UPVC Windows And Doors: Design Trends To Watch Out For

by Anugraha Venugopal | January 7, 2024 | 3 mins read

UPVC doors trends in 2023

UPVC windows and doors are a versatile design choice for modern homes for many reasons. Check them out.

UPVC windows and doors see a lot of interest among Indian homeowners because they are available at reasonable pricing and with versatile design capabilities. So, what is UPVC or Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride? In short, it is a type of rigid polymer that is used in design areas that require the final product to be strong and durable such as the windows and doors of a home. Given that the climate can also impact the longevity of construction, this material is preferred as it does not react with water or air. Let’s check out the different types of UPVC doors you can get for your home.

UPVC Door Design For The Main Entrance

The main entrance door needs to be secure from all forms of impact — intrusion, fire, weather changes and so on. UPVC doors can be easily designed with any security feature you’re looking at. The material composition is also helpful in preventing fire spread. And did you know that they can also offer protection against ultraviolet rays? Rest assured that your main entrance is safe for a long time.

UPVC door design for main entrance enhances aesthetic appeal and security
Secure your home with UPVC doors

Simple UPVC Door For The Bathroom 

The bathroom is one of those areas where doors and walls turn the dirtiest. With UPVC doors for the bathroom, you can cut back on cleaning and maintenance efforts as the polymer used is low-maintenance. So, wiping the door down with soapy water will get rid of the grime. Besides, as we mentioned earlier, it’s also safe when reacting with water. View more bathroom door design ideas.

White laminate upvc bathroom door
Go easy on the cleaning with UPVC doors
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French-Style UPVC Door Panels

Spread love, light and air! UPVC is a great option for French-style windows and doors, be it for the living room, back door or balcony. They can support the ventilation of the space while being heat resistant to a certain extent. A key benefit is also that this polymer is customisable and so you can get the door designed however you wish and in a colour of your choice too! Explore similar balcony glass door designs.

French-style upvc door for balcony
Go French or go custom

UPVC Glass Sliding Doors

Sliding doors with glass have their frames made in UPVC for durability and low maintenance. Another advantage is that, with double glazing, these doors can reduce the amount of external noise that passes into the home. So you can enjoy the world, from the glass doors of your home minus the excess sound. Check out similar sliding glass door design ideas.

UPVC glass sliding doors with double glazing
Enjoy soundproofing with UPVC doors

UPVC Sliding Doors With Wood Finish

The variety of finishes in UPVC makes sliding doors attractive for homeowners. As seen here, you can opt for a rustic finish. It’s economical compared to wooden doors and also long-lasting as they are made of recyclable materials. This also works well if you’re trying to give your home or a specific room a natural and rustic look. Explore how to pick the best sliding door design.

Wooden finish upvc glass door
Choose from various UPVC finishes

The main entrance, kitchen, bedroom, back door, bathroom, balcony… you name it! UPVC doors and windows can be used for every space of your house. Their economical costs are also a boost as they require minimum maintenance or repair. Get the best guidance on UPVC doors from our design experts now. Book your appointment here.

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