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Always fancied a bathroom that seems straight out of Buckingham Palace? Turns out, you needn’t be a royal to own one.

Gilded fittings, marble counters and crystal chandeliers – this is what bathroom dreams are made of. And while these elements are indeed the picture of quintessential luxury, you don’t need them all to turn your bathroom into a rich and indulgent escape. If you’re bound by a budget but still want to channel royalty into your bathroom, use this little list of bathroom design ideas to help you turn your bathing chamber into the ultimate 5-star sanctum – without emptying your bank account.

  1. Enclose your shower area

The first rule of luxury – dry floors. And so, as a first step, consider ways to limit wetness to your shower area. Consider stylish glass partitions that double as aesthetic design statements. Pick golden handles and gilded hinges, because you know, what better way to spell luxury than with gold?

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  1. Add a seat

Breathe Victorian vibes into your bathroom with sumptuous seating. Typical Indian bathrooms are usually pressed for space, but there are ample compact stools you can consider that are waterproof and wonderful. For example, plastic stools embossed with a wicker design are commonly available online and in home decor stores, and can add an opulent flair to your bathroom. If you have the luxury of a large bathroom, opt for a tufted stool or ottoman, or a classic armchair. Upholstered seating is the epitome of grandeur, but can be a challenge to maintain, especially in a moisture-filled environment. So, if you are considering this option, make sure you have a powerful exhaust fan to blow out the moisture and place your chair a safe distance away from your shower enclosure.

  1. Opt for glass holders

Five-star bathrooms dazzle literally and figuratively; the former, thanks to the abundance of reflective surfaces – glazed tiles, sparkly sinks and of course, those classic glass holders. You know the ones. Placing glass holders in your bathroom is a surefire way to take the luxury quotient up several notches. Buy lookalike-apothecary jars (these are easily available online) to host your earbuds and cotton balls, and repurpose your drinking glasses into holders for your toothbrushes and razors. By containing your bathroom baubles in glass containers, you can conjure a smooth and seamless, crystalline aesthetic.

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  1. Hang up an ornamental mirror

A mirror with foliated borders, intricate scrollwork or a statement frame can take your bathroom from lousy to luxe in seconds. As a people, we Indians don’t give enough importance to the mirrors in our bathrooms. The truth is, contractor-grade mirrors can pull your bathroom down and rob it of its personality. Look for interesting designs and styles when shopping for a mirror and turn your mirror into a bathroom centrepiece.

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  1. Monogram your towels and boxes

Feel like a royal with your own self-crafted monogram. Print it on your bath towels, hand towels and even your tissue boxes. If you’re a dreadful designer, outsource your monogram design. There are many talented freelancers on pay-per-job websites who can design a darling monogram on a budget.

  1. Let there be hooks and rails

A well-organised bathroom is a well-appointed one. And the first step to getting there is making sure everything has a place. Install a hand towel ring by the sink, a bath towel rail by the shower and a sequence of hooks to host your bits and bobs. While you may overlook these basic additions, they can make a whole lot of difference to your bathroom by lending it form and order.

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  1. Chase the gold…

…And the brass and copper. Rich metals can infuse a regal air into your bathroom, breaking the monotony of chrome finishes associated with traditional Indian bathrooms. If you’re wary of upgrading your hardware, don’t. Start with simple additions – a sparkling soap dish, a gilded magnifying mirror or a nickel-rimmed hurricane jar. Try maintaining a consistent metallic palette across your elements, although certain pairs may add charm to your bathing area. Chrome and brass, nickel and brass, and copper and steel make wonderful cool-and-warm partnerships by counterbalancing each other.

  1. Invest in overhead lighting

Overhead lighting can cast a halo of warm light around your bathroom, magicking a glorious, golden aura. Despite its awesomeness, we seldom give overhead lighting its due. Especially in our bathrooms. With most Indian bathrooms featuring a humble light above the mirror and nothing else, our bathing chambers are often gloomy and light-starved. Invest in a fixture that carpets your space in light. You’ll find dozens of head-turning options that will give you a huge bang for your buck.

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Turning your bathroom into a picture of luxury doesn’t have to come at a luxury price tag. With these 8 tips, give your bathroom decor a royal upgrade on an average budget. And treat yourself to an indulgent bath time experience like no other.

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