Red Hot Living Room Design Ideas That Can Transform Your Home

by Mehnaz Farooque | January 12, 2024 | 9 mins read

Red living room design ideas for your home

Make your own design statement with our incredible list of red living room design ideas. Be bold, be red!

When in doubt, glam up your home with a red living room!

While our love for minimalist interiors continues there’s always a whole section of bold and expressive designs that are making their way into homes these days. Be it through different elements or colours there are various ways that you can create design statements with unconventional and innovative design ideas.

The colour red is one such element you can play around with. This shade is what we call a trump card on the world of design that can totally transform your place. So, if you are bold enough to ramp up your house here’s a list of 10 incredible red living room design ideas that are surely going to blow your mind! From red walls for the living room to a mix of red elements we bring you an exclusive catalogue of some of the smartest ways to glam up your home.

Red Walls In For Your Living Room

If you are out there to create a design statement with your home interiors go for red walls in your living room. It’s a great idea to invigorate a sense of glamour and boldness to your place. You can either paint one of the living room walls in red to create an accent wall or keep red as a constant wall colour in the living room. If you are going with the second option, try to team up your red walls in the living room with white or off-white furniture to balance the look. In case a bold shade of red is too heavy, you can go with other shades of red like burgundy, peach et al.

Red wall in the living room with minimal design adds boldness to space.
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Pop Of Red In Living Room

If you are not sure about a complete red living room but don’t want to give up on the idea of red you can still create a red living room. Yes! Red is one of the fanciest colours one that enlivens spaces even if used in a limited way. Thus our pop of red colour in the living room is all about using red smartly. Notice how designers use pops of colour in digital prints especially when there is a monochrome background to focus on a particular aspect in a graphic? A pop of red in your living room can similarly accentuate the neutral background of your room. So, if your living room has a neutral shade like grey, white or beige then you must use red as a pop colour in different design elements of the room: light fixtures, cushions, chairs or more. As you can see in the image a pop of red in the greyish background adds instant liveliness to an otherwise dull living room. Just try to keep the pop of red balanced and diverse.

Red color living room decor, grey living room with pops of red colours light, cushion and chair lends colourfulness.

A Relaxing Red Corner In Your Living Room

Are you one of those people who can’t unlove red and yet can’t embrace it entirely in their home? Well, we have got something for you too! Red is a colour that can totally ramp up your living space without overwhelming it. If red living room walls or pop of red is not your thing, go for a red corner in your living room. You can keep one dedicated corner in your living space that is decked up with red elements. It can be a bright red lounge chair with a red wooden bookshelf or a small red wall with white chairs to emphasise the red in the room. This corner can be your perfect coffee table corner or a reading corner. If you’d ask us, this red corner can also be the #instacorner at your place!

Half grey and half red wall living room with white round table and sofa emphasise the red in the room.

Red Floors to Add Vibrancy

If red walls and red corners seem too obvious, brave your heart to don a vibrant red floor. One of the boldest ideas of a red living room would definitely be a red floor. You can go with dark red wooden flooring for your living room. It is classy, sophisticated and glamorous. You can also opt for red-brown wooden flooring. If wood is not your thing you can always choose red carpets. They bring royalty to the home decor. With red carpet flooring in your living room go for light brown or beige furniture to keep the place vibrant and balanced.

Red living room decor, red carpet flooring in the light blue living room adds vibrant.

Red With Whites: A Classic Duo For Your Living Room

To maintain the perfect balance between bold and neutral use red with white. In our red living room ideas white plays an extremely important role. Firstly because white balances red and secondly because white highlights red. It’s an amazing colour-duo for living rooms. Both the colours in a balanced ratio can create a vibrant and cheerful living room atmosphere. If you are going with red walls in your living room add white in furniture, curtains and ceilings. If the room is mostly white, go for red curtains in the living room, red couch, red wooden chairs, a red wood bookshelf. You can also add red in wall designs and light fixtures. These design tips can also work for red and off white or red and beige living rooms. Depending on your preference you can mix and match red and white to create a living room that is bright in a balanced way.

