Say Hello to the Most Popular Types of Kitchen Wall Cabinets

by Sneha Virmani | January 26, 2024 | 5 mins read

Popular types of kitchen wall cabinets for your home

Say hello to stylish storage solutions with these kitchen wall cabinets.

Choosing appropriate kitchen wall cabinets is as important as the design of the kitchen. Besides adding an aesthetic value, their role extends to keeping the space clean and utensils sanitised. In today’s times, when the markets are flooded with various designs, finding the right kitchen cabinet is overwhelming. A style that complements the taste and lifestyle of a homeowner, what you choose will determine the feel of your kitchen. Each wall cabinet, in terms of decor, offers different door shutters, colours, and laminate finishes that can leave you bewildered with choices. 

Thankfully, we can make this overwhelming experience a tad bit easy for you. Here we explore some kitchen wall cabinet designs that we’re obsessed with and for good reason. 

Stained Glass Modular Kitchen Wall Cabinets 

Stained glass cabinets that were once a rage in every Indian home took a beating and came back victorious. They add a touch of understated elegance to the kitchen. Stained glass cabinets align with the aesthetics of both a modern and contemporary home. With just a hazy peek into the cabinet, these designs maintain privacy if you have one of those cluttered days. Cleaning the glass is easy, but it needs to be done regularly to avoid finger smudges. 

Kitchen wall cabinets made of stained glass to lend a luxe vibe
Push-styled framed glass cabinets lend a luxe vibe to the kitchen

Wooden Wall Cabinet For Kitchen 

A timeless and traditional choice for Indian homes is this dark-stained wooden wall cabinet for the kitchen. These cabinets offer the flexibility of customisation as per your lifestyle requirement and storage preferences. Dark wood stains counterbalance natural light in the kitchen and lend a calming cooking vibe.

Kitchen wall cabinet made of wood which is a timeless choice
Install led strip lights under the cabinets to match the home’s warmth

Kitchen Cabinet For Wall Oven And Microwave

Another affordable way to create visual interest in your kitchen is to use bold laminate colours. This striking glossy red cabinet laminate adds a pop of colour and neatly holds your everyday appliances in place. White drawers paired with the vibrant red enliven the space to create a seamless mix-and-match vibe. Complete the cabinet look with sleek silver handles for smooth daily usage. 

Kitchen wall cabinet for oven and microwave in striking red colou
Solid laminates are easier to maintain than textured ones

Awning Style Readymade Kitchen Wall Cabinets 

Are you drooling over a dreamy countryside kitchen layered in beautiful Pantone shades? Then this design is for you. Featuring elegantly raised panels with a mix of awning style and regular cabinets, what’s not to love about them? Hung against a stunning marble-inspired backsplash and textured smokey blue wallpaper, the sage green wall cabinets make such a statement. Plus, the awning cabinets ensure you don’t bump your head while opening or closing the shutters.

Readymade kitchen wall cabinets in awning style
An open spice cabinet in between is a functional hack for Indian homes

Sliding Door Kitchen Wall Cabinet Design 

We love the idea of sliding-door kitchen cabinets. These cabinets have a beautiful formal touch if you have an open floor layout. Super sleek sliding that ensures your essentials remain privy to the privacy of the space, yet understated enough to let the home accent shine perfectly. The elegant white-washed oak wood cabinet complements the dull grey wallpaper, while the green plants bring a refreshing vibe to the space. 

Sliding door kitchen wall cabinet for long term durability
Invest in good quality rollers for long-term durability
Modular kitchen interiors that saves upto 20% space

Corner Kitchen Wall Cabinet 

Sometimes the simple design serves the purpose. This corner kitchen wall cabinet is perfect for compact homes with an open layout. Making optimal use of an idle corner next to the mandir is what modern homes call the prep corner. Use the cabinet to store spices, pulses, and other everyday condiments needed for cooking. Featuring a classic window design, this cabinet matches the grey tone of the area and seamlessly blends into the corner. 

Corner kitchen wall cabinet which is perfect for compact homes
A dramatic chandelier adds depth and glamour to the kitchen

With these kitchen wall cabinets installed in your home, all your storage problems are sorted. But if you still need a professional eye, reach out to us, and our team of experts will guide you to make the best purchase for your home. So happy designing! 

FAQs On Kitchen Wall Cabinets

How long does it take to install kitchen wall cabinets?
Installing kitchen wall cabinets have a varying timeline that takes anywhere from a day to 14 days, depending on the size of your kitchen.

What materials are commonly used to make kitchen wall cabinets?
The most commonly used materials for kitchen wall cabinets are MDF, plywood, particleboard and occasionally stainless steel.

How do I choose the right size for my kitchen wall cabinets?
Determine the size of your kitchen wall cabinets based on your ceiling height. You can contact professional interior designers to help you choose the appropriate kitchen cabinet size.

Are there any safety concerns when installing kitchen wall cabinets?
Kitchen wall cabinets are usually bulky. Here are some safety pointers to keep in mind during installation:

  • Avoid lifting heavy materials alone; it can injure your back
  • Use a mask to protect yourself from wood dust
  • Be cautious of trips and falls

Can I add lighting to my kitchen wall cabinets?
Yes. Adding lights to your kitchen wall cabinets will enhance the beauty of the design. Choose warm led lights to display crockery in your cabinets. Or use hanging pendant lights to illuminate kitchen corners.

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