Take Your Home From Simple To Luxury In A Few Simple Steps

by Charmaine Kenita | February 27, 2024 | 6 mins read

Luxury interior design ideas for your home

Luxury is more than opulence and money. It’s in the details, the planning, and coming together of clever design as well as hand-picked ideas. Thoughtful decor gives your space a distinctive style – one that reflects your persona. 

The things in life that you most need are always free. What we covet are what we cannot afford. These phrases seem rather simplistic but their implications run deep. Take that trip to Greece, for instance, you’ve been planning with your spouse for the last three years. Planning it must be meticulous because of how much you’ve been looking forward to it. The trip will be a culmination of what you have desired for several years, even before you got married. You’ve wanted to go there ever since you’ve heard about the country from relatives or have read about the country’s beaches, beauty and history. But to get there has been a distant dream ever since. Saving up on every dime and dollar, cutting expenses, working around things to ensure your dreams come true. As unaffordable as it may seem, you will make your dream of travelling there come true despite all costs incurred.

On the other hand, take this trip to the Rann of Kutch, a beautiful desert within India, accessible by land and one that doesn’t need much effort to reach. There are no visas to be chased, no meticulous planning and even not much expenditure. Yet we may not be too keen on going there despite how accessible it is.

Home interior design is the same when drawn parallels with. What is accessible is never tried but what is coveted is wanted desperately yet takes time to manifest. Making a home look good is easy when done intuitively, keeping visual aesthetics intact while still going light on the pocket. Expenditure is relative. You may end up spending more for something trivial and spend almost nothing for a piece of furniture that will transform your space. To help you decide what works and what doesn’t, below are five simple modern luxury interior design ideas to take your home from simple to luxe in a few steps.

Go Minimal On Aesthetics

The basic tenet of luxury interior design is simplicity. As surprising as this statement might seem, close observation shows that truly luxurious spaces stand out for their simple and dignified aesthetics. Most homes belonging to the rich and well-heeled focus on spaces, with other decor blends into the cohesiveness of the space. Decluttering your home is a good place to start this exercise. To draw a parallel, isn’t a holiday destination with little distractions more appealing than one with all kinds of attractions? When you focus on a purposeful less-is-more approach and clear your home of unsightly, space-swallowing furniture and accessories, it breathes energy and movement into it.  Perhaps one of the best luxury interior design tips you can ask for!

Luxury interior design that has simple and dignified aesthetics

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Eyeing luxury home interiors on a budget?

Breathe Elegance Into Windows

Windows are often ignored while setting up homes, just decorated with curtains and forgotten. They are like local places we travel to, often ignored but in hindsight give us the best time of our lives. Brightening up windows with sumptuous fabrics and embellishing them with good colours and accessories can instantly turn a room luxe. Opt for heavier fabric in dark shades interspersed with lighter hues to filter in sunshine and screen. Ensure they are tailored full length so they cover the entire window. You can have tassels stitched to them or lace, hang them on spiffy rods or gather them in elegant folds. Windows are wonderful masterpieces and their look can set your home apart and transform phenomenally.

Luxury home interior that has windows embellished with good colours and accessories

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Craft With Clever Lighting

Imagine planning your holiday and selecting a dark, brooding, moody place to stay. Wouldn’t it affect you considerably? Apply the same to lighting in your home. Every house has it but what can you do differently to take it from simple to stylish! Achieving a five-star look for your home has a lot to do with lighting. Multi-layered lighting can make spaces magical. Layer them at different levels. Begin from elegant chandeliers in strategic places like living and dining rooms, add soft mid-level lighting to ornamental table lamps. Wall scones and subtle lighting schemes can uplift the aura of the space.

Luxury house interior with wall scones and subtle lighting

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Embellish With Green And Fresh Plants

Greenery can brighten any space and that’s always the first choice when selecting a travel destination, isn’t it? Imagine going to a place choc-a-block with the same sterile kind of buildings you came from? Similarly, greenery in a home adds freshness, class and opulence to space effortlessly. There’s not much money to spend or many changes to create the luxury interior design. A fresh flower arrangement brightens, adds visual appeal and exudes a captivating aroma. Invest in plenty of gorgeous baskets and vases to fill your home with enchanting blossoms. Succulents, ferns, peace lollies, aloe vera thrive in tropical climes and are a perfect accessory for luxury home interior design.

Luxury home interior design with plenty of fresh and green plants

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Layer On Fabrics

Fabrics add a unique texture to home spaces. Infusing the right fabric into your overall decor is a modern luxury interior design idea you can’t ignore. Just like added perks can brighten up a holiday, so does additional layering of fabrics dress your home in understated luxury. A throw drape over your sofa, sheer linen curtains, a warm rug carpeting your floor infuses personality into your space without making it look over the top. Besides the look, fabrics also make a home look ambience warm, cosy and approachable.

Luxury interior design ideas that includes the right fabric into overall decor

If luxury home interior design is what you’ve always aspired to, then it doesn’t have to happen at the cost of drilling a hole in your pocket. Just like enjoying a great European trip or a locally planned one for a fraction of the cost, what matters is making the most of your home to take up the luxury quotient a few notches. We hope these interior designs for luxury homes drives you to take that classy plunge!

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