Poonam Bansal and Yashwant Yashu’s Gorgeous Home in Whitefield Bangalore

by Shubhankar Adhikari | January 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

Home interior designers in whitefield, bangalore

Take a tour of Poonam Bansal and Yashwant Yashu’s home in Bangalore and relive the experience of bringing to life the homeowners’ vision

Project name: Alembic Urban Forest

Location: Bangalore

Designer: Ankita

Sophisticated interior design is defined by simplicity and minimalism. Minimalist style has become extremely popular today and is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. This is not surprising — minimalist style combines comfort and spacial design with measured restraint to make an area sparkle. From the colour scheme to the choice of decor, minimalist design can be implemented in a variety of ways. The colours work to brighten up the space while the minimalist decor promotes harmonious living. A visitor cannot but help feel at peace when entering a minimalist space. That’s the exact feeling when one enters the tranquil home of Poonam Bansal and Yashwant Yashu in Bangalore. DesignCafe’s interior designers in Whitefield who worked on decorating the home ensured that simplicity blooms in this gorgeous home.

Let’s see how Design Cafe’s interior designers in Whitefield refurbished the couple’s home while realising their vision.

The Simply Breathtaking Foyer

The foyer has been kept simple and clean as it was a narrow passage. Since the foyer sets the mood for the entire home, DesignCafe’s interior designers in Whitefield used warm earthy tones in the wallpapers and the console table. As the space was transitory, a mirror was used along with some elegant artefacts to elevate the vibe of the house.

DC best home interior designers in Whitefield, Bangalore, foyer designed with a warm earthy tone wallpaper and mirror look elegant.
The narrow passage is given life by the earthy colours and carefully chosen accessories.

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The Chic Living Room

The vision was to keep the living room style minimalistic and modern. Since the clients desired a clutter-free space, the Design Cafe team installed a simple TV unit with earthy colours. Artefacts were used to highlight the room and bring in some oomph. The room’s large L-shaped window posed the challenge of too much natural light. A light-colour curtain was used for the windows to prevent the room from getting dark yet bring in enough light. Artificial lighting was used in the periphery of the room to create a cosy ambience which along with natural light and a striking chandelier helped achieve a desired look.

The earthy colour living room designed with a tv unit, sofa and centre table, interior designers in Whitefield.
The look of the room is elevated by the light-colour curtain and the attractive chandelier.

The Welcoming Dining Area

The living, cooking and dining spaces have been planned in an open design. A partition was installed by good interior designers in Bangalore between the living room and dining area that works as a showcase as well. A breakfast table was placed between the living room and kitchen. This table not only helps demarcate two areas but also provides a storage option in the kitchen.

Dining area between living and kitchen with a round dining table and chairs look chic, good interior designers in Whitefield, Bangalore.
The open design of the living, cooking and dining areas helps create a spacious look.

A Roomy Kitchen

The intention behind the kitchen design was to allow easy movement and create plenty of space for groceries and appliances. The breakfast table is a clever addition that ensures there is an extra counter with storage. Design Cafe’s interior designers in Whitefield, Bangalore, chose to go for a stone-textured laminate. To balance the look of the laminate, the team opted for a neutral white shade. Pretty Moroccan tiles were used for the dado wall that lifts the ambience of the open kitchen.

Kitchen with Moroccan tiles backsplash and stone-textured cabinet designed at low budget interior designers in Whitefield, Bangalore.
The white neutral colour works well with the heavy laminate shades to create a sublime vibe in the kitchen.
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The Quaint Master Bedroom

The master bedroom had a niche in the corner which Design Cafe’s team of experts utilised to create a private study for the homeowners. The study has space for storage as well. Cement finish laminates have been used to give the room a rustic feel. Olive green curtains with an elegant wallpaper complete the look of this space.

Master bedroom cum study area designed with an elegant wallpaper gives a rustic feel, best interior designers in Whitefield.
The study area in the corner niche is an intelligent touch that makes optimum use of space.

The Walk-In Wardrobe

The master bedroom had a narrow space for a walk-in wardrobe. Design Cafe’s experts chose a sliding wardrobe with a light-coloured laminate. A large dressing mirror makes the spaces look bigger.

Narrow space for a walk-in wardrobe with sliding door laminated in a light colour looks warm, interior design in Whitefield.
The walk-in wardrobe deftly uses available space to integrate customisations.

A Wooden Themed Bedroom

This bedroom sports a rich wooden theme that uplifts the vibe in the house. Cove lighting helps illuminate the space while natural light streaming in through the window creates a warm atmosphere. The bed looks extremely comfortable and the green plants on the side table add contrast.

Bedroom interiors in Whitefield with wooden theme and dressing table made from wood creates a rustic feel.
The wallpaper in this bedroom is a work of art that mesmerises

Are you interested in employing good interior designers in Bangalore to decorate your home the way Poonam and Yashwant have? Then why don’t you give us a call! We will be happy to help you turn your imagination into exactly how your dream home looks and feels. Give us a call today if you are on the lookout for interior designers in Whitefield.

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