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by Devna Tiwari | January 30, 2024 | 9 mins read

Design cafe experience center in whitefield

If you are looking for interior designers in Whitefield Bengaluru, we have great news for you! DesignCafe has its experience centre at Park Square, Whitefield. Come witness the world of home interiors!

DesignCafe’s second Experience Center (EC) is the re-invention of its first-ever EC and is located in Whitefield. Nestled perfectly in Bangalore’s silicon heart, DesignCafe’s Whitefield EC is a stone’s throw away from ITPL. The EC is perfectly positioned for the tech-savvy crowd of Whitefield — and they’re busy! The new EC located at the Park Square Mall makes the process of designing your dream home a fun day out for the whole family. A lot has changed with the new EC; updated designs in line with the latest trends and new innovations from the interior design world are out for you to touch and feel for yourself at the 7,000 sq. ft EC.

Interiors designed to reflect the personality and cater to the individuality of each customer is the philosophy behind our designs. As such, DesignCafe’s Whitefield EC showcases a number of space-saving and tech innovations that will appeal to the demographics of this part of the city. Join us as we walk you through everything DesignCafe Whitefield EC has to offer.

Kitchen Styles On Display

We will all agree that kitchens are the hearts of every Indian home, and deserve every bit of attention while designing the home interiors. Our kitchen designs focus on both form and function — aspects of a perfect kitchen!

Here are some of the kitchen designs showcased at the DesignCafe Experience Center.

Modern Eclectic Kitchen

This modern luxury L-shaped kitchen is designed using smooth glass, making it extremely easy to clean and the use of both light and dark colours binds this kitchen to perfection. Also, there are several hardware options to choose from. It further combines champagne and gloss texture, and the dado has hand-glazed ceramic tiles and quartz for the countertop. The base is designed with imported premium Abetti Laminati with lacquered glass.


  1. Vertical split sliding shutters and bi-fold split shutters designed for working men and women who have a packed schedule. The sliding mechanisms make life easy as they stay out of the way — no bumping and no hurting!
  2. A Cargo duo unit — medium-tall pantry unit to store away snacks and boxes with double-layered storage that provides easy access at the back 
  3. Turn motion swivel trays that rotate all through for maximum reach and use of the overhead space
  4. Corner Revo unit that rotates 90 degrees: it’s perfect for optimising corner space 
  5. Skirting drawers for the use of space to stack away big bulky serving trays/baking trays
The L-shaped modern eclectic kitchen looks luxury and designed by design cafe interior designer in Whitefield.

Recent Projects

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Modern Rustic Kitchen

Here’s a traditional rustic kitchen with a modern twist designed with high-gloss laminate finish. The perfect balance of gloss and texture with granite countertop offers a rustic look with an edge of modern functionality. This kitchen design is an excellent pick for those of you who like the old-world charm but also need all the modern features in their home interiors.


  1. Cabinets with bi-fold shutters are a match made in heaven for someone who does not prefer a loft
  2. Skirting drawers for the use of space to stack away big bulky serving trays/baking trays  
  3. Customised solutions for odd spaces like corners and around columns to maximise space utilisation
Modern rustic kitchen with cabinets and skirting drawer designed by design cafe is the best interior designer in Whitefield.

Modern Minimalist Style Kitchen

A clean and minimalistic kitchen with space to neatly stack away everything you need in your cooking area. The countertop area blends with the white and offers a simplistic and flawless style that spells elegance and class in this L-shaped kitchen. Minimal clean lines for those who like a fuss-free and clutter-free kitchen — this also makes the available narrow space look more spacious. Finished in high gloss acrylic combined with wood grain textured laminate to add warmth to an otherwise stark white minimal kitchen.


  1. Push-to-open shutters to create a minimal look
  2. Combination of loft and wall units to create the perception of more volume
  3. Single pocket door appliance garage for smaller appliances and for stashing away crockery
  4. A worktop that extends as an additional chopping station or buffet/breakfast counter 
  5. Rolling shutter for the appliance garage 
  6. S-carousel pull-outs for corner space optimisation 
  7. Skirting drawers for stacking platters 
  8. The kitchen also seamlessly merges with the bar unit and the living space
Modern minimalist style white kitchen cum dining area designed by dc interior designer in Whitefield Bangalore.

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Urban Modern Kitchen

This kitchen combines subtle wooden texture with solid high-gloss colour. This kitchen design is best for people who have a single countertop and need extra storage space. The handleless overhead unit, wall-to-wall units with an integrated janitor and pantry unit increase storage. This kitchen is perfect for a modern urban couple with contemporary modern tastes.


  1. Integrated janitor and pantry unit for space maximisation 
  2. Two-way swing larder pull-out for ease of accessibility of every corner
  3. Pull-out vertical tray for storage optimisation 
  4. Skirting drawers for stacking platters
  5. Wicker basket pull-out for fruits and vegetables
Design cafe a top interior designer in Whitefield designed modern urban kitchen with wall-to-wall and pantry unit.

