How To Organise Kitchen Cabinets Like A Pro

by Sneha Virmani | February 21, 2024 | 4 mins read

How to organize kitchen cabinets in your home

Bring out your inner Mary Kondo with these smart kitchen cabinet organisation tricks which are sure to leave you brimming with joy and happiness

The kitchen is undoubtedly among the most frequented spaces in a household. A room full of essential items that are stored in cabinets, drawers and shelves supports our everyday cooking needs. However, a challenge arises when we have to maintain the efficiency of the room. The various shapes, sizes and categories of items in a kitchen cabinet make it crucial to keep things organised. So, if you too are pondering over how to organise kitchen cabinets, fret not. 

Our guide on how to organise kitchen cabinets and drawers will help not only maximise storage space but also save you money. Plus, with more time on your hands, you can efficiently plan meals, cook and when all’s done, spend time with your loved ones. Here are some simple tips to help organise your kitchen cabinet.

Decluttering Your Kitchen For A Pleasant Cooking Experience

The first step to get organised is decluttering. The frequency of your usage of kitchen items indicates whether or not it has earned its spot to stay.  Empty your entire cabinet and get rid of Tupperware boxes, broken lids and other items that lie uselessly occupying precious space. Set out two boxes while emptying out the cabinet: one for donation and the other for disposal. Try not to make a mess when decluttering — it renders the entire effort futile. Whatever is left can be rearranged in an orderly manner. Going through each item in your cabinet is definitely time-consuming, but it will save you a lot of money by reducing the chances of buying the same item twice. 

How to organize kitchen cabinets in the best way is decluttering
Decluttering your cabinets will be a therapeutic experience because only you have the power to tailor your storage decisions

Categorisation Is Key To An Organised Cooking Haven

Step No. 2 of how to organise your kitchen cabinets and drawers involves categorising each item. The goal is to be functional, so do not focus only on the appearance of the cabinet. Separate cookware from dinnerware, guest cutlery from everyday ones and so on. Sub-categorise edible ready-to-eat items in easy access baskets, while canned goods and packaged items can be stored separately in fridge-friendly baskets. Think of your kitchen cabinet as if it’s a library and group together relevant things. Sauces, gravy mixes and other everyday use items should be placed in a separate cabinet close to the food preparation area. This way you avoid going back and forth across the kitchen for every single item. 

How to organize kitchen cabinets and drawers, Segregate items entirely depend on convenience for hassle-free
In the end, how you segregate your items in your kitchen entirely depends on your convenience. Just remember to put everything back in its place!

Smart Storage Options To Utilise Every Corner In Your Modular Kitchen

Did you know you can utilise every inch of your kitchen cabinets if you don’t confine yourself to where things are supposed to go? After putting in effort to organise your kitchen cabinets, sides or tops that are exposed can be used to store other items. Add hooks, rails or even shelves on the side to place everyday cooking pans. The top can be used to store cookbooks and extra ingredients that are used occasionally. Using this trick will free up ample cabinet space for other essential kitchen items. You can also use adhesive hooks on the inside to hang everyday kitchen towels, light gadgets or linen like oven mitts. 

Add hooks, rails or even shelves that is how to organize kitchen cabinets with effective use of the available space.
This storage facility makes effective use of the available space
Get a kitchen that's perfect for your dream home

Store Similar Items Together To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Kitchen’s Interior Design

Grouping things that are alike is both a practical and aesthetically appealing way to keep kitchen cabinets organized. Those wondering how to organize a kitchen with few cabinets can use this organization hack. This can include colour-coordinated items, everyday serving plates, teacup sets or rarely used kitchen accessories. Cooking and baking cutlery can be kept in a cabinet close to the oven while glassware can be near the sink or stove. Set up a coffee or tea station along with mugs in a cabinet to make mornings more bearable! 

Organized kitchen cabinets with grouped things that are alike is how to organize your kitchen cabinets
Placing similar things together helps you know what’s where without wasting time

Your personal style will determine how successful you are in decluttering and organizing your kitchen. If you have enjoyed reading our guide on how to organize kitchen cabinets, reach out to us and let us know how well they worked for you. We at Design Cafe are always happy to get feedback and help you with more customised solutions. 

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