5 Types Of Wall And Floor Tiles Common In Indian Homes

by Natasha Unger | January 17, 2024 | 5 mins read

Different types of tiles in india

Looking for the right types of tiles available in India? Well, we have got things sorted for you

While marble, wood, stone and granite are popular as flooring materials, the several types of tiles in India rule the market. Porcelain and vitrified tiles especially are extremely popular. In the country, we tend to do a lot of scrubbing, cleaning and washing of floors. So, naturally, tiles are the best option as they are neither porous nor do they require replacement every now and then. Whether you plan to renovate your home or build a new one, choosing tiles for flooring can often be difficult.  You may have to visit stores multiple times and go through the various options. Ultimately, you should let an expert let you help decide. This is because you need to factor in the aesthetics, as well as the durability, of the tiles you choose.

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Here is a quick walkthrough of the different types of tiles in India and how to make the right pick.

Ceramic Tiles Are One Of The Best Types Of Tiles In India

These are among the first types of floor tiles in India that come to mind when you think of tiles. Made of clay and baked at high temperatures, these come with various patterns and designs. Some have a matte texture while others are glazed. When looking for a reasonable tiling option, ceramic tiles should be on the top of the list. Experts dealing with multiple types of ceramic tiles in India suggest using them for the walls but not for the floors that have high footfall. They tend to get slippery and dangerous for kids and the elderly. During Indian winters, they get too cold under the feet.

Types of tiles in India- grey ceramic tiles with a smooth finish lends a minimal look to the area.
Granting a smooth finish to the floor, ceramic tiles are highly sought-after by homeowners

Vitrified Tiles Are One Of The Most Popular Types Of Tiles In India

Vitrified tiles are similar to ceramic tiles but are made of much more than just clay. Feldspar, silica and quartz are added to make vitrified tiles strong, durable and non-porous. Vitrified tiles have multiple benefits. They are perfect as flooring in areas that see high foot traffic such as the kitchen, bathroom and living room. Homeowners tend to use them outdoors as they are frost- and water-resistant.

Vitrified types of floor tiles in India gives a perfect look and its frost- and water-resistant.
Vitrified tiles give your home the perfect look while requiring little maintenance

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Mosaic Tiles Are Among The Favoured Types Of Tiles In India

Mosaic tiles can be seen at palaces and old houses in India. They are synonymous with royalty and extravagance. However, they are not great for homes that have a lot of members; mosaic tiles also require a lot of maintenance. Another problem with mosaic tiles is that when not maintained properly, they tend to fade away and make the entire place look shabby. It is, therefore, wise to use them where there isn’t much footfall. This will help them last longer.

Mosaic types of flooring tiles in India, bathroom with mosaic tiles have two shades that lend a bold look.
Mosaic tiles are often used prominently in urban kitchens

Marble Tiles Are Luxurious Types Of Tiles In India

Being a naturally occurring material, marble has these wonderful patterns and veins that are magical and elegant. When used in types of floor tiles in India, marble speaks for itself and there is nothing more you would want. Your home effortlessly starts looking luxurious. These are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.  Care should be taken during installation and even later for the longevity of your marble tiles.

Marble types of tiles in India, bathroom with luxurious marble tiles in natural texture looks elegant.
The natural texture and patterns on marble tiles speak for themselves while making your home look luxurious
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Natural Stone Tiles Are Exquisite Types Of Tiles In India

While natural stone tiles are available in multiple colours and patterns, you always have the freedom to pick one according to your choice or probably the colour of the walls. For those who like the earthy feel of their home, this gets to be the perfect option.

Natural stone tiles are one of the types of tiles in India that lends an earthy feel and look rustic.
While lending a rustic feel to the walls and the floor, you get to connect to nature closely

Why Choose Tiles Out Of All Options?

No matter what you pick, almost all types of tiles are eco-friendly with nothing toxic to harm you and your family. They are easy to clean and maintain. During summers, your house stays cool; in winters, tiles give out warmth from the walls and floor.

How To Make The Right Choice From Among The Different Types Of Tiles In India?

For the kitchen and bathroom, ceramic tiles for the walls and vitrified tiles for the floor seem perfect. For other areas such as the living room and bedroom, other options like marble, mosaic, stone or even vitrified tiles are ideal. For the outdoors, again vitrified tiles can be used as they are water- and frost-resistant, or you can pick stone tiles for that rugged look.

Things To Avoid

When you are out there buying from among the different types of tiles in India for your home, always consult an expert or read about how to pick the right ones. Do not fall prey to advertisements and gimmicks. Be thoughtful, think over again and again as this is something that is permanent and a silly mistake can cost you a lot of money. Opting for cheap tiles isn’t prudent for the long run as you will have to re-install new ones in a matter of a few years. Remember to buy a few extra pieces in case there is an accident during installation. This helps you maintain a pattern and makes your home aesthetically appealing.

Choosing the right tiles is a personal decision often depending on how you want the house to look. You may have an inclination towards a particular tile type and that is how you get to make a house your home.

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