Top Dressing Table With Mirror Ideas to Elevate Modern Homes

by Pooja Dara | April 20, 2024 | 7 mins read

Dressing table with mirror design ideas for modern homes

A dressing table with a mirror design is essential to your bedroom. Check out our gorgeous designs.

A dressing table with a mirror design is a stunning focal point for your bedroom, reflecting both functionality and aesthetic style. It creates a dedicated area where a person can fix their appearance calmly before leaving home for the day or meeting up with family or friends. Apart from this, it offers:

  • It offers a more organised storage space for all your makeup and personal grooming accessories.
  • It provides more tranquillity, as you can perform all your daily tasks in greater privacy and with a better lighting effect. 
  • It keeps your products cleaner than ever as they aren’t placed all over the table surface, attracting dust and increasing their service life. 
  • It helps you keep a check on your product stocks and renew them as and when it is needed. 
  • It increases the resale value of your home as it’s a long-term investment, so remember to opt for high-quality material and a designer mirror to accompany it. 

Research suggests that certain types of mirrors go well with modern dressing table designs:

  1. A sleek, frameless oval or rectangular-shaped mirror that offers minimalism and exudes elegance. 
  2. An art-deco-inspired mirror that plays around with interesting shapes like hexagons or sunbursts. 
  3. A nature-inspired mirror with organic textures and forms to infuse tranquillity and natural beauty. 
  4. An industrial-style mirror with exposed hardware or distressed metal frames that reflect an edgy look. 
  5. A Hollywood-inspired mirror that is illuminated by dazzling LED bulbs or a pair of pendant lights. 

Now that you are aware of the multifold benefits of a dressing table design with mirror, you also need to consider certain factors when you are buying one for yourself like:

  • The layout of your bedroom.
  • The budget.  
  • A distortion-free mirror that offers an accurate reflection.  
  • Your lifestyle and habits. 
  • Proper light settings to integrate with the dressing table and mirror.
  • The right kind of material that complements the existing bedroom and its durability.
  • Ease of installing, cleaning and maintaining it. In this case, lacquered wood or glass works best. 
  • Versatility in the dressing table with mirror design (expandable work surfaces/movable mirrors).
  • The ergonomic design of the dressing table and seating arrangement should be such that its height allows the users to reach the tabletop and view the mirror without stretching or straining themselves.   

Let’s explore the most modern range of dressing tables with mirror designs, depending on the space and the room’s design aesthetics. 

Corner Dressing Table With Storage And Full Mirror

This corner dressing table with a combination of a half-length and a full-length mirror works wonders. You can switch to either depending on whether you are focussing on your face or your overall appearance. The recessed lighting on top helps you clearly view yourself.

Corner dressing table with mirror design idea, which is space-saving
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Dressing Table Mirror With LED Lights

Whether you are a fashionista or a makeup enthusiast, this dressing table mirror with LED lights seems nothing short of a dream. The LED panels evenly distribute the light around the frame and make the space look opulent. The room’s neutral aesthetic adds to the charm.  

Dressing table with mirror idea which uses LED lights
Choose styles that blend well with the space

Floating Dressing Table With Mirror

The floating dressing table with a mirror on one side and the cabinet on the other is a complete space-saver for a small bedroom. It frees the space below for placing the dressing table stool and other personal items in boxes. The huge window and the stencilled partition function as decorative accents. 

Floating dressing table with mirror design, which complements the wooden elements
All the wooden elements complement each other in the room

Dressing Table With Mirrors and Drawers

This dressing table with mirrors and drawers is wide enough to fit two people at a time. It features a half mirror on one hand and a wooden panel with hangers on the other to hang bags, belts, etc. The bedroom’s white theme enhances the overall design aesthetics of the space. 

Dressing table with mirrors and drawers, which is fit for two people at a time
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Full Mirror Dressing Table

The full-mirror dressing table in the corner of the bedroom optimally uses the unused space. It features a storage cabinet with drawers and wall shelves that help you organise or display your everyday grooming essentials. 

Full mirror dressing table design for the bedroom corner to use unused space
Install abstract wall art to evoke some visual interest

Wooden Dressing Table With Mirror

If you are imagining a classic and traditional look for your bedroom, then this wooden dressing table with a mirror is your go-to option. It is multifunctional, as it can also be used as a work desk or study desk when not in use. There is also a space on the side for fitting in the chair. 

Wooden dressing table with mirror for a classic and traditional look
The wall sconce lights enhance the intricate beauty of the room

Round Dressing Table Mirror is Boring! 

This modern white dressing table with an octagonal mirror is the perfect haven for someone who wants to experience luxury but doesn’t want to depend on the typical round mirror frame. The pair of freestanding wardrobes with transparent glass doors envelop the dressing table area, making it all look like a cohesive unit.

Round dressing table with mirror design for a luxurious look
Stark contrasts keep the room interesting

Wrapping Up

A dressing table design with a mirror is more than just a reflective surface. It transforms your ordinary-looking room into an extraordinary haven of sophistication and comfort without much effort. Get in touch with the interior designers at DesignCafe, and they will help you with your queries (if any) during the design phase.  

FAQs On Dressing Table With Mirror Designs

Which direction should you place the dressing table with a mirror in the bedroom?
According to Vastu, mirrors reflect both negative and positive energy in the bedroom. It is advisable not to place the dressing table directly in front of the bed; otherwise, it can cause health issues and illness. It can be placed in the north or east wall. It should also be easily accessible and placed in a well-lit area, preferably near a source of natural light.

How do LED lights on the mirror help in dressing up?
Dressing table mirrors with built-in LED lighting systems provide optimal illumination for various tasks like grooming, applying makeup, shaving, styling hair, etc. It evenly distributes the lights and eliminates any shadows, thus giving you a clearer view of yourself. LED lights are more energy-efficient, which results in reduced electricity bills. LED mirrors also incorporate smart features like adjustable brightness settings, in-built storage compartments, temperature control and touch-sensitive settings to enhance the user experience. These features are also helpful for makeup applications as they enable you to see how your makeup will look in different lighting conditions. LED mirrors positively impact the mood and concentration level of the individual.

What is the difference between a dressing table and a dresser?
The terms ‘dressing table’ and ‘dresser’ are often used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between the two. A dresser has less storage, is less functional, and is more feminine/unisex in nature, while a dressing table has more storage, is extremely multifunctional, and is seen as more masculine in nature.

What is the best material for designing a dressing table with a mirror?
Typically, wood is the ideal material for designing a dressing table with a mirror. Within the category, you can find a range of woods to make a selection from depending on your budget and preferences:


  • Mahogany/Walnut (Elegant Appearance | Rich Colours)
  • Teak (Extremely Durable | Water-Resistant)
  • Oak (Natural Grain Patterns | Durable)


  • Plywood (Environmentally Sustainable)
  • HDF/MDF (Moisture-Resistant | Low Maintenance)

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