All You Need To Know About The Various Types Of Marble Flooring

by Pooja Dara | February 29, 2024 | 6 mins read

Types Of Marble Flooring For Your Home

Marble lends timeless elegance to your home. Ready to learn more about which type of marble stone is best for flooring? Then read on!

Marble is the most commonly used material in the home interior world. Wondering why? It is versatile and can drastically change the look and feel of the space it is installed in depending on the colour and finish that you choose. It is a precipitate from dolomite and limestone, hence it is irregularly coloured by some impurities.

Let’s talk about the most trending topic of discussion — Italian marble versus Indian marble. 

Indian Marble Flooring

  • It is economical and the most popular marble flooring option.  
  • It is a natural stone that is mainly quarried in Northern India, Gujarat and Rajasthan.
  • It has medium radiance, high quality, more strength and is long-lasting.
  • It is available in a wide variety of vein patterns, finishes and colours. 
  • It comes in the form of marble tiles, blocks and slabs. 
  • It is available as either both sides unpolished or both sides polished. 
  • It uses no chemicals/toxins intrinsically for reinforcement as its surface is comparatively harder.

Italian Marble Flooring

  • It is used as a decorative element and is usually available only in slab form. 
  • It is manufactured in Northern Italy but is also readily exported to India and other parts of the world.
  • White marble from Carrara is the most preferred type of Italian marble flooring available, followed by Botticino Marble (Golden base) and Purbeck Marble (Grey and Brown). 
  • It is treated with epoxy resins/chemical resin sealers for extra strength as its surface is comparatively softer.
  • It has delicate veins, prone to scratches and also exudes a glossy shine. 
  • It is available as only single-side polished.  

Know more about the differences between Italian marble and Indian marble

Now, let’s have a look at some amazing marble flooring options that are popular with homeowners. 

Beige Marble Flooring

This beige marble flooring lends clarity and warmth to the bedroom space. It blends well with the existing decor such as the side table and cosies up the rest of the interiors. The large lush silver grey carpet anchors the whole bedroom together. 

 Beige marble flooring for your home
A rug is a great accessory for a marble floor

Cream Marble Flooring

This cream marble flooring gives the spacious living room a traditional yet modern touch. The brown-tiled accent wall creates a stunning and unique focal point, and the large windows on the side let ample sunlight enter the space. 

Cream marble flooring for your home
The perfect setting for an evening with friends
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Light Grey Marble Flooring

This light grey marble flooring pairs well with the open-plan blue and white-themed living room and dining room interiors. This colour combination oozes a breezy vibe. The pair of ball lights on the ceiling looks fabulous. 

 Light grey marble flooring
Marble flooring enhances an open-plan space

Mustard Marble Flooring

The mustard marble flooring gives this living room a classic and sophisticated touch. The dark grey rug provides a good contrast to the sofa set and the white centre table. The natural light from the window makes the floor look shinier. 

Mustard marble flooring for your home
Save floor space with a floating TV unit

White Marble Flooring

The white marble flooring makes the hall look brighter and visually bigger. However, it is important to maintain white flooring regularly because any spills will then be clearly visible. The woodwork near the puja room adds a rustic touch.

White marble flooring for your home
Plants add a splash of nature to the space

Different Types Of Marble Flooring Finishes In India 

  • Polished or Glazed Marble Finish – It is the most popular marble finish as it has a shiny and sleek surface which improves the design aesthetics of the space. It is comparatively easier to clean but avoid scratches on the surface as they tend to be more visible. Do not install it in wet areas (bathroom) as it makes the surface more slippery. 
  • Honed Marble Finish – It is ideally used in high-traffic areas such as the dining room and bedroom. It has an almost matte-like look and an old-world charm. It is more porous as compared to polished marble finish tiles so wine spills can be soaked easily, and it is also more resilient to damage caused by friction.  
  • Tumbled Marble Finish – This marble tile has corners that are a bit rounded with edges that are slightly chipped. This type of finish looks worn out and distressed but feels smooth at the same time. It adds warmth to the space and also gives a better grip so it can be ideally used as bathroom floor tiles. 
  • Brushed Marble Finish – Brushed marble finish is more porous than polished marble finish so you need to dust off the surface and seal it more frequently to resist staining on the tiles. It has an antique look because manufacturers gently brush the surface of the marble until it becomes really textured. 

Popular Colours Of Marble Flooring In India 

Brown Marble

  • It has an earthy and versatile look
  • It is commonly used for the bathroom floor and kitchen floor
  • Varieties: Aggaraiya brown lehariya marble, rainforest brown marble

Yellow Marble

  • It has a traditional yet rich and lavish look
  • It is typically used for the living room floor, patio floor and bathroom floor
  • Varieties: Jaisalmer yellow marble, gold marble

Green Marble

  • It has an elegant and natural look
  • It is commonly used for the kitchen floor and indoor staircases
  • Varieties: Emerald dark green, Udaipur green marble
  • Black Marble
  • It has a bold, timeless and stunning look
  • It is usually used as an accent for the bathroom floor and laundry room floor
  • Varieties: Indian black Marquina marble, Nadi black marble

White Marble

  • It gives a spacious and bright look
  • It is typically used for the bathroom floor and living room floor
  • Varieties: Opal white marble, Morwad white marble

Grey Marble

  • It gives a formal and industrial-type look
  • It is commonly used for the bathroom floor and laundry room floor
  • Varieties: Moon grey marble, Talathello moon marble
Multifunctional home interiors with eye catching aesthetics!

Benefits Of Marble Flooring

  • It is easier to clean and maintain than other flooring materials as it does not scratch and stain easily. 
  • It is more durable as compared to other flooring materials for your home as it is given a resin seal for protection. 
  • It provides you with a perfect balance of craftsmanship and artistry, thereby improving the home’s aesthetic value.

We’re sure that you must have fallen in love with the different types of marble flooring mentioned above. It is a versatile option for your home so choose the marble flooring that best fits your design aesthetic, personality and lifestyle. 

Share your thoughts and comments about which marble flooring specifically caught your eye. Also, if you’re looking for more options then book a consultation with our experts at DesignCafe and they’ll get back to you soon. Good luck!  

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