Premium Organic Modern

This U-shaped kitchen is designed for those who love raw and natural aesthetics. The use of multiple textures such as wood, stone and rustic enhances the experience of those who like warm spaces.


  1. Dado wall with shelf storage for someone who loves to collect small bottles and prefers open storage, and also for ease of access to tiny daily-use masala jars
  2. Tall unit with oven and microwave with an in-between tray as an additional set-down space 
  3. Large pantry garage unit with space to store crockery and glassware
  4. Tall corner unit with double-layered corner S-carousel pull-outs
  5. Folding dining table smartly merged with the kitchen 
  6. Moving corner units for optimal utilisation of corner space
  7. Pull-down I-move for complete utilisation of wall units or loft space
U-shaped kitchen with the tall unit, pantry and folding dining table look warm and designed by Design cafe in Whitefield.

Young Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is designed for someone with an amazingly cheerful personality. The kitchen is an open social space; the pop of yellow on the inside is an element of surprise. Small, compact yet very warm and joyful. 


  1. Showcases stainless steel drawers and pull-outs for those who like more sturdy material 
  2. Sliding dado panel in glass that keeps the water from splashing at the dado shelves at the back 
  3. Tall pantry pull-out with internal storage
  4. Janitor unit to stash away utilities
  5. Open storage compartments can be used to keep items that are used often and also to display items such as cute planters or cookbooks
Design cafe experience centre, Parallel kitchen with blue and white laminate cabinets and janitor unit brings joyful.

Modern Bold Kitchen

This modern, bold, fuss-free kitchen is designed for those who love colours. The bright shades add a fun and youthful feel to the kitchen. The kitchen has a clean finish with a balanced mix of two colours. The profile rim adds just the right amount of balance between design and functionality of the kitchen and gives it a seamless look. The kitchen also seamlessly merges with the bar unit and the living space. 


1. Single pocket door appliance garage for smaller appliances and for stashing away crockery

2. Turn-motion swivel trays that rotate all through for maximum reach and use of the overhead space

3. Corner pie tray unit for optimisation of corner space

Design cafe interior designer in Whitefield designed parallel modern bold kitchen with cabinets in yellow and brown shade.

The Living Room

There is nothing more important than designing a living room that is perfect for enjoying family time and entertaining loved ones. This is the spot that decides the tone for the rest of your home’s interior style and decor.

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Here are the living room designs on display at our EC, packed with the much-needed drama and luxury.

The Noir Room: French-Style Living Room

The black and white theme of this living room showcases a classical look. The black tone wallpaper on one wall is starkly juxtaposed with white painted wood carved mouldings on other walls. The classical colour pairs and complementary decor establish the clean, luxurious feel of the room.

Design cafe experience centre, a french-style living room in black and white theme look luxurious.

The Bangalore Room: Indian-Style Living Room

This room consists of a colourful combination of wallpapers and paint that brighten up the walls. The decor combines temple elephant wallpaper and plain earthy wall paint with wall art which is sourced from local artisans, highlighting the south cotton fabric and lacquered toys from Channapatna.

Bright yellow Indian style living room in design cafe Whitefield experience centre looks chic.

The Kitsch Room

This room is filled with unique seating options that form the major design elements of the room. The furniture, along with various prints and colours in the room, creates an oasis for someone with quirky preferences. The room also has a fun mix of multicoloured frames, textures and patterns on the wall.

Design cafe interior designer in Whitefield designed kitsch room with unique seating, frames and patterns on the wall.

The Bombay Room: Indian-Style Living Room

This living room is inspired by the traditional Parsi interiors, with a balance of muted ivory and olive bringing out the old Bombay charm. The room utilises cane furniture along with a light-toned colour for the walls to open up space. It also encompasses the old Bombay tastes — the cane furniture with high chairs, decoupage decor and wallpaper.

Indian style living room with high chairs and decoupage decor look adorable, Mumbai design cafe in experience centre.

The Bling Room

This room is for someone seeking a more luxurious feel. It is recommended for those who love making a big statement with large seatings and bling lights and live life king size.

Design cafe best interior designer in Whitefield designed bling room with large seatings and bling lights.

The European Classical Room

This room is inspired by the age-old European classical style of furniture and pattern. The wooden trunk table is the centrepiece, which gives you extra storage as well. The wallpaper is inspired by the fresco style of painting in classical interiors while vintage wall frames highlight the European architecture.

DC interior designer in Whitefield Bangalore designed European classical room with tv unit, table, chairs and wallpaper.

The Minimalist Living Room

Minimal clean lines for those who have a fuss-free and clutter-free style of living. It makes the available narrow space look more spacious. Within this design, all elements of a living room are neatly stacked inside the units without losing out on the amount of space available.

Living room with classic style chairs and wallpaper look minimalist designed by design cafe interior designer in Whitefield.

And that’s not it! Our EC is filled with a myriad of options for you to choose the best for your home interiors!

Come take a tour of how we are headed towards changing the world, one home at a time!

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