Functional And Stylish Bathroom Rugs For Your Home

by Naina Khare | February 28, 2024 | 5 mins read

Bathroom rugs design ideas

Scouring the internet for ideas to uplift the ambience of your bathroom? We have got you sorted with these trendy bathroom rug designs for your home.

For numerous reasons, bathrooms are extremely important in our homes. Since it is an imperative space, it needs to be healthy and functional. When it comes to furnishing your bathroom decor, we know you will never go wrong with the lighting, tiles and other good stuff. But remember, it’s the little things that matter and it can be something as little as a bathroom rug. In this blog, we bring forth the best bathroom rug designs that will bestow a fashionable yet comforting look to your bathroom.

Plush Master Black Cotton Bath Rugs

Black is a colour that’s never going out of trend. When you place black cotton rugs in your bathroom, it goes to show that your fashion sense is ‘elevated basics’ and simply incredible! Cotton bath rugs are soft and comfortable and very absorbent for wet feet. You can opt for any size that fits your space — small, large or extra-large. The best part about cotton bath rug sets is that they are washable. Thus, you don’t have to sweat about replacing it every now and then. What’s more, cotton rugs last a long time and they look inevitably cool and luxurious. Both ways, it’s a win-win!

Cotton Black bathroom rugs are absorbent for wet feet
Black bathroom rugs are always stylish

Oversized Western White Fuzzy Bath Rugs 

This is the era of donning oversized stuff! Be it t-shirts, jeans or rugs — oversized is IT! Oversized western white fuzzy bath rugs can bestow serene and comforting vibes. On top of the pristine white colour, the warm fuzzy feeling just does the job right. Besides, the colour white is timeless. It’s sure to make other colours in your bathroom decor go pop! Being a subtle colour itself, it elevates the vibrancy — and bestows an ethereal look to your interiors!

Black and white fuzzy bathroom rug elevates the vibrancy
Go for a bathroom rug in classic black and white

Gucci Petals Bathroom Rugs 

Gucci is a posh, recognised brand all across the globe. Not many people know this, but Gucci makes impeccable bath rugs. They are of good quality with soft fabric, which lasts extraordinarily long. What’s more, these bath rugs are contemporary, washable and non-skid. The brand formulates myriad types of rugs with modern styles and aesthetics. They will definitely make your bathroom decor all the more intriguing and oh well, aesthetically pleasing, too!

Gucci bathroom rugs create a stylish statement to the place
Make a style statement with your bathroom rug
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Decorative Butterfly Bathroom Rug 

Anything that’s artistically rich is appropriate for home decor! Decorative bathroom rugs add that luxurious look and character to your decor. They not only create a stunning space but are also extremely functional. However, opt for something soft and plush for your feet. 

Decorative butterfly bathroom rug for kids' bathroom to add a luxurious look
Shaped bathroom rugs for kids’ bathrooms

Madeline Heart-Shaped Non-Skid Bath Rug

This goes without saying — non-skid bath rugs are a must! Nobody wants to come out of a beautiful shower and skid through the floor. And so, it’s extremely necessary to invest in a good-quality, non-skid bathroom rug set. Heart-shaped rugs provide that cute and elegant vibe to your bathroom decor. Flaunt an ultra-stylish bohemian decor by donning this rug. Designed with hand-embossed flowers, the heart-shaped bath rug will be the literal heartthrob!

Heart-shaped bathroom rugs provide an elegant vibe
A heart-shaped rug gives your bathroom a chic look

Square-Shaped Plum Bathroom Rugs 

Dart an air of sophistication by donning the square-shaped plum bathroom rug! Square-shaped rugs are fuller and better — perfect for your bathroom decor. You can opt for any colour — royal blue, sea green, peach, orange (bright or subtle) — all depending on the vibes you are going for. Donning these bath rugs can instantly add a dilettante yet proficient aura to your bathroom decor. 

Plum bathroom rugs in a square-shaped perfect for your bathroom decor
Keep it simple with a square bathroom rug

Round Microfiber Bathroom Rugs

Rekindle your modern fashion style by donning the circle microfiber bathroom rug! Microfibre materials are extremely absorbent in nature, thus staving off any likelihood of skidding or slipping. Without the shadow of a doubt, circle bath rugs have the prominence to put together the entire bathroom decor, maintaining the vibe check. You can again choose different colours depending on the look you are aiming for.

Round microfiber bathroom rugs for bathroom are highly absorbent
Microfiber bathroom rugs are quick to dry

When revamping the home, we tend to take care of the major stuff, such as the lights, flooring, tiles and so on. However, we do miss out on the little things. Bathroom rugs are significant while decorating your bathroom. They not only bestow a stupendous look but also absorb water, preventing accidental slips. Do take care of a few things though — make sure the rug you opt for fits the standards and desires of your bathroom. Also, keep your bathroom vibe in check. If it’s bright and chirpy, go for a rug that’s subtle and soft. On the other hand, if your bathroom decor is gloomy and less vibrant, choose a dazzling coloured bathroom rug.

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