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Who says you need to be part of the glittering beau monde to be able to afford an interior designer?

If you’ve ever considered giving your home interiors a design overhaul, it’s likely you’ve considered hiring an interior designer. Excited, you’ve phoned plausible prospects, discussing ideas and designs and floor layouts. And when you’ve been about ready to take the next step, you’ve realised you may have taken on more than you bargained for. Literally.

If you’ve been there, you know.

The truth is, you don’t have to be a silk-stocking homeowner to be able to afford a designer. Interior design runs a massive spectrum of styles, specialities and price points, and it’s up to you to find a peg that fits your budget and sensibilities. A designer can add oodles of value to your home, giving you a technical edge over if you were to design your interiors yourself. For example, a seasoned designer may consider acoustic properties, flammability, electrical resistance and more while choosing to floor, combining aesthetic and functional factors to create an optimised home design.

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Step-by-step approach

Interior designers come in a range of budgets, so getting started with one doesn’t have to be a big-ticket investment. If you’re wary of spending the big bucks, start small. Hire an emerging designer to help with a small, bespoke project in your home. And go from there.

Informed, professionally-led decisions

Interior designers are seasoned at working within a budget and picking the best-quality pieces. They can determine which materials and styles can give you the best value for money and scale your aesthetic accordingly. You can expect a final product rooted in savings, but exuding a sophistication that echoes your expectations.

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Increased home value

When you have your home professionally designed, you’re automatically appreciating its value for prospective renters or buyers. By investing early in interior design, you can expect augmented returns in the long-run, whether in rent or a sale.

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Reused furniture, reduced cost

An experienced designer can reuse or repurpose your existing furniture to fit your expected decor scheme. Not only that, they can assess your existing decor to check its viability for inclusion in your revamped aesthetic. From taking a vintage dining table from old and worn to très chic, or a sofa from battered to beautiful, a professional designer can help you find ways to cut your cost by using what you have.

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One-time investment, long-term savings

In the long run, an interior designer can help save you money, thanks to their vast network of manufacturers, wholesale suppliers, architects, contractors, and access to trade discounts on furniture, fixtures, and furnishings. Designers also keep quality at the forefront of their decision-making, so you can rest assured your decor will endure over time, saving you the cost and hassle of replacing it every few years.

An interior designer can lend a different dimension to your home, in terms of style and spatial layout. Choose one that mirrors your sensibilities, and lay out your expectations right at the outset. At the end of the day, whichever way you look at it, getting an interior designer on board can be a boon for your home and your bank account.

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