Stunning Sunmica Colour Combinations For Furniture

by Juhi Advani | June 27, 2024 | 5 mins read

Sunmica colour combinations for your home’s furniture

 A  perfect palette for you: sunmica colours that transform spaces!

Outfits may have trials, but home interiors seldom do! Choosing the perfect colour for your couch, wardrobe, or bedside table can be tricky. With over 10,000 homes designed, DesignCafe presents trending sunmica colour combinations that resonate with Indian homes.

Sunmica colours offer endless design options to elevate your interiors. Whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom, or living room revamp, the right sunmica shades can redefine your space’s ambience. Let’s explore these possibilities!

TV Unit Tango: Stylish Sunmica Colour Combination

We often incorporate sunmica in TV unit designs, as they typically serve as the living room’s focal point. Selecting the ideal sunmica colour combination is crucial—not too overwhelming, yet not mundane! A trendy choice: go for a sophisticated mix of walnut brown and white, exuding elegance and striking the right design balance. Look at this stunning living room showcasing a wall-mounted TV unit adorned with white sunmica handleless drawers, a sleek walnut brown floating shelf, and a tall open bookshelf in dark walnut wood. It’s a perfect wall utilisation, combining style and functionality.

Sunmica colour combinations for the TV unit for a trendy look
A trendy sunmica colour combination for the TV unit

2. Add Vibrancy With Two-Colour Sunmica Designs for Wardrobe

Let your wardrobe shine with vibrant hues if your bedroom has white walls. Sunmica’s expansive colour range ensures endless possibilities for a perfect two-tone design. Step into this tranquil bedroom featuring a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe adorned in delightful pink and blue sunmica, offering tailored storage solutions. The blend of pastel tones, a cosy bay window, and clever storage compartments transform your room into a safe space, welcoming you with open arms at the end of the day.

Two-colour sunmica colour combinations for a wardrobe for a vibrant look
Add pastel fun through sunmica

3. Modern Cooking: Modular Kitchen Sunmica Colour Combinations

Selecting cabinet colours for the kitchen demands careful consideration. While durability against stains is essential, an inviting kitchen space is equally vital for motivation. Feast your eyes on this sleek, modern kitchen that cleverly combines white sunmica for overhead cabinets with striking dark olive green for the base units. Enhanced by a tiled backsplash and a space-saving, foldable breakfast table in matching laminate, this kitchen radiates both functionality and style.

Sunmica colour combinations for modular kitchen for a modern look
A kitchen in a unique colour
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4. Cooking Space 2.0: Modular Kitchen Sunmica Colour Combination

We couldn’t resist adding another trending sunmica colour combination for Indian kitchens. Take a peek at this trendy L-shaped modular kitchen exuding a refreshing vibe with its white and yellow sunmica finish. Sporting a sleek white countertop, abundant storage in base & overhead units, a captivating Moroccan backsplash, complete with a Dado cutlery hanger and stylish glass door units adorned with subtle backlighting—this space redefines style and convenience effortlessly.

Sunmica colour combinations for modular kitchen for a refreshing look
A refreshing modular kitchen

5. Bedroom Furniture Sunmica Colour Combinations 

In this bedroom, the TV and dresser units showcase a blend of lighter wooden brown and white sunmica laminate, elevating the serene ambience. It features a TV unit with push-to-open drawers, a versatile dresser unit with a hidden mirror and added storage, and a practical ottoman featuring built-in storage and a pull-out tray for grooming essentials. The earthy colour palette renders this room clean, minimalistic, and inherently stylish.

Sunmica colour combinations for bedroom furniture for a minimalist vibe
Call sunmica to support your minimalistic vibe

6. WFH-Friendly Sunmica Colour Combination For Hall

For those embracing the work-from-home life, here’s an innovative way to seamlessly integrate a functional work desk into your home interiors. Step into this hall showcasing a TV unit that doubles as a workspace, complete with a sliding door for versatility. The unit combines open grey shelves with enclosed yellow shutters, harmonising beautifully with the marble flooring and curtains. Adding a sliding door fosters a clear distinction between leisure and work, promoting a productive lifestyle.

Sunmica colour combinations in soft colours for the hall, which WFH friendly
Soft colours in the hall have a calming effect


Loved our sunmica colour combinations?  Discover the perfect palette to amp up wardrobes, kitchens, bedrooms, TV units, and more with DesignCafe’s array of 51,040 design possibilities. Don’t wait any longer. Book your free consultation today!

FAQs On Sunmica Colour Combinations

What is Sunmica, and how is it used for colour combinations in interior design?
Sunmica is a brand of decorative laminate used in interior design for furniture surfacing. It offers various colours and textures, allowing designers to create captivating colour combinations for furniture, cabinets, and other interior elements.

What factors should I consider when selecting Sunmica colour combinations for my interiors?
When choosing sunmica colour combinations for your interiors, consider the overall theme and style you aim for, the existing colour scheme, the space’s lighting, and the desired mood or ambience. 

Are there popular Sunmica colour combinations for specific interior styles, such as modern or traditional?
Certainly! In modern interiors, neutrals like whites, greys, and blacks, accented with bold hues, are popular Sunmica combinations. Traditional styles favour warm, earthy tones like browns, beiges, and deep reds, often paired with classic wood finishes or intricate patterns on Sunmica laminates.

What is the role of Sunmica texture and finish in colour combinations?
Sunmica texture and finish play a significant role in colour combinations by adding depth, visual interest, and tactile elements to interiors. Different textures and finishes, like matte, gloss, or textured surfaces, can enhance or soften colours, influencing the overall feel and style of a space.

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