8 Interior Wall Claddings For Your Dream Home Interiors

by Pooja Dara | February 29, 2024 | 6 mins read

Wall cladding ideas for your home

Interior wall cladding is an additional material layer placed on a built structure. Scroll through our collection of wall-cladding designs to adorn your space.

Wall cladding is installed on the existing interior walls in urban or traditional homes to add a touch of elegance and a sense of sturdiness. Here’s why it is becoming increasingly popular:

  • It is eco-friendly and fire-resistant as it does not release toxic fumes. 
  • It is reasonably priced and is highly durable.
  • It results in the reduction of the heating and cooling bills. 
  • It is easy and quick to install, clean and maintain over time.
  • It provides flexibility in its design (vertical, horizontal and angular installation). 
  • It provides noise control, superb acoustics, water resistance and insulation. 
  • It is versatile, creates stunning structures and is available in many colours, textures and materials. 
  • It provides superior mechanical strength and hides any irregularities on the wall surface. 
  • It can be used strategically for ceilings and interior and exterior walls. 

Certain factors also affect the durability of the wall cladding:

  • The type of material used like wood (20 to 35 years), powder-coated aluminium (up to 15 years), etc. 
  • The size & layout of the room and the positioning of windows.
  • The location-specific weather conditions. 
  • The heat resistance and the intensity of fading.
  • The energy efficiency and resistance to termites.

Now, let’s discuss some popular materials commonly used for wall cladding. Look into its pros and cons to make an informed purchase for your home. 

Brick Wall Cladding Design for the Staircase

A brick wall cladding design is a classic choice for this staircase area. It lends a vintage and rustic aesthetic vibe to the space and is easy to clean and maintain, which is a big bonus. This cladding doesn’t show signs of pollutant damage or cracking and helps keep the large area cool in summer and warm in winter.   

Brick wall cladding idea for the staircase, which complements the rest of the room
The wall cladding complements the room

Granite Wall Cladding Design for the Family Room

The granite cladding covers the accent wall behind the television end-to-end in this minimalist yet sophisticated family room. It has good sound absorption properties and acts as a thermal insulator, which makes the space more inviting and welcoming. It is also considered as an auspicious stone that is built to last for a long time. 

Granite wall cladding design with plants for the family room to lend a good contrast
The plants lend a good contrast to the walls
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Italian Marble Wall Cladding Design for the Dining Room

This Italian marble wall cladding design is the perfect choice for the dining room as it blends well with its existing decor and colour theme. It is much lighter and eco-friendly than other options and saves a lot of money on its installation. Creatively play around with its distinctive patterns and unique colour. You could also opt for wall cladding tiles if you don’t want to commit to a more elaborate theme.   

Italian marble wall cladding for the dining room, which blends well with existing decor
Marble wall cladding retains its appearance despite climatic fluctuations

Light Grey Stone Wall Cladding 

This light grey stone-tiled wall cladding exudes a country-side feel to this living room. The wooden beams on the ceiling and the sunlight entering through the window accentuate the intricate beauty of the walls and make the room look brighter and larger than life. It is a lightweight alternative to traditional stonework. 

Light grey stone wall cladding, which adds a country-side feel to the living room
The stone wall cladding keeps a balanced temperature in the room

Tap into Wall Cladding Texture

The natural stone wall textured cladding makes an ordinary entryway look extraordinary. It comes as the first preference owing to its great adaptation properties and ability to hide flaws and mask the unevenness on the existing walls. The cove lighting and the floating side cabinet also pair well with the natural stone cladding. By using wall cladding tiles, you can effortlessly add texture to the space.  

Natural stone wall cladding texture for the entryway for an extraordinary look
Natural stone cladding can be installed easily
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PVC Wall Cladding for the Home Office

This home office looks elegant and ultra-modern with the wooden-textured uPVC wall cladding over the light-patterned accent wall. It has high water resistance and acts as an excellent thermal insulator. It is the least expensive compared to other materials and requires fewer repairs and replacements. 

PVC wall cladding for the home office for the ultra-modern look
PVC wall cladding requires a simple wipe-down to keep it clean

Wooden Wall Cladding for the Bedroom

This wooden wall cladding for the accent wall behind the bed looks mesmerising in this bedroom. It creates a cosy and classic atmosphere while being extremely environment-friendly. The lights behind the panels highlight the overall design intricacies and blend in well with the wooden elements in the room. 

Wooden wall cladding for the bedroom accent wall for a cosy look
Wooden wall cladding requires more maintenance than other options

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for a sturdier structure for your home with extra protection for your interiors, then wall cladding is the ideal option for you. Our interior design experts at DesignCafe can help you choose the right choice for your home, and it is just an online consultation away. Happy decorating!

FAQs On Wall Cladding Ideas

Are there fire safety considerations when using certain types of wall cladding?
Yes, there are safety considerations that you need to remember when using certain types of wall cladding. Some are more fire-resistant (glass and brick), and some are less fire-resistant (uPVC, aluminium and wood). The fire resistance depends upon several factors, such as smoke production and flame spread. Fire safety considerations are as follows:

  • Fibre Cement – Use the fibre cement cladding for limited combustibility.
  • uPVC – Regularly clean with mild detergent and smooth cloth to remove debris.
  • Wood – Apply fire-resistance enhancements to provide extra fire protection.

Can wall cladding be combined with other design elements?
Wall cladding can be combined with other design elements like artwork, colour scheme and lighting. The colour scheme adds a specific ambience and enhances the room’s beauty. Use light or classic white-toned wall cladding for a traditional-styled room and dark or neutral tones for a contemporary-styled room. The light settings also impact the appearance. Consider matching the colour of the wall cladding to the existing furniture, accents and art decor (mirrors) so that the entire room reflects a unified and cohesive look. Cream walls appear warm, and dark grey or brown walls exhibit sophistication.

How to maintain the longevity & aesthetics of the wall cladding?

  • Inspect the cladding periodically for any signs of damage, such as loose panels, cracks, etc.
  • Apply a sealant to protect the cladding’s surface from moisture, especially if it is wood.
  • Regularly clean the cladding to remove dust using a soft brush and mild detergent.
  • Avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals that could scratch the wall cladding’s surface.

Can wall cladding be used to cover existing wall imperfections or damage?
Yes, you can cover existing wall damages or wall imperfections (unevenness) using wall cladding. If you only have a single wall structure, then other methods can also be used to cover them like:

  • Use chalkboard paint/single paint to de-emphasise lines between surfaces.
  • Hang floor-to-ceiling draperies or wall-to-wall draperies.
  • Create a wall photo gallery or a ledge for hanging art.

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