Is Sheesham Wood Furniture Good for Your Home? Find Out!

by Pooja Dara | April 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Sheesham wood furniture for your home

The most important question for any modern homeowner is whether to use sheesham wood furniture in their home design. Let’s find out.

Wood is commonly used as the primary raw material in interior design for building furniture and wall panelling requirements. This hardwood is also perceived as an interior/exterior element that connects the outdoors to the indoors without being entirely out of place. Sheesham wood is a popular fixture in Indian homes. 

Not many homeowners are well-informed about the benefits and disadvantages of Sheesham wood. Hence, they struggle to decide whether sheesham wood is suitable for the furniture in your home or not. Let’s make your job easier by discussing them in detail.

Benefits of Using Pure Sheesham Wood Furniture in Your Home

  • It is more durable than softwood as it has interlocked grains, so it doesn’t break easily.
  • It is versatile because it is available in different designs and styles. 
  • It is easy to clean and maintain compared to other hardwood types. 
  • It lends a unique style to the space and blends easily with existing home interior decor.
  • It is reasonably priced as compared to teak, its closest competitor. 
  • It can be easily carved into intricate and decorative designs owing to its pliability.
  • It is fire-resistant, rot-resistant, termite-resistant and has good acoustics.  
  • It is crack and warp-resistant and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.
Benefits of  pure Sheesham wood furniture for the bedroom
Stunning Sheesham wood bedroom furniture
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Disadvantages of Using Sheesham Wood Furniture in Your Home

  • It is difficult and tricky to find original sheesham wood as only the experts can identify its authenticity. 
  • It is vulnerable to moisture, so it must be kept away from high water-prone areas such as the outdoors. 
Sheesham wood furniture bed which looks quite elegant
An elegant Sheesham wood furniture bed

Is Sheesham Wood Furniture Better Than Teak Wood?

People often get confused between teak wood and sheesham wood for their bedroom or living room furniture because they look quite similar. Be aware of what you are buying when furniture shopping.

Teak wood is darker and has a finer grain texture. It is less flexible than sheesham wood furniture, so you need to put a little effort into carving it. It is more costly and longer-lasting than Sheesham wood as it has limited availability. Sheesham wood is ideal for indoor furniture (~beds, chairs, etc.) since it is less moisture-resistant. It has a more modern and luxurious feel and appearance. It is moderately resistant to insects and pests and more prone to cracking and warping. It requires regular maintenance with the need for regular waxing/polishing. Sheesham wood furniture life is moderately long and less costly as it has widespread availability.

The ultimate choice between teak wood and sheesham wood furniture will depend on your specific room requirements, personality and preferences. 

Sheesham wood side cabinet for the living area
A wooden side cabinet in the living room area

How to Check the Authenticity of Best Sheesham Wood Furniture?

The first way to check the authenticity of best sheesham wood furniture is to identify the reddish-brown veins (less mature wood/dark sheesham wood furniture) or silver-grey grain finish (more mature wood/light sheesham wood furniture). The natural grain pattern is irregular with colour and texture variations, which makes each furniture piece of wood unique and authentic. You will also find some imperfections, like small cracks and knots, that add character to the space and confirm its originality.  

The second way is to look into its flexibility, as this wood type has an oil content, which gives it more elasticity than other hardwoods. The third way is to check the weight of the wooden furniture. If it feels light, then it is not made from real sheesham wood, as the real type is more dense. 

The third and last way is to smell the wood. If the wooden furniture has a chemical smell, it is not sheesham wood, as the original sheesham wood furniture has a distinct earthy smell that is very hard to replicate. 

Sheesham wooden sofa set with a centre table, which is authentic and beautiful
A Sheesham wood sofa set with a centre table

Wrapping Up

All in all, sheesham wood is the go-to wood for furniture making in modern homes. It renders a very smooth lustre and finish to any kind of custom or bespoke furniture pieces made out of it, and also adds class and elegance to any space without any extra effort. So, if your home upgrade project has been long due, it is now time to invest in high-quality and best sheesham wood furniture. Book a free virtual consultation at DesignCafe, and we will gladly take up your queries and guide you further.

FAQs On Sheesham Wood Furniture

Is sheesham wood eco-friendly and sustainable for furniture production?
Sheesham wood is highly sustainable and eco-friendly for furniture production. It is a fast-growing hardwood tree species often used in reforestation efforts. This wood is sourced from government-approved forests and plantations that follow sustainable forestry practices and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

Can sheesham wood furniture be used outdoors or primarily for indoor use?
Since sheesham wood furniture is not very friendly with moist weather conditions, it cannot be used in outdoor settings like open patios and balconies. It can only be used for indoor applications like sheesham wood cube furniture.

How does the weight and density of sheesham wood impact the mobility of furniture?
Sheesham wood furniture is dense and heavy, so moving it from one location to another requires medium to high effort. The simple logic is that the greater the density of wood, the greater its strength.

How to clean & maintain sheesham wood furniture?

  • Do not keep the wooden furniture near fireplaces or under direct sunlight.
  • Dust with a soft microfibre cloth to prevent dirt from settling on it.
  • Do not use excess water or harsh chemicals to clean the wooden surface.
  • Use heat-proof coasters as ‘gentle shielding’ before placing sharp ornaments or hot substances to prevent scratches.
  • Polish your sheesham furniture frequently (~6 months to 1 year) with dry cloth and an equal quantity of olive oil, lukewarm water, and vinegar in a spray bottle to maintain its appeal and shine.

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