Stay In Bed All Day! 10 Cosy Bedroom Design Ideas For You

by Ashish Rai | January 17, 2024 | 6 mins read

cozy bedroom ideas for your home

If there were only one place you could make extremely cosy in your homes, it would have to be the bedroom isn’t it?

Your bedroom is a place to rest our weary bones after a hard day of work, study, and party. It is also a sanctuary where one can unwind, chill and recharge after the day is through. In theory, the most comfortable room in your house should be the bedroom. However, there are a lot of minute aspects involved to make your bedroom cosy and remarkably comfortable. Layers of textures, the use of appropriate furniture, and lots of creativity are needed to turn your space into a sleep haven. 

Whether you have an enormous master bedroom that is begging to be transformed into a cosy area or you want to get the most out of a small bedroom these ideas will give you all the cosy vibes. Take a peek and start designing.

Keep Your Bed Close To The Window

If you want your bedroom to be the cosiest of them all place your bed near a window. Doing this gives you ample natural light during the day and the option to stargaze in the night. The image shows how cozy is defined. A single bed against a high window is accompanied by a wrought iron side table in white ordained with vase. Fluffy cushions and pillows with a floral bed sheet make this room comfortable and cosy. Perfect for Sunday siestas!

Cozy bedroom near a window gives you ample natural light during the day and the option to stargaze in the night.
This pretty bedroom in white with floral bedspread make it a soothing space to sleep in

A Dramatic Brick Wall With Funky Art

There are countless reasons why brick walls in a bedroom go beyond the ordinary. A worn-out brick wall offers more than contrast, and brings in a quirky twist to your bedroom interior design. The exposed brick wall reminds us of cosy cottages in the countryside and of winter afternoons sipping mulled wine.

Cozy bedroom ideas, brick wall with funky art offers more than contrast and brings in a quirky twist.
Soft bedding, warm lighting and other subtle details give this bedroom an air of cosiness

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White On White To Exude Calmness

White is bright, relaxing and gives you lots of room to play around with decor and accessories. An all-white bedroom might not be your first choice as a cosy colour scheme. However, do note that the term ‘cosy’ is less of a design aesthetic and more of a feeling. This bedroom designed in white and wood gives it a simple, zen-like vibe. Casually placed frames on the wall, a tall floor lamp in a corner and a thick rug that sits on the hardwood floor makes this room inviting.

Cosy romantic bedroom ideas white is bright, relaxing and can play around with decor and accessories.
An all-white bedroom is a fitting choice for those who want a dreamy ambience
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String Lights For A Dreamy Cozy Bedroom

String lights look whimsical no matter where we hang them. They are used at events, parties, and even kitschy boutiques to light up the spaces in an informal way. String lights can be used in various ways. See how they hang magically above the bed? Doesn’t it look beautiful and cosy? You will enjoy looking at these lights while falling asleep.

String lights look whimsical but beautiful in a cozy room.
Fairy lights will completely transform your bedroom into an oasis of sleep

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Use Calming Colours

A cosy room needs a soothing colour palette. Colour psychology plays an important part in your emotional and mental wellbeing. This means your bedroom colour scheme must be warm and welcoming. Your bedroom needs to feel serene. We see a bedroom here painted in brown and green that creates a cosy, calm ambience. Other tones you can opt for are golden yellows, muted reds, soft oranges and brown. Paint your bedroom in one of these and see how you feel!

Cosy bedroom ideas colours can create a comfortable, calm ambience in your room.
An earthy shade of brown is the most soothing colour for a cosy bedroom

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Huge Gingham Pillows

One of the easiest ways to make your bedroom cosy is with pillows. Pile them up and don’t shy away from mixing and matching prints/patterns. Go all out and combine large prints with small ones, florals and geometrics. Furry blankets and a geometric patterned rug is the focal point in this charming bedroom but it’s the pillows that stand out! Not only are they cosy but reminds us of the pillow fights we had as kids!

Cozy comfy bedroom decor with furry blankets, a geometric patterned rug and gingham pillows stands out.
The faux fur blanket adds texture to this space while the framed photos add an artistic touch
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Create A Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are found in traditionally styled bedrooms but they can be incorporated with any style. Whether in a rustic lake house or a sleek mid-century styled bedroom, canopy beds can make a dramatic impact. If you want to add extra comfort to your bed, drape it in soft, sheer textiles to create a cosy cocoon for lazy Sunday mornings.

Canopy bed in the cozy bedroom adds extra comfort to your bed and looks traditional.
Beautifully engulfed in a faux blanked and huge pillows this canopy bed becomes the best part of the house
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Install A Tufted Headboard

Any palatial headboard is bound to add a cosy vibe to your bedroom. But there is just something about a tufted headboard, like the one in this image, that really pushes the cosy factor up tenfold. Not only will it make your bedroom comfortable but adds an aura of elegance to a room.

Cozy bedroom ideas headboard makes your bedroom comfortable and adds an aura of elegance to a room.
Consider covering your headboard in an opulent fabric such as velvet for a luxurious design

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Wooden Ceiling Beams

Wooden beams can have a more significant impact than tossing a few fluffy pillows on your bed. Wooden accents add immense warmth to spaces, and a great decor element without taking up too much space. For a nice vibe of nature, bring in the wood!

Wooden beams add immense warmth to spaces and a great decor element in the cozy bedroom.
Wooden accents are warm and welcoming aesthetics and are usually found in country homes

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A Swing Chair By The Window

A swing chair in your bedroom will make it really snug. Hanging chairs are fun, stylish and comfortable. If you love the idea of hammocks but do not have a balcony or garden to place one then a swing chair is just the thing for you. It is a perfect place to take an afternoon nap or even relax with a game or a book.

Cozy room with a swing chair is a perfect place to take an afternoon nap.
A hanging chair is just the furnishing for you to make your bedroom cosy and relaxed

There you go! We hope you loved these ideas on how to transform your bedroom into a cosy haven. We hope you will incorporate some of them into your own home. If we missed out on anything, please feel free to mention it in the comments section below.

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