Earth-Friendly And Sustainable Kitchen Ideas To Follow Now

by Pulkit Singh | January 11, 2024 | 4 mins read

Sustainable kitchen design ideas for your kitchen

Keep your carbon footprint in check without affecting your style quotient with these sustainable kitchen design ideas.

As the warnings by climate activists get sharper, more homeowners are turning to eco-friendly options, doing their bit for our blue planet. The first place where we can ensure sustainability is in our eco-friendly kitchens. 

There’s more to making the kitchen an environmental force to be reckoned with — nope, placing a few plants and saying no to plastic won’t cut it. We need bigger initiatives in the kitchen to create a dent in the non-sustainable kitchen narratives. Read the suggestions that our experts share and reduce your carbon footprint.  

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Floors Are Fancy

Let’s start with the most used area of the kitchen — the floor. Eco-friendly flooring options like cork and bamboo are finding a broader expression in kitchens. Even with regular flooring, you can opt for concrete and reclaimed wood in upcycled alternatives. All these are available in eye-catching designs and colours.

Eco-friendly flooring for kitchens in eye-catchy designs and colours
An elegant repurposed hardwood floor

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Eco-Friendly Kitchen Appliances That Dazzle

Choose appliances with the most energy-efficient and sustainable ratings. With reduced resource consumption, an all-round effort towards sustainability can be encouraged. A fully loaded dishwasher is good for the pocket and the planet. Upgrade your refrigerator to the highest rating — you will be surprised at how much electricity you save.

Eco-friendly kitchen appliances with the energy-efficient and sustainability
Install high-performance low-energy appliances
Well designed modular kitchens that save 20% space

Spotlight On Energy-Efficient Lights

Light fixtures are the prime culprit for draining away energy unnecessarily. LED lights offer ample illumination without harming the planet as much. Ask yourself — does your whole kitchen always need the same amount of lighting? Creating different lighting zones will help focus on the area you need while budgeting out energy in the redundant areas.

Energy efficient led lighting for the kitchen offers ample illumination without harming the planet as much
A kitchen with LED bulbs and different fixtures

Sustainable Kitchen Cabinets

Whether remodelling or constructing from scratch, a responsible homeowner must invest in sustainable kitchen cabinets. Being intentional about sourcing materials and their sustainability ensures you have a safe space that is low on VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are known to cause diseases. 

Reclaimed wood is an excellent alternative for cabinetry. Impossible to use your existing cabinetry? Why don’t you donate it to some local facility that can use it.

Sustainable kitchen cabinets ensure a safe space that is low on VOCs
Add some colour with sustainable cabinetry

Eco-Friendly Countertops

Quartz is a favourite with interior designers when choosing an eco-friendly countertop. It is easier to mine than other materials, uses less water, and lasts the longest. Another plus? It can be recycled most smoothly vis-a-vis countertop materials like marble or wood.

Eco-friendly countertops for kitchen
A countertop is the elegant workhorse of any kitchen

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Reduce Energy Consumption With Doors And Windows

Strategically placed doors and windows can reduce your energy footprint by allowing in more light and reducing your electricity bill. Why must you use bulbs when there’s sun during the day? If you can, use skylights to flood your kitchen with healthy sunshine. The aesthetic appeal of this is the icing on the cake.

Strategically place windows in your kitchen to reduce energy consumption
Invite love and light into the kitchen

A Classic And Sustainable Kitchen Design

Instead of following the latest fads and renovating your kitchen frequently, choose a timeless but sustainable kitchen design. This reduces the need to remodel every few years and diminishes the environmental impact. Opt for glues and finishes that are ethically produced and formaldehyde-free (a known carcinogen).

A classic sustainable kitchen design reduces the need to remodel every few years and diminishes the environmental impact
A classic kitchen design to last a lifetime
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Paint Your Sustainable Kitchen With This

No or low VOC paints are creating quite a buzz in the interior design world. Regular paints have a high concentration of VOC (volatile organic compounds) that mix with the air, causing severe health issues. Most paint brands offer VOC minus alternatives that may be slightly more expensive but better for health and the environment in the long run.

A kitchen coloured in low VOC pastel paints that don’t harm and are sustainable
Pastel paints that don’t harm

Eco-Friendly Sinks Are The Watchword

Extend the hand of harmony to the washing area as well. There are various eco-friendly sink options — faucets that are low flow or the even better option, go touch-free. The automatic cut-off of the water supply minimises water wastage while keeping the style quotient high.

Eco-friendly kitchen sink with touch-free faucet
Touch-free faucet for an eco-friendly kitchen sink

In the beginning, most steps towards creating eco-friendly kitchens will seem heavy on the wallet, but in the larger scheme of things, they need fewer replacements, are more durable, and are good for the planet. 

Sustainability is a long haul — it is about longevity and about creating a lifestyle that supports the environment. The more you have to change things, the higher your carbon footprint. The less you need, the more you have.

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