False Ceiling Wallpaper Designs: Add Character To Every Room

by Pallabi Bose | February 23, 2024 | 5 mins read

False ceiling wallpaper design for your home

When you want something unique for your home’s interiors, how about a wallpaper for the room’s false ceiling? Check out our trendy ideas and designs.

Wallpapers are well-overdue for their much-anticipated resurrection in the interior design world. It’s a trend that’s here to stay. Over the past few years, people are increasingly shifting toward wallpapering their walls to add dimension and texture to their homes. Therefore, when you are browsing wallpaper designs for your home, for a change, you may consider wallpapering the ceiling. You read that right! There are tons of options for false ceiling wallpaper designs. A bold ceiling in contrast with neutral walls is so in-trend right now. The greatest advantage of having wallpaper is they are easy to apply and remove. Read on to know all about wallpapers for your home’s false ceiling.

While selecting false ceiling wallpaper, you might come across various types. However, three basic types are the most popular among interior designers and homeowners — pre-pasted, paste-the-wall and peel-and-stick wallpapers.

Pre-pasted wallpapers have adhesive at the back. To paste it on the surface, you just have to damp it with a wet sponge to activate the glue. Paste-the-wall wallpapers need you to apply glue on the surface of the wall or ceiling. Many people prefer this wallpaper because the wet glue paste makes it easier to paste the wallpaper into its final position.

Peel-and-stick wallpapers are extremely popular among most interior designers and DIY enthusiasts. As the name suggests, this type of wallpaper comes with a paper backing that covers the glue. All you have to do is remove the paper backing while you smoothen the wallpaper out into its place. If you want to remove and reuse it somewhere else, don’t forget to save the wallpaper’s backing.

3D False Ceiling Wallpaper For Kids’ Bedroom

Most parents choose to wallpaper the ceiling of their kids’ bedroom. The most commonly used pattern is of the night sky with star and moon stick-ons that glow in the dark. We suggest 3D wallpapers. They have a depth that looks almost real. If you are thinking of renovating your kids’ bedroom, look for 3D wallpapers with whimsical patterns.

False ceiling wallpaper 3d for kids' bedroom with whimsical patterns
3D false ceiling wallpaper with clouds for kids’ room

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False Ceiling Wallpaper Design With A Wooden Look Texture

A complete renovation with a wooden ceiling is an expensive project to take on. But you can achieve this look without breaking your bank with false ceiling wallpapers. A wallpaper with a wooden panel design is a great option you can consider. For instance, in the dining room shown in the image, we have used pale yellow wooden patterned wallpaper to cover the false ceiling that creates a beautiful contrast with the bold green patterned wallpaper on the wall.

False ceiling wallpaper with wooden panels creates a beautiful contrast
False ceiling wallpaper design with wooden panels
Complete home interiors with beautiful false ceiling designs

Wallpaper False Ceiling Ideas For The Kitchen

Bring a refreshed look into your kitchen with a wallpapered ceiling. Like the kitchen in the image, add personality with a geometric patterned wallpaper. We suggest selecting a washable material for the kitchen false ceiling wallpaper to make regular cleaning and maintenance easier. The sage green wallpaper creates a perfect contrast with the white and peach-coloured kitchen. The large bay window lets natural light into the kitchen, making the space look bright and airy.

Wallpaper on false ceiling for kitchen add personality with geometric pattern
Geometric false ceiling wallpaper for a bright kitchen

Bold Black And White False Ceiling Wallpaper In The Bedroom

Don’t be afraid of giving your bedroom an attention-grabbing ceiling. Achieve this by wallpapering your bedroom’s false ceiling with bold patterns. Like the one we used in this black, white and grey-themed bedroom. The wallpaper adds dimension and drama to the space. Go all out with the bedroom false ceiling wallpaper. Thus, you can create a dramatic look in a limited space. You can add splashes of colour with indoor plants and the curtain.

Bedroom false ceiling wallpaper in bold black and white gives an attention-grabbing look
A bold false ceiling wallpaper for the bedroom

A Colourful False Ceiling Wallpaper For A Formal Living Room

Your living room is where you spend a lot of time with your family and friends. So, it should have statement-making decor. From furnishings to strikingly wallpapered ceilings — this open concept living room is the perfect example of how you can be creative and yet stay on budget. If you love colours, be bold and paint your wall with bright shades while using intense patterns on your ceiling.

False ceiling wallpaper for living room with colourful patterns lends depth
An angular pattern false ceiling wallpaper lends depth
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Which one of these beautiful and affordable false ceiling wallpaper designs did you like the most? If your home needs a bit of zing, think beyond painting your walls. Maybe it’s time to change the ceiling! Get more inspiration and fun ideas for your home interior projects from our range of blogs. To refashion your house design and create a glamourous ambience, get in touch with our designers today.

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