8 Easy & Safe Remedies To Keep Your Kitchen Safe From Cockroaches

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 30, 2024 | 5 mins read

How to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen? Here 8 remedies to eliminate cockroaches

Wondering how to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen? Here are a few hacks to shoo them away once and for all.

Cockroaches are one of the most detested pests. Keeping them away from the kitchen has always been a daunting task. These creepy creatures not only create an aversive and unhealthy environment in the kitchen but are carriers of several diseases. Getting rid of cockroaches especially from kitchen cabinets, drawers, sinks and work stations is extremely difficult. Also we do not recommend using a harsh chemical for the kitchen. These toxins can create serious health hazards if accidentally comes in contact with your food. Regular pest control sessions might be effective, but they are quite expensive and time-consuming. Here we bring to you some tried and tested natural home remedies that are simple and inexpensive ways to keep cockroaches away. So get ready to unveil the answer to the daunting question – How to get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen?

Use The Power Of Nature To Say Goodbye To Cockroaches Forever

Mother nature has solutions to all our problems we just need to seek for it. One of the simplest and best natural pest repellent is neem oil. Just mix some pure neem oil with water and spray it all over your kitchen, especially in source areas like the sink, cabinet, kitchen counter. This will not only help you get rid of cockroaches but acts as a disinfectant as well.

Natural remedies to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen
Go back to nature in search of remedies to eliminate cockroaches in kitchen
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Keep Cockroaches At Bay With Some Natural Bay Leaves And Cinnamon

Are you wondering how to get rid of small cockroaches in kitchen naturally? Then it’s time to bring your spice box to some use beyond flavoring your meal. The strong essence of Indian spices can help keep these disgusting pests far away from your kitchen. Boil some bay leaves in water and spray this concoction all over your kitchen floor and slabs. This hack works well in getting rid of baby cockroaches from kitchen while leaving behind a mild and refreshing aroma of Indian Spices. The strong, pungent aroma of cinnamon powder also works wonder to keep cockroaches away from your kitchen. So sprinkle some cinnamon powder in and around your kitchen to prevent cockroaches from climbing to your kitchen cabinets, sink and drawers.

Lemons Can Be An Excellent Cockroach Repellent

Squeeze a lemon into a bucket of water and use it to mop the floor, shelves of your cabinet and countertop. The citric acid will help keep cockroaches out of your kitchen and leave the lingering aroma of lemon all day.

DIY hacks to get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen
DIY Hacks To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Your Kitchen

Essential Oils To Repel Roaches

Essential oils are natural, safe and healthy substitutes to any pest control chemicals. These make sure your kitchen is cockroach free and make you feel relaxed with the long-lasting soothing aroma.

You can use mint oil, eucalyptus oil, cypress oil, cedar oil, tea tree oil, catnip oil, rosemary oil, oregano oil as per your preference. Just mix these natural oils with water and spray it all over your kitchen surface or use it in traps. These are highly toxic towards cockroaches but non-toxic and soothing for you and your family.

Boric Acid And Sugar Makes The Perfect Combination To Kill Cockroaches

While sugar will attract the cockroaches and boric acid will kill them immediately. So a mix of sugar and boric acid is a perfect trap to get rid of both small and big cockroaches in the kitchen. Just mix equal amounts of sugar, boric acid and sprinkle it on the kitchen floor, shelves of your cabinet and other breeding places of cockroaches. It is one of the most popular methods used in India to get rid of cockroaches in kitchen. Remember, boric acid is toxic so be mindful of using it, especially if you have toddlers or pets at home.

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Fabric Softener Is Excellent For Getting Rid Of Cockroaches In The Kitchen

You can mix equal quantities of water and fabric softener and spray in places where cockroaches thrive in your kitchen. You can also spray it directly on small and giant cockroaches wherever you find them. Target their head and lower body for an instant kill.

Keep Your Kitchen Dry To Ret Rid Of Cockroaches In The Kitchen

Did you know that kitchen is a soft spot for cockroaches because the moist environment is best for their survival? So, try to keep your kitchen as dry as possible. Keep a check on the sink, kitchen counter, and leaky pipes. Use a clean and dry piece of cloth to clean the kitchen slab every night. Cockroaches can revive without food for an extended period of time but not for long without water, so maintaining a clean and dry kitchen environment will help keep these crawling roaches away.

Keep your kitchen clean and dry to stop cockroaches
A dry kitchen and clean kitchen will keep cockroaches away

Don’t Leave Leftover Food Or Unclean Dishes

Leftover food on the kitchen counter or floor, unwashed utensils in the sink, uncovered garbage bins are some of the most common reasons for the invasion of cockroaches in your kitchen. Though deep cleaning regularly can be quite challenging, maintaining a basic hygiene check will make your kitchen a no cockroach zone.

Don't leave leftover food or unclean dishes to stop cockroaches in kitchen
Leftover food and unclean dishes are breeding ground for cockroaches

These hacks will help you get rid of cockroach problems in your kitchen with ease. Try these remedies and make sure to keep your kitchen clean and dry. We hope these remedies help you enjoy a clean, safe and cockroach free kitchen.

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