8 Bedroom Wall Tiles Design Ideas That Reinvent Your Sleep Haven

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 28, 2024 | 6 mins read

Bedroom wall tiles design to give your space a new look

Dazzle up your sleep quarters with these hand-picked bedroom wall tiles design ideas 

Are you thinking of renovating your bedroom? We bet wall tiles haven’t really crossed your mind! Because whenever we think of the walls, we go for paints or wallpapers. But do you know that bedroom wall tiles design is one of the most searched bedroom interior elements? Yes, that’s because tiles are an incredibly glamorous addition to home interiors. While they are thoroughly used for floor designs, wall tiles design for the bedroom are still new for Indian homes. So, today we bring to you some amazing bedroom wall tiles design ideas that will reinvent your home interiors and bring peace, coolness and style to your sleep quarters. 

1. Bedroom Wall Cladding Tiles To Game Up Your Style Quotient

We all love wall cladding designs – they add dimension to regular interiors and bring elegance to spaces. Therefore, our first bedroom wall tiles design is this wall cladding tiles. The concrete finish tile design will add a natural appeal to the room, whereas the cladding design will create an accent element in your sleep haven. So, go on and try a wall cladding design for your bedroom. Use it as an accent wall design for the room and place it on the side of the bed headboard to amplify its effect in the interiors.

Bedroom wall tiles design with cladding to game up your style quotient
Wall cladding tiles give your bedroom a unique look

2. Hexagonal Mosaic Bedroom Wall Tiles Design 

Mosaic tiles are popular because of their variety in design. And that’s why you can count on them whenever you are thinking of some interesting wall designs. The one here has a hexagonal wall tiles design that brings a 3D effect to the interiors. The hexagon shapes add an interesting twist to regular bedroom walls, creating a trendy design for your room. Using the mosaic hexagonal bedroom tile design can also bring a glamorous twist to otherwise minimally designed bedrooms. When using these hexagonal tiles, keep the rest of the bedroom simple and monochrome to let the wall tile design add its appeal. 

Hexagonal mosaic bedroom wall tiles design for bedroom indian
Create an interesting 3D effect with hexagonal tiles

3. Wooden Finish Bedroom Wall Tiles Design For A Natural Look

Want a natural look in your bedroom? Why not add a wooden finish wall tiles design? The wooden finish will automatically create a natural appeal that will soothe down the rest of the interiors. You can either use it on the bedside wall or behind the bedroom TV unit to create an accent design. Use this type of bedroom wall tiles design for spacious bedrooms with a sleek modular TV unit to accentuate the tile design. You can also team up the wooden tiles with some biophilic elements in the bedroom. Since the wooden finish will create a natural appeal, play the rest of the interiors in a similar line with indoor plants and earthy tone colour schemes. 

wooden finish bedroom bedroom tiles design wall for natural look and get natural look with wooden finish wall tiles
Get a natural look with wooden finish wall tiles
Turn your bedroom into your personal theatre

4. How About A Periodic Style Patterned Bedroom Wall Tiles Design?

Wall tiles can totally glam up your place, and our next bedroom wall tiles design is undoubtedly going to amplify your bedroom style! Here we have used a periodic-style pattern wall tile design that adds vibrancy to the bedroom interiors. You can use the wall tile design on the bedside wall and keep the rest of the interiors simple. Use multiple coloured patterned wall tile designs to pep up the interiors. 

How about a periodic style patterned bedroom wall tiles design images
Contrast minimal interiors with an accent wall
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5. Use A Matte Finish Bedroom Wall Tiles Design For A Rustic Look

Here’s a concrete matte-finish bedroom wall tiles design. This tile design will bring a soothing effect to your bedroom, making your sleep quarter ideal for resting. The concrete finish of the tile design will also bring an industrial look that you can accentuate with other rustic themed design elements such as ceiling track lights and wooden flooring. This type of wall tile design will be great for urban apartments that follow a simple interior theme. Use the concrete matte finish tile design as the epicentre of the room’s interior design. Plan the rest of the elements only after you get the wall design. 

Use a matte finish wall bedroom tiles design for the rustic look
Concrete-finish tiles for an industrial-style look

6. Natural Stone Bedroom Wall Tiles Design For An Organic Touch

If you are into natural stone interiors, this one’s for you! You can reinvent bedrooms with this bold but natural stone wall tiles design that will bring in the all-natural appeal to your room. The elevated stone tiling will create a cool effect in your bedroom that is ideal for resting. The tiles will also create a very unconventional bedroom design that is surely going to turn heads in your group. This type of wall tiles design is also budget and eco-friendly. So why not embrace sustainability with this bedroom wall tiles design?

Natural stone bedroom room wall tiles design for the organic design
Introduce earthy elements with natural stone

7. White Marble Bedroom Wall Tiles Design For The Extravagant Look

This bedroom has an opulent interior setup – ideal for luxury home interiors. The main highlight of the bedroom is the white marble wall tiles design that creates a lavish interior design. As you can see, the marble wall tiles behind the bed act as the soul of the room’s design – defining everything else that is arranged in the space. The flooring is kept in a black wood finish with beige elements all around the room to balance the white marble design. The marble wall tile keeps the bedroom bright and glamorous – accentuated by the warm lighting of the room.

White marble bedroom wall tiles design for the extravagant look
Make an elegant statement with marble

8. Moroccan Bedroom Wall Tiles Design For Sufi Interiors

The last one in our list of bedroom wall tiles design is this Moroccan beauty that will ignite Sufism in your bedroom interiors. Designed with the intricate beauty of Moroccan sensibilities, this type of wall design will bring a definite character to your bedroom design. You can use this wall tiles design as an accent element in the room. Here’s a bedroom wall tiles design in Moroccan style for the dressing unit of the room. You can also use the wall tiles design behind your bed to create an accent wall.

White marble bedroom wall tiles design for the extravagant look
Make an elegant statement with marble

Wall tiles design for bedrooms in India is not a very common design decision. However, it is definitely a gorgeous design element for bedrooms. So, explore the beauty of tiles on walls and create unconventional and unique home interiors. Don’t forget to share your bedroom wall tiles design with us!

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