Red and white living room walls with minimal design create a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere.

Terracotta Red For Subtle Sophistication In Your Living Room Design

Some reds can be too energetic. Therefore to tone things down, you can go with more earthy red hues that are soothing and natural. We are talking about the terracotta red shade. In Latin, ‘terra’ translates as ‘earth’, so terracotta is one of the most earthy colour tones in interior design. It is also known as the sunset colour, brick red colour or the carrot colour. Terracotta red imbues a sense of inviting and relaxing aura in the room. Hence using it for your red living room design ideas is perfect! You can go for terracotta on your walls, curtains or furniture to bring in warmth into your living room. The terracotta red living room design in the picture below exhibits a soothing amalgamation of the earthy red, brown, peach and off white creating a living room space that is minimal and classy.

Brownish-red furniture in living room adds soothing and natural.

A Home Theater In Red

Have you been planning to move a home theatre to your living room? It can be both fun and tricky! Not having a dedicated media room can only leave you with the option of setting up the home theatre in your living space. Now to add such a specific setup to the living room can eat up all your living room decoration ideas. But, if you embrace the home theatre as one of the main elements it can bring value to the room. Now, in our list of red living room design ideas we have added home theatre in red because it can be perfect for your living room entertainment setup. Why?

Red adds luxury to the setup

Colour underscores different light settings required to influence the home cinema mood

So, don’t hesitate to indulge in a red living room with home theatre because it is the most perfect colour for the setup. You can go for the all-red look with red walls, red recliners, wall padding in red or you can also go for a brownish red version or burgundy with golden accents.

Red living room home theatre with two red recliner chairs brings luxury feel is red interior design living room.

Underpinnings Of Red In Your Living Room

If you’re doing up a red living room then you better do it with a strong-red foundation complemented with other colours as accessories. The living room look that we brought to you comes with underpinnings of red on the walls, furniture as well as on the floor. It gives an all-red ambience with enough mixture of other colours to tone things down. As you can see, the dark grey sofa-background wall neutralises the rest of the red walls and doesn’t let red overpower the space. There you go, create a strong foundation of red in your living room and then add small but distinct elements in other colours to maintain balance.

Red living room with red sofa in front of a grey background looks minimalist.
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Just A Hint Of Red

If the pop of red is about highlighting red in monochrome-ish backgrounds this point is about bringing in red in your living room in a subtle way. This can go with any living room with a warm or cool colour palette. All you need is to choose one particular element in red that blends well with the rest of the room’s interiors while standing out. In our selection of ‘just a hint of red’ living room design, we bring you a subtle living room in white and beige with a striking red chair. The red chair not only brightens up the entire space but also adds a personality to an otherwise understated room.

Striking red chair in the white living room highlights and brightens up is the red furniture living room.

An Exotic Mixture Of Various Reds

Design is an art that can be as expressive as you want! Therefore, in our last tip for red living room design ideas, we’d advise you to liberate yourself from the restrictions of standard rules and play around with red in every way. You can create a mixture of reds with other colours and design a living room that is unique and dramatic. In our list of red living rooms, the room’s interiors are experimented with a bold red painting, red cushions, red photo frames et al. The red element is symmetrically distributed in the room, mixed and blended with other dominating colours to create an amalgamation of various red elements. This type of living room creates an artistic aura that will surely help ignite creative minds.

Living room ideas red painting on the wall and red cushions on sofa adds aesthetic to the area.

Red is often perceived as one of the boldest colours in interior design. It is vibrant, cheerful, and, of course, attractive. So, don’t let any doubt come in the way of your love for red. Pop it, splash it and blend it in different ways and make design statements with your red living room. And, if you are looking out for more living room design and colour ideas, visit our blog and design gallery sections.

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