Give Your Home A Royal Upgrade With Moroccan Interior Design

by Henna Achhpal | February 6, 2024 | 5 mins read

Moroccan interior designs for your home

There are many ways to give your home Moroccan-themed interiors

Modelling your home on Moroccon-style interiors is like bringing a piece of the North African country into your space. Moroccan interior design has several distinct characteristics that reflect the country’s natural bounty and cultural richness. The blue-dominant colour palette of the Moroccan interior immediately takes one to the vast coastline Morocco shares with the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Deep blues are contrasted with lavish whites in Moroccan interior design. Thanks to its location, the country has been a melting pot of several cultures for many generations. You will find influences from the Arabs, Berbers, European and Saharan cultures in Moroccan-style interiors.

Opulence, comfort, bold patterns and colours define Moroccan interior design. Think high ceilings and large spaces filled with low seating, complemented by arched hallways and ornate lanterns. First made famous by the hippies in the 1960s, Morrocan interior design continues to be a popular choice with discerning homeowners worldwide. You can give your entire home Moroccan-style interiors or pick a space like the living room or bedroom to stand out with Moroccan interior design. You could even start small by adding only a hint of Moroccan interiors with elements inspired by Moroccan interior design. These Moroccan interiors images guide you with easy Moroccan interior ideas.

Refreshingly Modern Moroccan Interiors For Your Living Room

A large area with high ceilings is the perfect space for a complete Moroccan interior design living room. Start with all-white walls and breathe life into them with Moroccan interior design elements. Set your living room furniture against a feature wall with intricate cutwork designs and dome-shaped arch indents. Pick a tan brown sofa set that features low and luxurious seating. Shades of brown blend well with the palette of Moroccan interior design and are reminiscent of the Sahara desert. Complete the Moroccan interior design concept with a low wooden table in the centre that sits on top of a colourful rug. Floor tiles in bold floral patterns balance the all-white walls and give you modern Moroccan interiors.

Modern Moroccan interior living room has an intricate cutwork wall and floor tiles in bold floral patterns.
Contrast luxurious white walls with richly patterned and colourful floor tiles
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Palace-Inspired Moroccan Interior Design Living Room

To take a detour from the usual statement-making blue and white theme of Moroccan interior decor, go for an understated but luxurious palette featuring golden, beige and deep maroons. Recreate the halls of nobility in your living room with these Moroccan-themed interiors. Carved details on the walls and ceilings do all the talking in this style of Moroccan interior decor. Throw in tons of cushions with printed velvet covers on low but large sofas. Mirrors are another highlight of Moroccan interior design elements that add a lavish touch and make the space appear larger.

Moroccan style interior living room with large sofas and mirrors in golden frames adds an elegant touch.
Give your living room a palatial makeover with large sofas and mirrors in golden frames

Moroccan Interior Design Ideas For The Dining Room

The key to Moroccan-style interior design in your dining room is to keep the furniture simple while the magnificent walls grab all the attention. It’s the perfect balance to achieve modern Moroccan interiors. Bold patterns aren’t limited to floor tiles, rugs and cushion covers in Moroccan interior design. Bring the walls in your dining room to life by accentuating them with printed Moroccan tiles framed within U-shaped arches. Give these Moroccan interior design ideas a finishing touch with a statement Moroccan-style lamp suspended over the dining table.

Moroccan interior design ideas, the dining room has Moroccan tiles on walls, floor tiles and rugs.
U-shaped arches with Morrocan-inspired wall tiles are a great backdrop for the dining area

Bright And Contemporary Moroccan Interior Design

Make a statement with Moroccan-inspired interior design in bright colours and bold patterns. This is one of the Moroccan interior ideas that work for both living rooms and bedrooms. Splash the walls in a bright solid colour like orange. Add mirrors in dome-shaped indents in one of the walls and layer it with blue frames that feature intricate cutwork-style design. Balance the brightly coloured decor with white furniture. For some more modern Moroccan interiors, add accessories like large lamps on the side tables.

Living room in contemporary Moroccan interior design with orange wall and white furniture
Make an impression with walls in bright orange and living room furniture in white

Checklist For Moroccan Interior Design Bedroom

If you’re considering Moroccan-inspired interior design for your bedroom, you’re in for a lavish treat. In Moroccan interior design ideas for the bedroom, you can expect king-size beds dominating spacious rooms. Keep the walls and floors neutral in beige and cream. Invest in a bench for the foot of the bed made with wood, featuring ornate carved details and velvet upholstery in royal blue. Pair it with a matching coffee table placed on a Persian-style rug.

Moroccan interior bedroom has dark wood furniture, coffee table and rug in Persian-style.
Get dark wood furniture with ornate details for a Moroccan interior design bedroom

Moroccan Interior Design Elements For Your Bedroom

You can get a Moroccan interior design bedroom without needing to remodel the entire room. Add Moroccan interior design elements to achieve the look. Upgrade your existing bed by investing in an ornate Moroccan-inspired headboard. The pale brown headboard with its carvings will look particularly elegant against turquoise blue walls. Side tables in rich mahogany add mystery to the Moroccan interior decor. Moroccan-style lamps are the most popular Moroccan interior ideas because they can instantly lend character to any corner.

Moroccan inspired interior design bedroom with headboard, side table and lamp in Moroccan style.
Morrocan-inspired lamps take the aesthetics of a room several notches higher
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These are some of the headline features of Moroccan interior design. To get Moroccan-themed interior design in your home, you can begin by collecting Moroccan interior design elements like rugs, lanterns and other decor accessories. These blend in perfectly with your existing decor for a contemporary Moroccan interior design before you make bigger changes for Moroccan-themed interiors.

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