5 Drool-worthy Cupboard Designs For Your Dressing Room

by Pooja Dara | February 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Cupboard designs for your dressing room

A dressing room at home is more than just a space to store your clothes and shoes. With these ideas, you can turn into a place where you enjoy the ‘retail experience’

A dressing room should reflect your personality and style while offering you the possibility to store, organize and view each item individually. It is possible to personalise the space even if it is located in a small corner of your bedroom. Dressing room cupboards or bedroom cupboards with a dressing table come in a variety of budget-friendly and trendy designs.

What Are The Essential Features Of A Cupboard Design For The Dressing Room?

  • It has a mix of drawers, shelves, racks and hanging rods to accommodate different clothes, sizes/types and shoes.
  • It can be designed in different layouts like wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling design on one side or both sides of the room.
  • It may come with or without an attached dressing table but it has to necessarily have a full-size viewing mirror, an ironing board and a medium-size seating space nearby (else, what’s the point!).
  • It needs to be divided into separate zones where you place things according to the frequency of use:
  1. Upper Zone – Store seasonal items and/or less frequently used items like winter clothes and shoes 

2. Middle Zone – Store casual/formal wear and/or most frequently used items like undergarments, belts and bags 

3. Lower Zone – Store shoes and/or other comparatively less hygienic items like shoe cleaning and polishing items 

  • It should preferably have bright modern lighting like LED strip lights or recess lights – either built into the design or outside it which adds to the aesthetics and functionality of the space. 
  • In case you have a dressing table in the space, make sure you add both front and back-lighting to the mirror so that your face is well lit.
  • Pick the right materials for your dressing room cupboard as per your needs and the location of the dressing room (sometimes adverse weather conditions impact the durability and functional efficiency of the room). Wood is the most preferred material for designing cupboards, be it in the dressing room or any other room for that matter.

Now, let’s have a look at some amazing dressing room cupboard design ideas. We’re pretty sure you’ll fall in love and be inspired by them!

Cupboard Design For Dressing Room Idea #1

Doesn’t this L-shaped dressing room with a cupboard and a dressing table look absolutely gorgeous? It follows an open design format and has separate sections to accommodate and organise all your wardrobe essentials. It comes with inbuilt lighting so that you’re able to view things clearly from a distance. You can create a fixed partition and add a different coloured rug to demarcate your bedroom and dressing area.

Cupboard designs for dressing room with gold painted dressing table
A compact gold-painted dressing table and a fixed long mirror give this dressing area a complete and unified look
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Cupboard Design For Dressing Room Idea #2

This dressing room in white and light grey looks so relaxing and chic. It features a wall-to-wall dressing room cupboard design with swing doors on one side, an entire purse/bag display section on the opposite side and a dedicated makeup area enveloped between the two on the third side. The cushioned chairs and an attached rectangular mirror against the intricately designed white grill instantly turn the dressing room into a pretty and calm space.

Cupboard design for dressing room in white and light grey looks so relaxing and chic
This dressing room cupboard design reflects smart cabinetry which gives the room a streamlined and opulent look

Cupboard Design For Dressing Room Idea #3

The cream-coloured bedroom extends into this light-brown painted walk-in wardrobe and dressing room combo.  The white pseudo-cupboards on both sides with open shelving, hanging spaces and multiple drawer options make sure that you’re able to fit in all your outfits, accessories and bags neatly and perfectly.  It also makes the room feel lighter and airier. A provision of a cushioned stool provides convenience when trying on shoes and related items.

Light brown painted walk in wardrobe in dressing room
You can use different but complementing shades of paint and/or a small curtain to differentiate between your bedroom and dressing room

Cupboard Design For Dressing Room Idea #4

This completely wood and glass cupboard design for the dressing room with doored and undoored sections makes a bold and beautiful statement. Built-in recess lights help you get a clear view of your personal items while the fancy chandelier on the ceiling adds elegance and royalty to the space. A cute-looking dressing table with a freestanding mirror contrasts and complements the dressing room’s look.

Wood and glass cupboard design for the dressing room with doored and undoored sections
Use sliding doors with glazing for the cupboards to maximise the natural light within the dressing room

Cupboard Design For Dressing Room Idea #5

This dressing room cupboard design packs a punch with ample storage options and an attached dresser with sleek drawers and a large back-lit mirror fitted into the frame. The black and grey colour choice for the wardrobe blends in well with the flooring of the dressing room and lends a formal and luxurious vibe to the dressing room. The amount of open walking space in the room can actually entice you to perform a fashion catwalk.

Cupboard designs for dressing room with light coloured storage boxes
Use light-coloured storage boxes and furniture pieces in a comparatively dark-coloured room to create some visual interest
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Wrapping Up:

That’s all there is! A proper dressing room with cupboards will provide you with ultimate luxury and a creative balance of aesthetics and functionality. It will make your everyday dressing routine and dolling up for important occasions even more special. So, if you’re thinking of designing or revamping your dressing room, simply connect with one of Design Cafe’s interior design experts and they’ll help you resolve your queries and finalize your design.

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