10 Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles You Have Been Looking For

by Henna Achhpal | January 24, 2024 | 5 mins read

modern kitchen wall tiles design for your kitchen

Give your kitchen an artistic makeover

A backsplash can do more than protect the walls in your kitchen from food stains and splatter. The wall tiles in your kitchen don’t need to be limited to their functional utility. You can use this underrated wall tiling opportunity as your blank canvas and choose modern kitchen wall tiles that reflect your personality.

With the tiles being around areas in the kitchen that have the most cooking, washing and cleaning activity going on, choosing modern kitchen wall tiles has to be a combination of the practical and the aesthetic. Check out these 10 modern kitchen wall tiles pictures to find inspiration for the kitchen of your dreams.

Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles With Attractive Prints

Go bold and bring your kitchen to life by choosing a modern kitchen wall tiles design that boasts an attention-grabbing pattern like this one. The contrasting shades of black, yellow and blue add character to your cooking area. If you want to balance off the look, install kitchen cabinets in a simple white.

Modern kitchen wall tiles in pattern design with contrasting shades of black, yellow and blue looks charming.
Dress up your kitchen wall with tiles in a trendy pattern or print
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Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles With Metallic Glossy Finish

Give your kitchen a truly contemporary look with modern kitchen wall tiles design in a metallic glossy finish. This modern kitchen wall tiles texture lends a futuristic upgrade to your cooking area. Keeping the wall tiles clean at all times is super easy too!

L-shaped modern kitchen wall tiles designed in a metallic glossy finish backsplash looks clean and straightforward.
Match glossy cabinets with a metallic-finish backsplash for a kitchen from the future
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Mosaic Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

Mosaic tiles are another great way to explore different types of modern kitchen wall tiles design texture. Thanks to the versatility of these modern kitchen wall tiles, there are endless ways to customise mosaic tiles. You could go for a single-shade palette. But mosaic tiling also offers the opportunity to experiment with murals!

U-shaped modern kitchen wall with mosaic texture backsplash tiles in multi-shades of brown
Mosaic tiles add character to your kitchen, offering a lot of room for personalisation

Classically Simple Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Match wall tiles to the rest of the colour scheme if you want a sober kitchen and play with the texture and pattern instead. Subway tiles match well in the case of a white kitchen. The design of these white modern kitchen wall tiles breathes life into your cooking area while keeping the look simple but sophisticated. Subway tiles are classic and never go out of style.

Modern all-white kitchen wall tiles in a brick pattern look simple but sophisticated.
Classic subway til ing never goes out of style for a reason

Marble Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

To keep the theme consistent, install matching tiles for the kitchen flooring and backsplash. Marble tiles are the best bet for this decor hack. Check out modern kitchen wall tiles pictures, and you’ll see that large slabs of marble give the kitchen an instant elegant uplift.

A modern kitchen with marble wall tiles installed on flooring and backsplash
There’s nothing like matching marble flooring and walls to upgrade the elegance quotient
Looking to transform your kitchen this season

Grey Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Patterned modern grey kitchen wall tiles lend an element of fun to your cooking area. These white and grey printed modern kitchen wall tiles settle beautifully into a monochrome palette such as this without making your kitchen appear too busy.

Modern grey kitchen wall tiles in a flowery pattern
Bring a monochrome kitchen to life with a backsplash of printed grey tiles

Brown Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles

Browsed thousands of modern kitchen wall tiles images but found them too loud? A brown colour scheme like this gives your kitchen an understated but chic look. Get modern kitchen wall tiles in a soft brown shade for the perfect match.

kitchen features modern brown wall tiles
Complete the look of your down-to-earth kitchen with a soft brown backsplash

Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles With A Splash Of Colour

A backsplash in a loud solid colour is the perfect way to bring an otherwise simple kitchen to life. If you have white cabinets and a classic black countertop installed in your kitchen, modern wall tiles in a bold shade like red will be an exciting choice.

Modern kitchen wall tiles design in India for backsplash in red colour
Make things fun in a minimal white kitchen with a dash of bright colour

Chalkboard Backsplash For Your Kitchen

There’s nothing better than this chalkboard backsplash for your kitchen for out-of-the-box modern kitchen wall tiles ideas. From the day’s menu to recipes, grocery lists and doodles — there will be more ways than one to spill creative juices around your cooking area with these modern kitchen wall tiles.

Kitchen has chalkboard backsplash is the creative modern kitchen wall tiles
A chalkboard backsplash for the doodlers and list makers
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Modern Kitchen Wall Tiles Set In Marble

Marble modern kitchen wall tiles successfully break the monotony of a white kitchen. It’s an incredible hack if you’re looking to uplift your kitchen but not too much. These modern white kitchen wall tiles also help to make your cooking area appear more spacious.

All-white modern kitchen wall tiles set in marble
A shiny marble backsplash gives your cooking area a graceful makeover

We’re sure these modern kitchen wall tiles pictures have helped you discover the untapped potential of a kitchen backsplash. Plan your modern kitchen wall tiles carefully to ensure you make the right choice. After all, the modern kitchen wall tiles beautify the most frequently used sections of your cooking area.

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