All You Need To Know About Italian Marble Flooring For Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Italian marble flooring to redifine your home interiors

Tap into the natural elegance of Italian marble flooring designs to jazz up your home!

The floor design is a crucial aspect of home interiors. It is the base of any space and is the first design element that interacts with people. After all, the flooring style ties the entire interior decor together. Thus, you should never underestimate the potential of a gorgeous floor design. It’s no wonder that homeowners often invest in Italian marble flooring.

When it comes to flooring, ‘marble’ is the first thing that comes to mind. Marble flooring is one of the oldest elements of interior design that has continued to elevate the luxury quotient of spaces. This is why, when people are planning their home interiors, marble flooring is often the default decision.

When you’re dealing with marble choice, it’s useful to know about the different styles and types of marble available. Italian marble flooring is one of the most luxurious flooring choices. It’s crafted with stunning lustre and crystal-like definition. It effortlessly upgrades home interiors by lending a rare natural appeal. Thus, Italian marble flooring is one of the most favourite choices of homeowners.

So, if you’re thinking of upgrading your home, here are some Italian marble flooring design ideas from our collection. 

Go For The Classic Botticino Italian Marble Flooring

Botticino marble is one of the most preferred choices of marble flooring in India. Its classic beige coloured natural stone will bring instant luxury to your space. The creamy palette of Botticino Italian marble flooring makes it relevant for any interior design. Its fine grainy appearance with gorgeous golden veins brings a soothing appeal to home interiors. Botticino Italian marble flooring looks good in the living room, dining area and bedroom too. Its subtle but lustrous shade will blend in with almost any colour scheme. 

Go for the classic botticino italian marble flooring which is one of the most preferred choices of marble flooring in India
Dining room with Botticino Italian marble flooring

Get An Industrial Look With Grey Italian Marble Flooring 

If you aren’t a fan of the more common lustrous marble flooring look, you can opt for grey Italian marble flooring. It comes in a light grey colour with fine white veins that create a basic but impressive flooring design. This type of Italian marble flooring is unlike the usual lavish marble. It gives a bit of an industrial look that is ideal for minimalistic themes. This Italian marble flooring is ideal for rooms that have a neutral colour scheme. 

Get an industrial look with grey italian marble flooring design with fine white veins that create a impressive flooring design
Living room with grey Italian marble flooring

Emperador Italian Marble Flooring Brings Warmth To Your Bedroom 

Although white marble flooring is prevalent in most Indian homes, it can get bland at times. So, if you’re looking for a warmer and more homely Italian marble flooring option, go for a light Emperador variety. With a light brown colour base, these marble tiles exhibit a bright white veinous design. The light brown Emperador marble has a smooth and polished design that adds a cosy and warm vibe to your space. This is why the marble type is most commonly used in bedrooms. It will look great with white, cream and off-white palettes. 

Emperador italian marble flooring price brings warmth to your bedroom which is prevalent in most Indian homes
Bedroom with light Emperador Italian marble flooring
Do you want a dream home with interiors that last a lifetime

Invite Luxury With Royal Diana Italian Marble Flooring

Royal Diana marble is another great choice of Italian marble flooring. It comes in gorgeous straight and crossed vein patterns that instantly give your home interiors a royal makeover. Therefore, it’s best known for its luxurious polish and elegant texture. The marble’s natural lustre creates a bright and lively appearance that will redefine your home. You can team Royal Diana Italian marble flooring with an earthy colour palette to create soothing interiors. This marble exhibits a sophisticated visual appeal which makes it ideal for sleek and lavish interior themes. 

Invite luxury with royal diana italian marble flooring with gorgeous straight and crossed vein patterns
Bedroom with light Emperador Italian marble flooring

Light Orange Rosso Verona Italian Marble Flooring For An Inviting Setup

Here’s a beautiful living room interior with the flawless Rosso Verona Italian marble flooring. The marble has a light orange colour with white veins. It creates a bright polished floor design. This type of marble flooring is ideal for modern Indian homes. Its glossy finish reflects light, making the space look brighter and more elegant. You can use this type of Italian marble flooring for your living room to give it a more glamorous appeal. 

Light orange rosso verona italian marble flooring design for an inviting set up
Modern living room with Rosso Verona marble flooring

Smooth And Glossy Italian Marble Flooring For Traditional Interiors

This traditional Indian living room features decorative vintage furniture with elegant golden accents. The Italian marble flooring in a gorgeous white and golden square pattern is a perfect match for this setup. The marble flooring emphasises the sitting area of the living room. This type of Italian marble flooring brings a periodic royal appeal that is ideal for classic Indian interiors. 

Smooth and glossy italian marble flooring price for traditional interiors with decorative vintage furniture with elegant golden accents
Traditional living room with glossy marble flooring

Black Emperador Italian Marble For The Bathroom 

Although light coloured marble flooring is most common in home interiors, this dark Emperador Italian marble flooring is something to watch out for! With irregular light brown veins throughout the marble design, the dark Emperador gives the space a premium look. Its rare and interesting colour reveals the beauty that nature conceals. The black marble tone immediately adds a boldness to the space that is hard to miss. You can use this Italian marble in your master bathroom to express your unique style. 

Black emperador italian marble flooring patterns for the bathroom which gives the space a premium look
Bathroom design with gorgeous black marble

Italian marble flooring can enhance your home interiors with a touch of natural luxury. This blog offers a sample of the many varieties, colours and patterns of marble tiles there are for home interiors. So, you will definitely find one that matches your home’s theme. Get creative, experiment and try these gorgeous marble flooring designs to redefine your home. If you want the experts to help you with the planning and execution, reach out to us and talk to our designers.

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