floor can add to the brightness.

Purple two colour combination for bedroom walls with patterns that last long
Allowing the experts to help you with the patterned wall gives it a professional touch as well as allows it to last longer

Like all colours, purple doesn’t just have a single shade. It often depends on the size of the room, the amount of natural light it receives, the presence of artificial lights, etc. When kept in mind, you get to play around with the colour and contrast it with similar colours.

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FAQs On Purple Two Colour Combination For Bedroom

Are there any lighting considerations when combining purple with other colors for bedroom walls?
When combining purple with other colours for bedroom walls, consider warm lighting for a cosy atmosphere and cool lighting for a modern, refreshing feel to complement the chosen colour scheme.

What are some accent colors that can add visual interest and depth to purple walls in the bedroom?
Accent colours like gold, silver, or muted greens can add visual interest and depth to purple walls in the bedroom.

Can I use natural elements or botanical motifs with purple walls for a calming effect?
Yes, incorporating natural elements or botanical motifs with purple walls can create a calming and nature-inspired ambience.

Are there any cultural or symbolic associations with purple that can influence the color combination for bedroom walls?
Purple has cultural associations with royalty and spirituality, influencing colour combinations for bedroom walls with deeper meanings.

Can I use different intensities or tones of purple in a two-color combination?
Absolutely, using different intensities or tones of purple in a two-colour combination can create a harmonious and dynamic bedroom design.

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