8 Terrazzo Flooring Tile Designs to Adorn Your Home Interiors

by Pooja Dara | June 14, 2024 | 6 mins read

Trendy terrazzo flooring tile designs for contemporary spaces

Terrazzo tiles are increasingly popular even in modern urban households since they help you achieve an ideal balance between tradition and modernity. Let’s explore them further.

Terrazzo tile is a flooring material consisting of a mixture of tiny chips of glass, marble, and other decorative aggregates in an epoxy or cement matrix. It is further grounded and then polished to achieve a smooth finish. These tiles are popular because: 

  • They look elegant and trendy. 
  • They are highly durable, water, stain, scratch-resistant, and strong. 
  • They can be used for both outdoors and indoors. 
  • They are easy to clean and can withstand high-traffic areas. 
  • They are versatile as they offer a plethora of patterns, colours and sizes. 
  • They can be moulded and cast on-site only to fit the profile type you are creating.
  • They have high thermal mass, thereby reducing the need for cooling and heating systems. 
  • They are eco-friendly, which reduces the need for new resources.  
  • They are cost-effective and increase the resale value of the home. 

Further breaking it down, terrazzo floor tiles are of various types:

Based on Look: Real terrazzo tiles (made up of cement & marble chips and then polished), Tutti frutti terrazzo tiles (colourful aggregates), Terrazzo effect tiles (more affordable | easier to install | high durability), Rustic terrazzo tiles (textured surface | traditional look | slip-resistant), terrazzo porcelain tiles (practical benefit of porcelain combined with the aesthetic appeal of terrazzo), Terracotta terrazzo tiles (combines the warmth and cosy vibe of terracotta with the elegance of terrazzo aggregates), Glass terrazzo tiles (recycled glass chips | unique visual effects).

Based on Bonding Used: Cement terrazzo tiles (non-slippery | highly durable | sleek finish), Epoxy terrazzo tiles (mix of aggregates bound in a thin-set system | infinite design capabilities | luxurious finish)

Based on Size: Large format terrazzo tiles (creates a seamless look | used in large spaces), Precast terrazzo tiles (Custom-cut block or slab used to form stairs or a flat base)

How to Choose Between Porcelain Floor Tiles and Terrazzo Floor Tiles?

  • Based on Budget: Porcelain tiles are less expensive than terrazzo.
  • Based on Application: Porcelain tiles are ideal for wet spaces (~bathroom, laundry), while terrazzo tiles are suitable for high-traffic spaces (~living room, dining room, bedroom).
  • Based on Maintenance: Terrazzo tiles are easier to maintain and highly durable.

Here is a lowdown on the most trending terrazzo tile designs in the interior design market. Get inspired and transform your home space magically. 

Beige Large Terrazzo Tiles for the Study Room

These large beige terrazzo tiles are a perfect choice for your study room. Coupled with the wooden frame and the study table, they give the room a very simple and muted look and also blend well with the existing colour scheme. 

Large beige terrazzo tiles in the study room blend well with the existing colour scheme
Recess lights and natural light brighten the room

Large Terrazzo Tiles for the Porch

These large light grey terrazzo tiles make the porch look bigger and brighter. The plants and the dark outdoor furniture complement the muted floor space. The overall look and feel of the tiles is such that it makes you want to walk barefoot on them during evenings.

Large light grey terrazzo tiles make the porch look bigger and brighter
Clean the tiles regularly to avoid discolouration

  Terrazzo Tiles: Texture Tales in Brown

These light brown textured terrazzo tiles make the bathroom look extremely elegant and luxurious. They provide the ideal background for the black area rug and complement the light blue floral-patterned walls and vanity space.

Chic bathroom with light brown terrazzo tile texture exudes luxury and elegance
Install a glass partition for some privacy
Do you want a free design consultation, call our designers

Precast Terrazzo Floor Tiles

These precast terrazzo floor tiles for the kitchen are carefully manufactured using automated machines in the factory and then transported to the site, thereby saving time. They complement the blue kitchen cabinets and the cream-coloured granite kitchen countertop, making the space cohesive.

