Style Guide: How To Decorate Old Almirah At Home In No Time

by Mohita Adhvaryu | January 26, 2024 | 4 mins read

how to decorate old almirah at home

Unmissable almirah decoration ideas for the season

Imagine your grandma’s exquisite almirah that she considered to be her prized possession but has got no takers now. We have all have almost been there and felt that. Our memories and love for good old furniture tie our heartstrings to especially those vintage almirahs. But how about transforming these old furniture pieces and including them in your home? Won’t that look iconic and extraordinary? We bet! So, if you have ever wondered how to decorate old almirah at home, we got some good news for you!

It might seem a little daunting or too complicated to pull off, but we have compiled all the exquisite and easy-to-execute almirah decoration ideas for you. These will come to your rescue if you have been looking for DIY almirah decoration hacks for quite some time now. All you need is a bit of imagination and just the right carpenter to assist you whenever necessary.

Apart from that, these decor ideas will completely transform your almirah with minimal materials and knickknacks. Without much adieu, check them out and start planning an overhaul this weekend.

Make The Almirah Decoration Rustic And Old-Worldly

Reclaimed furniture has been the talk of the town for many years now. With its signature texture and hue, this furniture piece stands out and grants a chic character to your space. Follow along and do the same with your old almirah. Through filing, wallpaper or paint, give a rustic look to it. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, a reclaimed, rustic almirah will absolutely win compliments either way.

Old almirah decoration in a rustic and old-wordly way
Restyle your old almirah with a rustic, reclaimed texture
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Install Vintage Doorknobs

Go back to the basics and look at all the details of your old almirah. Chances are that the almirah by and large is in a good condition; however, the details have gone haywire. You can fix this by choosing exquisite doorknobs for the almirah. Doorknobs are easily available in local shops. You can bring a few from your trips and install them to make your almirah look all the more beautiful.

The old white almirah decorated with vintage doorknobs to elevate the overall look
Doorknobs can elevate the overall look of an old almirah with little to no effort

Get Pastel Laminates For Almirah Decoration

Pastel laminates are really trending these days. If you have been a big-time Pinterest and Instagram decor lover, then do not think twice before executing this almirah decoration idea. Choose light shades of pink, blue, yellow and peppier colours to seep new life into your old almirah. You can easily place this upbeat, all-new almirah in your kid’s room or claim it for your inner child.

Old almirah decoration with pastel laminates for a trendy look
Pastel laminates can make an old almirah look more trendy

Engrave With Ornate Borders

Vintage almirahs whisper the stories of luxury and the good old times. You can take that route and stay authentic to its design by getting it intricately bordered on the sides. With tasteful patterns of flowers, symbols, geometries and more, this almirah decoration idea will never let you forget your roots.

Old Almirah engraved with ornate borders which whisper the stories of luxury
Let your old almirah exude luxury with splendidly ornate, handcrafted borders

Attach A Blackboard For Almirah Decoration

If scribbling on walls and wardrobes is one of your most cherished memories, then you can relive it all with this decoration hack. We recommend attaching a blackboard on your old almirah and let it speak for itself. It can serve as your to-do list space or you can scribble your Monday motivation on it while easily choosing the outfit for the day. Loving this idea already, aren’t you?

Old almirah decoration with an attached blackboard
A cutesy vintage almirah with blackboard — just perfect for your kid’s bedroom, no?
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Align An Etched Mirror

Remember those bordered mirrors on your grandma’s almirah? What if we told you that it can be recreated? With relative planning and a bit of thought, go ahead and get an etched mirror with white borders or anything else installed on your old almirah. It will make it more functional and contemporary at the same time and all of it would happen under your budget.

An old wardrobe decorated with mirrors on the door in the master bedroom
Neatly etched, intricate mirrors will enhance the look of an old almirah

With these range of old almirah decoration ideas, we are sure you won’t have to waste much time on execution. Plan it all well, know the mood and texture you wish to set by overhauling it and you will be fine! For that little extra help which you might need, feel ever free to reach out to us for a quick consultation and we will be happy to fix the old old almirah for you.

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