Latest Living Room Colour Trends | 6 Shades To Watch Out For In 2024

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Trending colours for living rooms with all the scoop on trending colour palettes in 2022

The trending colours for living rooms in 2024 showcase how we are turning towards natural and eco-conscious interiors as a society. While there have been maximalist and extravagant interior colours eras, this year will be all about soothing and positive vibes. As per our design studies, we also see that this year’s interior colours will be about creating spaces that feel super comfortable. So we might not see many loud and exciting palettes. However, 2024 will also be a year of an interesting mix of designs. So today, we have some of the amazing latest living room colour trends that will transform your living style. 

Warm Neutrals Are One Of The Latest Living Room Colour Trends

Since warm minimalism is a popular design trend in 2024, warm neutral colours will be trending too. Colours like ivory, beige and porcelain are the warmest neutral shades for home interiors. These colours will not only add a homely vibe to your living room but will also work as an excellent backdrop for your furniture sets. Warm neutrals create a seamless look that lets you come up with comforting and soothing interiors. Team these neutral shades with handwoven fabrics and wooden elements to accentuate the warm and minimalistic look of the year. 

Warm neutrals are one of the latest trending colors for living rooms
A living room with a warm neutral colour palette
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Earthy Brown Is One Of The Hottest Trending Colours For Living Rooms

As this year is all about connecting with nature, introduce earthy browns to your living room. This shade is soothing and organic, hence it is ideal for homes with a natural appeal. You can add earthy hues to your living room through the furniture, upholstery or wall paint colours. You can also bring in the earthy vibe with wooden elements such as wood floors, wood wall panelling and solid wood furniture. You can go with a single earthy brown tone for the entire living room or you can select different shades such as tan, cream and wooden to maintain an earthy cohesive look. 

Hottest trending living room color is earthy brown
A living room that aces the earthy brown look

Terracotta Pink Is A Timeless Colour For Living Room Interiors

Another earthy and fabulous trending colour for the living room this year is terracotta pink. This shade of pink has an orangey hue that gives it a vibrant natural appeal. The colour is also gender-neutral compared to the conventional pink shade. Thus you can use it in your living room without any hesitation. Besides the obvious visual appeal of terracotta pink, the colour also matches well with different coloured furniture pieces. Think about a teal sofa in a terracotta pink living room or perhaps a blue sea couch. 

Terracotta pink is timeless trending colors for living rooms
A living room featuring terracotta pink elements

Green Is The New White In Living Room Paint Trends

Much like white, green has become a popular choice in living areas. Why? Because it’s refreshing and natural. Green also adds an instant personality. The green colour palette for living rooms is an inspiring shade that brings in a sense of naturalness and tranquillity. Green shades like olive green, turquoise, sage green and muted green can instantly uplift your living room design. Moreover, the colour can work amazingly for different interior styles such as bohemian, modern as well as vintage.

Green is the new white in trending colors for living rooms
A living room design with a green palette

Teal Is A Trending Colour For Living Rooms

Teal was quite popular a couple of decades ago. Now the colour is ready to make a comeback, and we can’t wait! A mix of green and blue, teal is ideal for people looking for refreshing living interiors. The best part is that you can create both warm and cool interiors around the colour. Thus teal lets you play around with the design styles. You can bring in the colour in your living room through furniture upholsteries, wall paint colours or wallpapers. 

Teal is a trending colors for living rooms
Teal gives your living room a refreshing look
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Very Peri Is A Popular Trending Colour For Living Rooms

Since Pantone colours of the year have always been popular, the brand’s colour will also dominate home interiors this year. So yes, watch out for Very Peri living rooms. This year’s Pantone colour is an excellent choice for creating a joyful living room setup. Since the colour has an undertone of violet and red, it will bring in an upbeat appeal to your living room’s interiors. Team the Very Peri colour with white, beige and blue to highlight the colour in the interiors. 

Very peri is a popular trending colors for living rooms
A Very Peri living room design for home

The trending colours for the living room are just a guide to keeping your interiors up to date. However, you can, and you should find ways to include your favourite colours in your home interiors. This will let you personalise your space. Talking about personalisation, reach out to us for home interiors that fit your lifestyle.

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