Precast terrazzo tiles in the kitchen complement the blue cabinets and cream granite countertop
These tiles give a salt-and-pepper appearance to the kitchen

 Terrazzo Cement Tiles for the Living Room

Terrazzo grey cement tiles make this large living room bold and sophisticated. The classic black-and-white combination is reflected in the furniture and upholstery, adding the cherry on the cake.  

Elegant living room featuring terrazzo cement tiles and timeless black-and-white accents
Introduce a splash of nature by placing green plants

Terrazzo Tiles: Bathroom Edition

These beige-brown terrazzo tiles make the bathroom floor and walls look soft, silky and smooth. The terrazzo tiles are laid down in a flow but visually divided by the large white floor tiles to break the monotony. 

Beige-brown terrazzo tiles on the bathroom floor and walls look soft, silky, and smooth
The window ensures ventilation in this compact bathroom

 White Terrazzo Tiles for the Bedroom

These off-white terrazzo tiles with micro-aggregates ooze grandeur and tastefulness into the bedroom. The fine pattern sprinkled over the tile appears almost non-terrazzo. The soft tile appearance effortlessly amalgamates into the walls and the bedroom furniture and ties all the decor elements together, while the light sconces elevate the bedroom vibes to another level.   

Bedroom's off-white terrazzo tiles blend with the walls and furniture, enhancing aesthetics
Add abstract wall art for some visual drama

Wooden-Style Terrazzo Tiles for the Kitchen

The wooden-style terrazzo tiles give the kitchen a traditional and rustic touch, while the softness of the baby blue kitchen cabinets balances out the overall feel of the space. The country-side-style ceiling lights accentuate the intricacies of the wooden floor tiles. 

A muted backsplash balances the kitchen

Wrapping Up

All in all, terrazzo tiles can give your home space a dreamy yet highly versatile look, be it the kitchen, bedroom, hallway, or other space. Zero in on your perfect terrazzo floor tile design by having a free virtual consultation with the interior design experts at DesignCafe. We’ll be really glad to help you out. 

FAQs On Terrazzo floor tiles

1. How to clean & maintain terrazzo floor tiles?

You can clean and maintain terrazzo floor tiles through a systematic approach:

  • Use a gentle pH-neutral terrazzo-specific cleaner and warm water to clean the floor. 
  • Vacuum or sweep the terrazzo floor regularly to remove the debris and dust particles. 
  • Seal the dry terrazzo floor tiles with a specific sealer using a lint-free clean cloth and buffing.  
  • Contact an expert for deep cleaning and sealing if the terrazzo tiles are extremely damaged.
  • Opt for a terrazzo-specific stain remover to eliminate stubborn marks.  

2. Are there any considerations for finishing or sealing terrazzo tiles to enhance longevity?

  • Clean the floor surface properly and allow it to dry before applying the terrazzo tile polish and the sealer.
  • All tiles need to be sealed after polishing for enhanced aesthetics/durability in the long run.  
  • The tiles probably need to receive two to four coats to achieve the perfect floor finish. 
  • A terrazzo-specific sealer protects them from moisture.
  • The best sealer for an epoxy terrazzo floor is a water-based sealer.  

3. Are there different types of aggregates & colours available for terrazzo tile designs?

Terrazzo tiles are made up of aggregates, which are further of two types – 

  • Recycled aggregates like metal, shells, glass and porcelain. 
  • Crushed natural stone aggregates like granite and marble.
  • Aggregates are highly customisable in combination ratios (10% : 90%, 20% : 80%, 30% : 70%, 40% : 60%, 50% : 50%)

A terrazzo tile has two colour components: 

  • Resin colour (binder/base/background colour of the tile).
  • Aggregate colour (colour of flecks/chips embedded in the tile).
  • The most popular terrazzo tile colours are green, blue, yellow, pink, grey, beige, black, cream and white.

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