5 Stencil Designs For Living Room Walls That Promise A Quick Makeover

by Sreya Dasgupta | January 29, 2024 | 5 mins read

Wall stencil design for living room for modern homes

Make your home interiors look trendy and stylish with these unique stencil designs for living room walls

Walls play an essential role in accentuating your home interiors. It gives you a blank canvas to experiment with different textures, colours and patterns. But be mindful of exactly matching your walls with your interiors and furnishing, as it may end up looking tacky. Stencils are an inexpensive way of highlighting your walls and personalising them. It’s an easy hack to add a personal touch to your living room. Wall stencil designs for the living room are easy to use. They are a pocket-friendly way to transform the walls in your living room and add character to your home interiors. 

All you need is the stencil of your choice, some paintbrushes or stencil rollers and paints. Stencils are cutouts made of materials that stick easily on the wall to paint quickly and come off easily without damaging your walls. They come in handy and don’t need any artistic skills. So get ready to be creative even if you don’t have any previous expertise in art and craft. Let’s dive right in and explore some simple living room wall stencil designs and let your walls speak!

Living Room Wall Stencil Designs With Quotes

If you love dressing your walls with some inspiring quotes, try using some typographic stencils on your walls. You can buy a ready-made one from the market or make one yourself. Just draw and cut out your favourite quote or dialogue and use rollers to paint them on your wall. This will keep you inspired and focused. This living room is designed with multi-functional furniture that doubles up into a hobby room when needed. The space-saving furniture provides ample floor space for freeflow movement. The entertainment unit has ample storage and display space to display your music system, TV unit and trophies and books. These wall stencil designs for the living room can be personalised and make your home interiors thoughtful and artistic. 

Wall stencil design for living room with quotes
Add a personal touch with your favourite quote

Urban Jungle Stencil Designs For Living Room Walls

Biophilic interior designs are trendy this season. But adding indoor plants comes with an extra task of maintenance. So, here’s a unique idea to add greenery to your home interiors in a smart and convenient way. Use some stencils with leaf motifs to turn your accent wall into an urban jungle. You can opt for intricate leaf motif stencils or an abstract one for a modern look. Add a vibrant sofa and accent chair to create a contrast against the wall and make your accent wall stand out. This living room wall stencil design is an innovative way to add some greens to your modern home interiors.

Urban jungle living room wall stencil design for walls
Give your living room a tropical vibe

Travel-Themed Wall Stencil Design For The Living Room

Make use of your walls to showcase your love for travelling while accentuating your home interiors. A world map in black adds an edge to your living room walls and lends a scholarly touch. Get a stencil cutout and use stencil rollers for a seamless finish. Be mindful of using a dry roller with no leftover paint so the paint does not seep in and damage your beautiful world map design. Paint it on a light colour wall to bring attention to the design. You can also use wall sconces or spotlights to further highlight your wall stencil design for the living room. We opted for an off white sofa and light wood finish for the entertainment unit to bring maximum focus on the wall. 

Travel themed wall stencil designs for living room walls
International stencil designs for living room walls

Ceiling And Wall Stencil Design For Your Living Room

Stencils not just look great on accent walls; they can also be used to personalise your floor, ceiling, furniture and curtains. Here we have used stencil design to highlight the false ceiling and add a pop of colour to your living room. Add some cove lights and spotlights to highlight the ceiling design. Add simple stencil designs to the walls and paint them in gold to lend a luxurious touch. Opt for some golden accents like the designer wall mirror and a golden chandelier for a uniform look. Wooden flooring compensates for the vibrant colour and accents. Add a blue sectional sofa and some indoor plants to stitch the look together. 

Ceiling and wall stencil design for living room for your modern home interiors
Add some glitter to your modern home interiors

Traditional South Indian Living Room Wall Stencil Designs 

Traditional South Indian home decor is incomplete without a conventional rangoli or kolam. Now you can decorate your living room with an artistic kolam design on the wall. Use a stencil to bring out the perfect finish and avoid messing up your walls. You can match this stencil wall decor to your traditional home interiors or lend a subtle traditional touch to your modern home interior design. During festivals, you can decorate your living room and pooja unit with flowers garlands and fairy lights.

Traditional south indian living room wall stencil design
A traditional kolam stencil wall design

Now that you’ve taken a peek at the different wall stencil designs for the living room, let’s take you through some wall light ideas that will highlight your living room walls and brighten up the space. If you are looking for some personalised home interior design services with modular and space-saving furniture and more, talk to our designers today. Our services come with a 10-year warranty, quick turnaround time and no-cost EMI options. So make your dream home interiors a reality and make your life easy and hassle-free. Book a free consultation today!

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