Grey And Blue Living Room: 5 Modern Ways To Use This Timeless Combination

by Pallabi Bose | January 29, 2024 | 4 mins read

Grey and blue living room Ideas

Our experts recommend blue and grey living room ideas for different styles and personalities.

Your living room should radiate calm and peace. So, if you are looking for ways to upgrade this social zone of your home, these blue and grey living room ideas will spark your imagination. While this timeless combination is a beautiful classic in its own right, it can also make for a striking modern look when paired with other shades like royal blue, teal, navy, charcoal grey and indigo. This helps you create a versatile space.

Here are our designers’ top recommended ways to introduce the blue and grey combination into your living room.

A Royal Blue Sofa Set Against A Grey Wall In The Living Room

You never want the colour theme of your living room to fall flat. One way of preventing this is by incorporating various textures and shades. Take the below living room, for instance. A vibrant royal blue velvet sofa accentuates the light and airy Moroccan-style living room. The best colour schemes are the ones that combine various textures and patterns to piece together a home with character. That’s exactly why a designer mirror in gold accessorises the wall behind the sofa. This royal blue and grey living room would have been dull if it weren’t for the playful use of textures and patterns.

Royal blue sofa against a grey wall for a living room
Explore multiple textures to keep it interesting

Balance Sombre With Bright Colours To Ace A Grey And Blue Living Room

Blue and grey are two powerful colours. They can give even a futuristic, sleek living room a vintage vibe if not used correctly. Therefore, ensure you pick hues of different tonality. Here in this living room, the greyish blue paint of the walls and grey couch have been balanced by the colour blocking of orange, white, and pink. The marble yin-and-yang style coffee table is used to elevate the aesthetic effortlessly.

Ace A Grey And Blue Living Room with bright colours
Bright colours balance the solemnness of grey-blue

Test Out The Blue And Grey Living Room Combination With Accessories

You may prefer a particular colour scheme but still want to test it before going all out, especially in a space like the living room. In such cases, starting with the accessories is a great way to take your preferred colour scheme for a test drive. For instance, you can update the cushion covers, curtains or rug. This living room is a testament to that. It features printed wallpaper in grey on one side balanced by a bright yellow wall on the other. While blue is introduced through accessories like the curtains and the rug. It’s wonderfully effective in updating the look of a space in a cost-efficient way.

Blue And Grey Living Room Combination With Accessories
Yellow gives an edge to this modern living room
Plan your living room home interiors with us!

Be Fearless While Furniture Shopping For Your Living Room

The sofa is the most significant purchase for a living room. It is furniture that can make or break the overall aesthetic of your home. That’s why most people go for safer colours like beige or brown. But if you are willing to take the plunge, go for colourful sofas. They will not disappoint you. Take this cerulean blue sofa, for instance. Coupled with the indigo wallpaper, bold artwork and grey curtains, this blue and grey living room combination gives the home a top-notch look.

Fearless furniture shopping for your living room
A blue and grey living room balanced with white

A Touch Of Pink Warms Up The Blue And Grey Theme In This Living Room

If used incorrectly, blue and grey can make a room look gloomy and impersonal. That’s because the colours fall on the cooler side of the spectrum. You can counteract this by introducing warmer colours. If there is any colour that pairs beautifully with blue and grey, it is pink. You can use pink in various patterns and textures around the living room. For instance, in this living room, we have used multiple pink cushions. Along with that, the bare wooden coffee table and polished wooden arch beautifully add warm earthiness to the space.

Blue and grey living room with vibrant and earthy undertones
Pair blue and grey with vibrant and earthy undertones

We hope this blog has given you enough ideas on how to bring your living space back to life. Prepare yourself with masking tape and paint brushes, put on your work gloves and coverall, and start painting it blue and grey. Should you need further help, our design experts are just a phone call away. If you have any other suggestions or queries, leave a comment below.

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