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Is smart interior design something you need for your home? Why is it important? This guide breaks it down.

Look around your home. And observe. Ask yourself why the sideboard is placed where it is. Or why the coffee table is positioned ten inches away from the sofa. Why not eleven inches, or twelve? Why is the dining table round? Why not square or rectangular? And why is it made of hardwood, not glass or acrylic?

So many questions. Most seldom answered.

The truth is, every home is rooted in logical, practical interior design, even if it doesn’t scream shelter-magazine-cover-page. Think about the home of your childhood. Recall the wall decor and the sofa placement, the material palette and the choice of curtains. Everything had a place, a value. Today, home design pivots as much around functionality, as aesthetics. And whether you choose to hire a professional or not, you’ll find maintaining a home interior design guideline a blessing in the long run.

Here’s why.

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Design underpins comfort

Imagine coming home from a long, hard day to a familiar place of comfort; it’s a heartfelt luxury you can hardly put a price on. Styling your home interiors as per your sensibilities can allow you to craft a personal, thoughtful aesthetic. A cosy throw laid across the sofa, a relaxing rocking chair for quiet nights of reading, and your grandmother’s heirloom wool rug displayed proudly on your living room wall can be priceless tokens that immortalise moments and memories. Aside from enhancing your decor, a personalised aesthetic can cocoon you in peace. So, whether you’re obsessive about organising or appreciate a deliberate sense of disarray, you can tailor your set to your liking.

Colour therapy is uplifting

Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt enveloped by a sense of calm? Or revived from a sense of gloom? If you have, think back to the colour of the walls. It’s more than likely they had something to do with conjuring some type of mood-lifting magic. Colour therapy dates back thousands of years to various civilisations across the globe, including the ancient Indian, Egyptian and Chinese. The theory suggests that each colour has its own energy, wavelength and healing properties, and its shades can be used in complementary conjunction to create a visual harmony that promotes mental, emotional and spiritual equipoise in the human body. From restful and relaxing to spirited and stimulating, colours allow you to channel a variety of moods into your home.

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Your home is a reflection of you

Your home speaks volumes about your tastes, your interests and your personality. A tchotchke from a European holiday, a spectacular seashell from Goa or even a storybook wall hinting at your love of reading can be a great conversation starter, and lead you to form connections with people on a much deeper level.

Clever design equals easy ergonomics

Think about flow and free space inside your home. A carefully designed home can pave the way for plentiful channels of negative space that help minimise superfluous movements and motions. An ergonomic layout can save you precious energy and time while navigating your way around your home.

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Customised design plays to your tastes, requirements and needs

Well-thought-out home design should echo your requirements and needs. For instance, if you’re a newlywed couple, you can request for your home to be designed as a private, intimate retreat far removed from the chaos of the outside world. If you’re a young couple with kids, your home can contain more common spaces, to allow for maximum family bonding. A home designed for seniors should be sensitised to their needs, with low-lying rails, ramps and anti-skid flooring taking priority over other elements.

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Evidently, there’s more to home interior design than aesthetic arrangements and delightful decor. There’s functionality, convenience, customisation and more to consider. Whether you’re designing a new home or giving your existing one an overhaul, it’s a good idea to start with a home design guideline. By knowing what needs to go into your home, you can give it a far more meaningful avatar.

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