8 Genius Bookshelf Under Stairs Ideas To Utilise The Unused Space

by Mehnaz Farooque | February 15, 2024 | 7 mins read

Bookshelf under stair design for your home

Utilise awkward spaces under the stairs with these clever bookshelf designs!

Although the space under the stairs has been famous in the wizarding world of Mr Potter, the under the stairs section usually remains unoccupied in the Muggle world. But if you’d ask us, we can show you some amazing design ideas to make use of this left out part of your house. One such design hack is to create a bookshelf under the stairs.

Bookshelves are an integral part of any house. They are ideal for stacking your most prized literature collections as well as offering shelf space for collectables, artefacts and decorative knick-knacks. Yes, a bookshelf design under stairs can be your space maximising formula to arrange your showpieces, artefacts and magazines, and to keep your place clutter-free. Hence, we came up with some interesting bookshelf under stairs design ideas that will help you utilise the section smartly. 

1. How About This Inbuilt Open Bookshelf Under Stairs For Your Home

Modern staircases can be designed with a variety of ideas to smartly utilise the space under the stairs. And one of these ideas is to design an inbuilt open bookshelf that remains attached beneath the staircase. As shown, the white staircase design is accentuated by a compact open bookshelf under stairs that uses the staircase area and creates a space-saving design without hindering any floor area. The triangular area under the stairs is beautifully carved into an open bookshelf where you can stack your books and other decor items. The bookshelf not only uses the space efficiently but also helps in enhancing the staircase. This type of bookshelf under stairs can be great for small houses and apartments.

Inbuilt open bookshelf under stairs creates a space-saving design without hindering any floor area
An inbuilt bookshelf under stairs to save space and add appeal

2. Create The Perfect Reading Nook With This Bookshelf Design Under Stairs

If you have a lot of space under your staircase, why not utilise it more by creating a dedicated reading corner beneath it? Yes, if you have a concrete staircase with ample under the stairs space, as shown in the picture, go beyond a bookshelf. In this bookshelf design under stairs, we have an open wooden bookshelf with drawer cabinets underneath. The bookshelf under the stairs is arranged by the wall beneath the zig-zag stair platform, while the rest of the area is utilised to create an elegant reading corner with a wingback reading chair and a tiny coffee table. The under-stairs section is also designed to align with the staircase theme to make the area look uniform and not odd. You can also add some art paintings and portraits to create an artistic vibe in the area.

Bookshelf design under stairs creates a perfect reading corner with a wingback reading chair and a tiny coffee table
You can create a cosy reading nook under the stairs with this perfect setup
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3. Add A Study Table, TV Unit Cum Bookshelf Under Stairs

Here is a super space-saving under the stairs furnishing idea with a modular TV cum study unit. The triangular area under the stairs is utilised to install a multipurpose TV unit with different sections. The TV cum showcase unit comes with open and closed shelves that can be great for stacking your books and office documents. Right at the end of the unit, there is an attached folding study table where you can sit and read your favourite books. This TV cum study cum bookshelf under stairs is a great example of space-saving furniture – ideal for new apartments. The finish and the colour scheme of the unit match the house’s other furniture to create a seamless look. This type of modular unit can help you keep everything shelved and hence maintain a fuss-free look. 

Tip: You can also use the stair treads as storage for your shoes and boxes.

The tv unit cum bookshelf under stairs with attached folding study table design
A super space-maximising TV unit cum bookshelf under stairs

4. A Close Bookshelf Under Stairs Is Always A Great Idea

This is yet another bookshelf under stairs idea to utilise the awkward under the stairs section. The stairs here have a curved design that adds a gorgeous curve under the stairs. Hence you can utilise this look to create a reading or chilling corner at your place. In this room, we have used a closed bookshelf with a two-door design. The wooden bookshelf adds an elegant look to the place, which can be great for home office setups as well. The bookshelf under stairs has wooden cross style shelves that come with ample storage to shelf all of your books and documents. The bookshelf also has drawers and open shelves beneath where you can store other articles. This bookshelf design under stairs is accompanied by a chest of drawers, a reading sofa and a small coffee table to create a cosy reading corner.

A closed bookshelf under stairs with a two-door design made from wooden adds an elegant look to the place
A reading corner setup that features a closed bookshelf under stairs

5. An Open Bookshelf Under Stairs Cum TV Unit For Living Area

If you have a long staircase design in your living room, make the most of the space with a modular TV unit cum bookshelf. As you can see, the modular wooden TV unit perfectly fits under the stairs. The TV unit has closed cabinets underneath and an attached wooden bookshelf with multiple sized shelves to store books, vases and magazines. There is also a floating shelf under the stairs used to better utilise the inaccessible corner. If you are following this under the stairs design, arrange the rest of the living room furnishings with the under the stairs section as the focus.

Open bookshelf under stairs cum tv unit for living room made from wood
A TV unit under the stairs with an attached open bookshelf
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6. Go For This Closet Cum Bookshelf Under Stairs To Create A Small Seating Area

Here is a classic-style concrete staircase with granite top treads and a wooden railing. The space under this staircase is utilised by designing an inbuilt closet cum bookshelf under stairs. The bookshelf remains attached to the wall beneath the stairs. The open laminate-finish bookshelf is attached to a three-door laminate closet. Right in front of the bookshelf, a seating area is arranged to utilise the under the stairs section. The whole setup creates an ideal chill spot in the house. The bookshelf here has different sized shelves to store paintings, artefacts, indoor plants besides books and magazines. You can follow this type of setup for an extra living area in your house.

Closet cum bookshelf design under stairs attached to the wall with seating setup creates an ideal chill spot in the house
A closet cum open bookshelf under the stairs

7. Couple Two Passions In One With A Bar Unit And Bookshelf Design Under Stairs

This is one unique under the stairs setup where we have added a bar unit along with a bookshelf cum showcase unit. If you have a staircase right near your dining area, you can utilise the under the stairs section with a bar unit. The rest of the under the stairs section can have a bookshelf cum showcase unit with closed cabinets. This one here is not primarily a bookshelf but is a combination of bar unit and showcase unit that can be used to shelf your books, magazines and even recipe books.

Bar unit and bookshelf design under stairs cum showcase unit with closed cabinet
A bar unit under the stairs with a bookshelf to stack your books and magazines

8. Open Floating Bookshelves Under The Stairs For An Open Library

Utilise your under the stairs area with open floating bookshelves that take the least possible space. The bookshelf design here is nothing but three solid wooden shelves attached under the wooden platform of the staircase. This is one of the easiest and simplest bookshelf designs under stairs that can fit in any room. You can add a reading chair with some good lighting in the area to make it the perfect reading spot.

Open floating bookshelf under stairs is one of the easiest and simplest designs for a perfect reading spot
Floating bookshelves under stairs to use the awkward unused space

So, now that you know about these amazing ideas for bookshelf design under stairs, go ahead and make the right use of this space in your home. The best way is to measure the available space and then decide what kind of bookshelf you should get. If you want help with the unused corners of your home or want a design mentor to help you create space-saving interiors, reach out to us at Design Cafe and let us help you design the savviest home interiors.

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